Even if you’re not a K-pop fan, you can’t deny that the K-pop idols are setting the trends for beauty, fashion, and more.

One of the trends that have been started by them is what fans are calling the “princess” hairstyle. TikTok users have started dishing different hacks and tutorials for us to get the same hairstyles as our favourite stans.

To help you achieve different variations of the look, we’ve rounded up the easiest tutorials, so keep reading.

Basic “princess” hairstyle (SNSD’s Taeyeon)

Photo source: @taeyeon_ss/Instagram


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♬ Talk that Talk – TWICE

We love how this look creates the illusion of a hairband made out of your hair. Of course, you could just tuck the front of your hair behind your ears, but without this hack, the style won’t stay put.

For a hairstyle that is neat yet won’t sacrifice volume, this is a simple hack for you to try with no complicated twists and turns. All you need are two rubber bands.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Separate two small sections of hair in front.
  2. Tie up the rest of your hair in a high bun.
  3. Bring back the two small sections you separated, tuck them behind your ears, and let them meet at the back of your head, where your neck is.
  4. Tie these two small sections together.
  5. Release the rest of your hair from the high bun.

This simple look is often seen on one of the queens of K-pop, SNSD’s Taeyeon, who does it with her sleek straight hair.

Crown “princess” hairstyle (Twice’s Nayeon)

Photo source: @nayeonyny/Instagram


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TWICE’s Nayeon takes the “princess” hairdo to the next level and we’re all for it. Get ready for some braiding to achieve this look.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Grab a small portion of your hair in front, starting from the crown of your head, and French braid all the way to your ears on both sides.
  2. Take another small portion of your hair on one side of your head and tie a new small braid.
  3. Take the new small braid and bring it across the opposite side as if it were a headband.
  4. Secure the new braid with a bobby pin.
  5. Split the rest of your hair into two sections and braid them down.
  6. Twist each braid into a bun and secure with a bobby pin.

This look is perfect for days when you want to do a fancy up-do. The loose strands sticking out gives your look an effortless appeal too.

Runaway “princess” hairstyle (Blackpink’s Jennie)

Photo source: @jennierubyjane/Instagram


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♬ sour candy – mila 홋 🎲

It’s no secret that we’re absolutely obsessed with Jennie’s choice of… well, everything!

She knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to her sense of fashion and style. With the first look of this TikTok, we’re reminded of a runaway princess: natural and sophisticated all at the same time.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Pull out two sections of your hair in front to the front of your face and separate them from the rest.
  2. Take another small section of hair from both sides of your head, bring them to the crown of your head, and tie them into a messy bun.
  3. Secure with bobby bins.

Maiden “princess” hairstyle (IVE’s Wonyoung)

Photo source: Jang Wonyoung @GUI_2_wy/Twitter


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♬ After LIKE – IVE

TikTok users can’t get enough of Wonyoung’s hairstyles – and who can blame them? This young idol could be the very definition of “princess” with her big doe eyes and amazing sense of style.

This look is the perfect balance between the dramatic crown “princess” hairstyle and its basic version.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Grab small sections of hair from both sides of your head from the bottom and braid them.
  2. Take the two braids and put them over your head in the opposite direction. Let them cross over each other to create a headband.
  3. Pin the braids to the rest of your hair with bobby pins right above your ears.

Just like that, you have a simple weaved crown for your maiden “princess” look!

“Princess” hairstyle with clips (IVE’s Wonyoung)


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♬ attention – tanked

This is original version of all the “princess” hairstyles. This started trending for its subtle yet elegant look that seems so simple to achieve. Here is how you can get it too:

  1. Take a small section of your hair in front from one side of your head.
  2. Loosely twist it outwards.
  3. Secure this to the side of your head slightly behind your ear with a hairclip. Use pearls for an elegant look or metallic clips for a cuter appearance.
  4. Repeat on the other side.

When you’re twisting outwards, make the twirl loose so you for added volume. You’d also want to twist outwards for a flufflier crown.

