Are you a fan of Netflix’x hit K-drama The Glory? Then you’d certainly recognise Lim Ji-Yeon who played Yeon-jin, the queen bee in the bullying pack.

The character in the show is a weather forecaster who’s always seen in an impeccable hairstyle, either in a ponytail or let down, complete with an S-curl fringe.

the glory yeonjin hairstyle 1

From Lim Ji-Yeon’s Instagram, Daily Vanity notices that the actress can look very different from the character she played in real life, simply by changing up her bangs’ style. Check out our favourite looks here – from baby bangs to side-parted bangs:

Long, sleek, centre-parted

lim ji yeon - yeon jin hairstyles

Wearing her bangs long, sleek, and centre-parted, Ji-Yeon looks nothing like The Glory‘s Yeon-Jin.

When styled with a preppy outfit, she looked like a fresh-faced college student; put on a red lip and sheer black outfit, she transformed into a mysterious beauty.

Baby bangs

lim ji yeon the glory yeon jin baby bangs

The Korean star channels an edgy vibe with baby bangs, which look good whether she styles it down (left) or up (right). Which look do you prefer?

Heavy bangs

lim ji yeon the glory yeon jin short bangs

Heavier bangs gives Lim Ji-Yeon a more youthful and cuter appearance – a look you’d certainly not associate with The Glory‘s Yeon-Jin.

Air bangs

lim ji yeon the glory yeon jin air bangs

The lighter air bangs – a Korean classic hairstyle – lets Ji-Yeon exude a sense of demure elegance.


lim ji yeon the glory yeon jin side parted

When her bangs are worn side-parted, Ji-Yeon looks soft and gentle; so much so that we forgot for a moment she played a cruel bully in The Glory.

Bonus: short hair

lim ji yeon the glory yeon jin short hair

We aren’t really focusing on her bangs here but these are photos we just have to share! Who knew Ji-Yeon could look so bubbly and sporty when she wore her hair short in 2019?