Where else to get the best makeup tips from the pros themselves? We find it irresistible to fawn over K-pop idols and celebrities, especially when it comes to their flawless glass skin, and behind all the iconic, stunning makeup looks are the masterful makeup artists.

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We’ve scoured social media for some of the best and exceptionally talented Korean celebrity makeup artists to follow on Instagram for captivating makeup looks and advice.

Read on to see which influential makeup artist is behind the looks of HyunA, Taeyeon, TWICE, Suzy Bae, BLACKPINK, Song Hye-kyo, and more!

DAIN (@daindaini)


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If you watch a lot of K-dramas, including ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One‘ which stars actress Kim Tae-ri and model Nam Joo-hyuk, you would’ve seen DAIN’s makeup work. She’s also worked with prolific figures like Kim Hee-sun, Uhm Ji-won, Kim Hee-jung, and Jin Ki-joo.

Apart from doing makeup looks for photoshoots and the big screens, this makeup artist also frequently uploads lovely eye makeup tutorials on Instagram which has proven to be very popular with her followers.

She also has a separate account for her work and as a portfolio (@_daindaini).

Witness DAIN’s exceptional makeup skills illustrated on Singapore-based YouTuber Tina Yong for a K-drama actress makeover.

Gil Beauty (@gil_beauty_)


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Gil Beauty is best known for her work on NewJeans, JEON SOMI, girl group STAYC, boy group TNX, and traditional Korean music singer Song So-hee.

Other than seeing dreamy makeup looks by Gil Beauty on stars and models, the makeup artist also uploads frequently on YouTube where she does tutorials, gives insight on beauty products, and shares her personal life via vlogs.

Jung Saem Mool (@jsmbeauty_)

Dubbed Korea’s most distinguished and trailblazing makeup artist, Jung Saem Mool has an influential reputation for inspiring people with her know-how in all things beauty.

With over 25 years of experience in the beauty line, she created the translucent makeup look, has over 582k subscribers on YouTube, and has a sought-after eponymous cosmetics line (JSM Beauty). Jung even has her own beauty academy where she shares and teaches young aspiring cosmeticians from Korea and abroad.

You might have seen Jung’s and her team of beauty experts’ works on renowned K-drama celebrities, namely Kim Tae Hee, Choi Ji Woo, Jun Ji Hyun from ‘My Love from Another Star‘, and Song Hye-kyo from ‘Descendants of the Sun‘ and ‘The Glory‘. She’s also worked her makeup magic on K-pop legends like BoA, Kara, Miss A, and Lee Hyori, as well as Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yuna.

Just last month, JSM Beauty launched in Singapore and its products can be purchased here.

Jungnam (@noah3.1)

Jungnam is the makeup artist of singer and actress Hani (Ahn Hee-yeon), actress Ki Eun Se, and Kim So-eun of the popular K-drama ‘Boys Over Flowers‘. Jungnam even travelled to Paris with Ki Eun Se for Milan Fahion Week where she helped complete the star’s stylish looks. She also does bridal makeup and has a separate Instagram account for it where she features all the gorgeous and sophisticated makeup looks.

In 2020, content creator Ava Lee (@glowwithava), also known as the one who started the “jello skin” TikTok trend, got her makeup done at a celebrity makeup salon by Jungnam. Watch the video above for some juicy makeup tips and Jungnam’s take on BLACKPINK Jennie‘s makeup look on Ava.

Lee Nakyeum (@nakyeum)

As rising K-pop group NewJeans’ makeup artist, Lee Nakyeum’s Instagram is definitely worth a follow. Plus, a scroll through her page will leave you mesmerised by her artistry, unique makeup looks, and sometimes alternative photo direction.

Known for revealing the tips and tricks to achieving a “3D face”, Nakyeum released a YouTube tutorial video last year to show how we can all create a natural “pop” in our makeup looks.

She’s also worked with prolific Korean stars like Taeyeon, Krystal Jung, Im Jin-A (Nana), Kim Ji-eun from ‘One Dollar Laywer’, Lim Ji-yeon from ‘The Glory’, and more.

Maeng Ssaem (@iammaeng)


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Also known as Myungsun Lee, this celebrated makeup artist is as popular as K-pop sensation BLACKPINK themselves. She’s the woman behind all of the girl group’s unforgettable beauty looks, from tours and music videos to their 2019 Coachella performance.

Maeng frequently posts her works of art on Instagram, including behind-the-scenes content. She also uploads tutorials on idol makeup looks on her YouTube channel.

She’s even appeared on Refinery29’s channel to recreate BLACKPINK’s iconic makeup looks on Mi-Anne Chan.

Min-Ah Park (@minah9022)

Leaning more towards the edgy and androgynous areas of the Korean makeup world is Min-Ah Park.

The makeup artist has been working as superstar HyunA’s makeup artist since before joining entertainment agency P NATION in 2019. You’ll notice how all of HyunA’s signature sultry and grungy makeup looks are thanks to Min-Ah, such as bold lips, smudgy eyeliners, and spidery lashes.

Some of her other Korean idol clients include singer Holland, rapper DAWN, boy band Ghost9, and girl group TRI.BE.

Pony (@ponysmakeup)


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Pony, also known as Hye-Min Park, is possibly the most famous Korean makeup artist. Even if you don’t follow any Korean stars and makeup artists, or don’t use Korean beauty products, you probably would have seen Pony on YouTube or Instagram before. Most people discover her through her viral makeup tutorial videos.

This beauty mogul is credited with popularising Korean beauty trends worldwide and was listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in 2017 for her makeup career. Other than owning the eponymous makeup brand Pony Effect, she has worked closely with CL from 2NE1 previously.

And at the start of 2023, Pony started conducting makeup lessons on Coloso for beginners, makeup lovers, and experts who want to pick up new makeup techniques.

Shop for Pony Effect beauty products on YesStyle.

Risabae (@risabae_art)

Youtuber and makeup artist Risabae has created some of the most flawless and jaw-dropping makeup looks on her clients, K-pop idols, and herself. Her viewers are mostly obsessed with her videos where she showcases her top-notch skills and recreates celebrity looks.

Previously, Risabae worked as a makeup artist for Korean idol groups like AOA and EXID. Now, with her rising popularity, we dare say that she’s become an idol herself. After all, she’s also known for her uncanny resemblance to K-pop idol Sunmi.

Watch Risabae transform YouTuber saranghoe with a K-pop idol-inspired makeup look.

Suzie K (@suziekbeauty)


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Suzie K is the makeup artist of Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young and has created countless beauty looks for the singer-songwriter, including the makeup in the ‘Born Again‘ music video, ‘Lips on Lips‘ visuals, and in the 2019 iHeartRadio Music where the star took home the Best Solo Breakout award.

She has also done the makeup of legendary actress Yuh Jung Youn when she achieved a historical Oscars win in 2021 for Best Supporting Actress in Minari. And early last year, Suzie K posted an Instagram photo with Single’s Inferno’s Song Ji-a (Freezia), showing that she glammed up the influencer’s hair and makeup.

Won Jung-Yo (@bit.boot_jungyo)

The go-to makeup artist for former Miss A member and actress Suzy Bae, Won Jung-Yo has created some of the cutest and most elegant makeup looks. In 2019, she’s travelled with Suzy to create variations of the “no-makeup” makeup look for the star during Paris Fashion Week — a look that’s known to be Suzy’s personal style and very popular on TikTok makeup trends.

Jung-Yo has also worked with TWICE, who recently made music history with Billboard, on various projects and album releases.

Feature image credit: @iammaeng/Instagram, @ponysmakeup/Instagram