“Princess” hairstyle with ribbons (Blackpink’s Jisoo)

Photo source: @sooyaaa__/Instagram


Also can change it up and put it in pigtails too 💗 #kpop #koreanhairstyle

♬ Sour Grapes – LE SSERAFIM

Who knew attaching ribbons to your hair could easily upgrade your look to something so chic and classy?

The steps for this style are somewhat similar to the previous one:

  1. Take a small section of your hair in front from both sides of your head.
  2. Tie both sections up.
  3. Create a part in a middle of both sections.
  4. Loop the ponytail end of the section through this gap and pull to create a knot.
  5. Attach ribbon hair clips over where the knot is.
  6. Repeat on the other side.

Ribbons can be a real hassle to work with, but clips that come with ribbons attached make it so much easier.

Once again, remember to not pull too tight when you’re securing that knot. Let it puff up a little to give your hairstyle more volume.

“Princess” hairstyle with small clips (Blackpink’s Rosé)

Photo source: @Rosesarerosie/YouTube


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♬ GONE – 𝒀𝑴.52𝑯𝒁

Small clips made a huge comeback with the Y2K trend. Here’s how you can achieve a sweet look with them.

  1. Take a small section of hair from the top of your head on one side and clip it up.
  2. Grab another small section from the layer of hair below the first section you clipped up.
  3. Loop this new section over the clip so that they overlap.
  4. Secure the new section with another small clip.
  5. A small ponytail would have formed from these two sections; grab them together and pin it up with a bobby pin.
  6. Repeat on the other side.

Feel free to section out your fringe and even style it with a curling iron for a more relaxed look.

Disney “princess” hairstyle (Red Velvet’s Irene)

Photo source: @redvelvet.smtown/Instagram


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♬ About Damn Time – Lizzo

We’re reminded of Sleeping Beauty when we see this hairstyle that Red Velvet’s Irene has sported.

Here’s how you can recreate it:

  1. Grab a section of hair from the top of your head on one side.
  2. Tie it up and keep it about five fingers away from your roots.
  3. Split the section up above the hair tie and create a hole in between.
  4. Take the ponytail at its end and loop it through the hole. Pull tight.
  5. Take another section of hair from the bottom layer and loop it through the hole you’ve created.
  6. Pull that new section back and secure it to your head with a bobby pin.
  7. Repeat on the other side

If you have bangs, feel free to style them with a curling iron. This will add to the airy feeling this look aims to achieve.

Looking to try these out yourself? We’ve included some accessories you may need to get the “princess” K-pop hairstyle of your dreams.

Accessories you need

Koi Kawaii Ribbon Bow Hair Clip

These ribbon clips come in black or white, so go ahead and decide which one suits you more; black for an elegant style, and white for a sweet, innocent vibe.

They’re also sold as a pair so they’re perfect for achieving that look.

Koi Kawaii Ribbon Bow Hair Clip retails for RM22.91, available at Yesstyle.

Yunikon Mini Hair Clips in Flower

Brighten up your look with these mini hair clips that come in various colours and shapes.

It’s sold as a set of 10, 20, or 30 and there are shapes like the bear, flower, or rabbit. However, if you want to get a similar look to Blackpink’s Rosé, try out the flower version of this clip and use the pink ones that come in this set.

Yunikon Mini Hair Clips in Flower retails for RM21.91 (set of 10), RM23.90 (set of 20), and RM26.39 (set of 30), available at Yesstyle.

PO!NY STUDIO Faux Pearl Heart Hair Clip

Just like the clips IVE’s Wonyoung and Le Sserafim’s Chaewon have been spotted wearing, this cute and simple hair clip is perfect to get their look.

With its minimalist design and small faux pearl details, you’ll be able to achieve a sweet princess look.

PO!NY STUDIO Faux Pearl Heart Hair Clip retails for RM23.90, available at Yesstyle.

Coolgirl Faux Pearl Hair Clip Faux Pearl Bow

If you want to emphasise on your “princess” hairstyle, these clips may be a better option for you.

Unlike the previous design, this hair clip comes in a handful of designs with bigger faux pearls for a more dramatic effect.

Coolgirl Faux Pearl Hair Clip retails for RM20.41, available at Yesstyle.