Have you been binge-watching The Glory?

The latest hit Korean drama by Netflix starring Song Hye-Kyo follows the journey of Moon Dong-En as she plotted to take revenge against her unrepentant high school bullies.

Besides the powerful storyline, something else caught our eyes: the lipstick that Moon Dong-Eun (played by Song Hye-Kyo) gifted Kang Hyun-Nam (played by Yeom Hye-Ran).

the glory rouge dior ultra rouge Kang Hyun-Nam 3

the glory rouge dior ultra rouge Kang Hyun-Nam 1

We’re sure if you’re in the midst of watching the series or have completed it, you’ll certainly have noticed it too. If you’re wondering which product it is, here’s the tea: it is the Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick, a lipstick that was launched in 2018.

A long-wearing lipstick, this offers a lightweight formula with bold pigment in a comfortable, semi-matte finish.

Besides its wonderful formula, the Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge is also distinctive by its hard-to-miss red case.

As for its shade, we really couldn’t be sure despite pausing the show multiple times when Kang Hyun-Nam took out the lipstick. But we have some guesses.

the glory rouge dior ultra rouge colour

It could be #999 Ultra Dior based on the scene from Episode 11 (top) or #783 Ultra Me based on Episode 16 (bottom).

Looking at the scene from Episode 11 when she first received the lipstick, it looks like it could be #999 Ultra Dior, the signature Dior lip colour. But when we look at how it looked like on her lips in Episode 16, we’re inclined towards #783 Ultra Me.

Regardless of the colour, we really love how the lipstick brightened up Kang Hyun-Nam’s overall complexion and how it represents confidence, power, and freedom in the show.

Unfortunately Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge is currently unavailable in Malaysia. We found vendors selling them on Shopee at prices between RM12o and RM170, but most of them carry no ratings, so you may want to be a little cautious if you’d like to purchase.