We’ve talked about viral TikTok makeup looks, but what about Douyin makeup looks that are currently trending?

In its essence, Douyin makeup features porcelain-like skin, some bright colours, exaggerated features, and lots of shimmers.

While you scroll through all your social media pages, you’ll realise that Douyin’s transformational makeup looks are taking the internet by storm and also being adopted by many celebrities and influencers. If you ask us, it looks like a literal fairy-like filter!


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We’re not about to gatekeep any beauty tips in achieving that dazzling, goddess-like look. Read on to find out what makeup look you’ll be sporting next and our recommended beauty products.

Dewy skin

douyin makeup look flawless skin

Credit: @hheunii/TikTok

Similarly to most makeup trends, the Douyin makeup look also focuses on glowing, glass-like skin. The key is to have well-prepped skin that will help with blending out your foundation flawlessly.

There’s also the use of a translucent setting powder, which has received countless praises from makeup gurus as a beauty holy grail, including BLACKPINK’s makeup artist.

Our recommendations:

  • NYX Professional Makeup Smoothing Marshmellow Root Infused Super Face Primer retails for RM65 instead of RM81 on LOOKFANTASTIC.
  • NARS Light Reflecting Foundation retails for RM215 on Sephora.
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder retails for RM200 on Sephora.

Enlarged eyes

We’ll always be captivated by alluring doe eyes. Here’s where choosing the right liquid eyeliners and the strategic placement of the product on your eyes comes into play.

douyin makeup look eyeliner

Credit: @amieuiu/TikTok

You’ll want to pick a brown fine-tip eyeliner so that there won’t be any overly harsh lines. Alternatively, you can also use a brown eyeshadow and a small angled brush.

Next, go for a straighter line that extends from the outer corners of your eyes — this will create a cuter and more natural appearance. Or if you prefer a cheekier and more brazen look, you can draw the line slightly upwards for cat eye wings, which is also as popular in the Douyin makeup realm.

how to do douyin makeup eyeliner

Credit: @amieuiu/TikTok

In creating that extra appeal and elongating your eyes, line the inner corners of your eyes too. It should look like a small triangle. Then, use a brown eyeshadow to draw below your eyes for that aegyo-sal look.

Extra tip: You can also use your liquid eyeliners to darken your bottom lashes as a mascara, dot your beauty moles, or draw fine strokes on your brows for that natural look.

Our recommendation: KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner Liquid Eyeliner in Mad Max Brown retails for RM115 on Sephora.

Liquid glitter

douyin makeup glitter eyes

Credit: @amtsbeauty/TikTok

If you’re that person who used to flood your greeting cards with all sorts of glitter, this may be your favourite makeup style yet.

It’s really not that hard — all you got to do is spread some shine over your eyelids, the inner corner of your eyes, and maybe even on your cupid’s bow or the tip of your nose for that extra glam.

Any sort of glitter could work, but liquid glitter is easier to apply and manipulate to the exact shape and thickness that you want.

douyin makeup trend glitter

Credit: @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Extra tip: Adorn your face, and even décolletage, with some gems or rhinestones like BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Our recommendation: Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow retails for RM105.50 on LOOKFANTASTIC.

Manga lashes

douyin makeup look plump lips

Credit: @hheunii/TikTok

Anime lover or not, the eye-catching manga lashes will have you and your admirers in a lovely trance. These wispy lashes add depth to your eyes and make them look larger as well — it’s also one of the more distinct features you’ll find in the Douyin makeup look.

There are two ways to go about creating manga lashes at home. First, you can utilise individual or cluster false lashes to glue onto both your top and bottom lash line. Do give some space in between each “spike” for the animated look.

Extra tip: If you prefer dolly lashes, pick longer lashes to place in the areas near your pupils. Meanwhile, if you like a cat-eye look, place the longer lashes at the ends of your lash line.

douyin makeup look how to manga lashes

Credit: @hheunii/TikTok

Moving on to the second method, which you might have seen before: the TikTok famous mascara-tweezer technique by none other than Selena Gomez.

To really attain long, fluffy lashes, you’ll need to use voluminous mascara. With the tip of the mascara wand, lightly coat your eyelashes with the product. Then, use the tweezer very carefully (and we can’t stress this enough) to pull and stick your lashes into separate sections together.

There’s also the option of getting manga lash extensions from your lash tech to make your daily Douyin makeup look easier to achieve with lesser time spent.

Our recommendation: Maybelline Lash Sensational™ Sky High Mascara retails for RM62 on Shopee.

Sun-kissed cheeks

douyin makeup look blush

Credit: @amieuiu/TikTok

By now we’ve already seen a bevvy of blush looks, courtesy of all the makeup trends on TikTok, Xiaohongshu, and more. Douyin’s makeup look isn’t exempted from the desirable sun-kissed visage.

Whether you’re using the famous “W blush” hack or only applying blush to the apples of your cheeks, it’s totally up to your preference. Just remember to add a little bit more product than usual to really achieve that flushed look.

Our recommendation: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Matte Blush Wand retails for RM215 on Shopee.

Blurred and tinted lips

douyin makeup look lip tint pouty lips

Credit: @zhinadouyin/TikTok

Glossy or matte, it’s evident that the hype for pouty and voluminous lips will stay. And when it comes to the lips in the Douyin makeup look, you’ll want to aim for ever-so-juicy lips that are tinted into a soft pout.

For perfect, kissable lips, you’ll need two matching lipstick shades of your choice, one lighter and the other in a darker tint. Ideally, you’ll want a lip product that is matte and easily blendable.


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You’ll start with the lipstick with the darker shade and apply it only to the inner parts of your lips. Blend the product out, but only within the inner lips (don’t reach the edges just yet), with either a brush or your fingers.

Next, use the lighter lip tint on the edges of your lips (focus on your cupid’s bow and the bottom of your lips). Likewise, blend it out.

You should be able to see a nice gradient on your lips. If you’d like them to be glossy, simply swipe some lip gloss over those puckers and you’re done!

Our recommendations:

  • CANMAKE Juicy Lip Tint retails for RM39.13 on Shopee.
  • 3CE Blur Water Tint retails for RM60.77 instead of RM86.82 on YesStyle.

Feature image credit: @amieuiu/TikTok, @lalalalisa_m/Instagram