Jennie’s fans are sure to know just how big of a deal is that the style icon dyed her black tresses an arresting shade of orange-copper this April.

Casually showing up on our Instagram feeds on 10 April, Blackpink’s Jennie revealed that her familiar black hair was no more. In its place was a fiery orange mane, which the star showed off while wearing a black Calvin Klein tee.

jennie's orange hair

Photo source: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

While other members of the girl group have switched up their manes time and again, Jennie has stayed true to her natural black tresses for as long as we can remember. The last time she surprised us with a new hair colour was in 2020, when she debuted blonde face-framing highlights for the release of the K-pop group’s single, How You Like That.

Regardless of whether the star is getting ready for another comeback as fans have excitedly speculated, Jennie is certainly making waves with her orange (or is it peach, or tangerine?) mane that’s quickly becoming the ‘do of the season.

jennie orange hair

Photo source: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Since we were having trouble putting our finger on the colour of Jennie’s hair (is it a pastel orange?!), we spoke to Isaac Ng, Senior Director Stylist at You Are My Sunshine hair salon in Singapore. He also shared expert tips on how to rock an auburn mane like Jennie’s, to let you can turn your hair dreams into reality!

Jennie’s hair

A “fiery golden copper” is how Issac easily described Jennie’s hair colour. “It’s not quite a plain orange as it has hints of golden and peach undertones,” he explained.

jennie's orange hair (1)

Photo source: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

And, as Jennie seems never to fall behind on trending styles (or setting the trends herself), it’s no surprise that the shade is also “the perfect Spring or Summer 2022 colour [since] it’s reminiscent of poppy flowers”. Poppy flowers? Check – Jennie had them echo the shades of her auburn tresses in her photo reveal.

Trust Jennie to look great in any hair shade too, and it’s partly due to her skin tone. “Jennie has an extremely fair complexion, which means that she would match any hair colour, because white skin emulates a blank canvas,” Issac said.

blackpink jennie orange hair

Jennie’s Coachella 2022 look. Photo source: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Brow colour plays a part in bringing together her entire look as well. “The bright colour doesn’t interfere with her face since she has very light eyebrows, giving her a soft, angelic look,” Issac explained. So. if you’re going to go light with your mane, then why not take your cue from Jennie Kim and dye your eyebrows a lighter shade too?

How to achieve fiery copper hair

1. Consider your skin tone and features

jennie blackpink orange hair

Photo source: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

But, does fiery copper hair look this good on everyone? Although Jennie is fair, this colour suits people with darker skin tones as well, according to Issac. “People with olive or chocolate brown skin tones look amazing with orangey shades because the complementary contrast makes their appearance stand out in a good way,” he said.

“I recommend a more peach-leaning, lighter shade of the same colour for lighter skin tones,” Issac noted, giving Blackpink’s Lisa’s pinkish-copper hair as an example.


Photo source: @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Should you have sharp features, then Jennie’s exact hair shade is also one to go for to balance them out, as Issac explained that “this bright colour [has] a softening effect for those who have sharp facial features.”

2. Consider your wardrobe

Skin tone might be one obvious consideration when deciding whether or not to get a fiery copper mane revamp, but there are other factors to think about as well. “Aside from skin tone and beauty-related considerations, people often overlook that they would have to consider their wardrobe choices and only wear colours that would be part of their ‘complete’ look,” said Issac.

jennie's orange hair singapore -

Jennie in black hair versus in fiery copper tresses. Photo source: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Scroll through Jennie’s latest Instagram photos and you might get a clue. While the K-pop star donned everything from vibrant pinks, greens, and reds when she had natural black tresses, the photos we’ve seen of her since she revealed her auburn hair show her mostly in a more neutral palette that includes white, grey, and black.


Jennie at Jentle Garden flagship store. Photo source: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

3. Make an appointment at the salon

For such a light shade of orangish-copper, you would have to bleach your tresses (no cheating!). However, Issac assured that you “only have to bleach [your hair] to level 7 once, to achieve a hair colour with bright orange or copper tones.”

How to maintain fiery copper hair

Besides getting your natural dark tresses to transform into a fiery copper hue, you will also have to put some effort into maintaining its brand new colour after you walk out of the salon.

jennie hair orange

Photo source: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Issac recommended a three-step routine that will help to maintain the colour and health of your auburn tresses, which involves using a colour-safe shampoo, conditioner, as well as a hair treatment.

“First, you must use a hue anti-ageing colour shampoo to minimise the colour being washed away. I recommend the Number Three Hue Care Shampoo along with your favourite conditioner,” Issac said.

His expert advice is to follow up the shampoo step with an anti-ageing colour treatment like the Number Three Hue Care Treatment to deeply condition the hair, “since lifting the hair colour to achieve Jennie’s hair will do a bit of damage.”

jennie kim orange hair

Photo source: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Finally, Issac emphasises using a leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture and colour; for this step, he suggests using the Yululuka Grainmoist Milk. If you’re getting your hair done with Issac at You Are My Sunshine hair salon, then you’re in luck because the products that he recommends are exclusively available at the salon.

To really keep your hair looking salon-fresh, Issac noted that you would have to visit the salon every 14 days to “refresh the colour and add richness back in[to your tresses].”

Best orange-copper hair shades to get you inspired

Muted orange ombré

orange hair inspo

Photo source: 沃浅巷花楼雨谢/Xiao Hong Shu

This muted orange shade fades to deeper and more brownish tones at the ends of the hair.

Light, summery orange

light orange hair

Photo source: 妙蛙种子选手/Xiao Hong Shu

The summery, light orange hue is as fresh as the spring blooms. Paired with a stylish bob, baby bangs, and bleached brows, this one’s a look that we’re certainly wishing to have.

Reddish copper

copper hair inspo

Photo source: 木子梨Kuchen/Xiao Hong Shu

Flaunt copper hair with this deeper, more reddish shade that doesn’t need you to bleach your tresses. You get the best of both worlds.

Bright, vibrant orange

orange hair inspo (1)

Photo source: 天奇很好/Xiao Hong Shu

Bright, bright orange – one that recalls Hayley Williams of Paramore’s iconic tangerine tresses.

Reddish orange

orange hair

Photo source: 银河Milkyhe/Xiao Hong Shu

Another striking shade of orange, this one’s got reddish tones that match stunningly with hints of red in your outfit.


peach orange hair

Photo source: MEIYR发型设计/Xiao Hong Shu

Those with lighter skin tones can go for this peachy-copper shade that’s much the one Lisa of Blackpink has flaunted before.

Blonde to orange ombré


Photo source: 天津3AMHairSaLon设计师/Xiao Hong Shu

Wear a myriad of orange hues on your mane with this hairstyle that blends out from a light blonde, pastel orange, to a deeper orange colour.

Fiery and light orange gradient

orange hair inspo singapore

Photo source: Pinterest

A more subtle ombré fade, this mane combines a more powerful, fiery orange tone with a softer, lighter copper shade. Powder your face with peach and orange shades to complete the look.



Copper is the hair colour of the season – Jennie just made the shade her own by going many shades lighter and infusing a slightly golden and peach hue. But, if you look at celebrities like Kendall Jenner, you’ll notice that they have been donning deeper copper shades that are closer to brown than a vibrant orange.

So, if you’re going for a more subtle hair refresh, then this copper shade is a great alternative for you.

Strawberry copper


With strawberry-brown undertones, this copper shade is super wearable, and yet still makes an altogether fiery orange statement unique to Jennie’s new mane.