TikTok is going crazy over this Strawberry Jam Blush by American cosmetics brand Physicians Formula – and so are we!

Physicians Formula Strawberry Jam Blush

We can certainly see why the product has captured the hearts of many, it’s an adorable pink blush that is dotted with little strawberries – what’s not to love?

You might be tempted to display this beautiful blush and not use it as prolonged use will wipe away the strawberry design on top.

Still, you’ll love how well it blends and spreads, just like a freshly opened jar of strawberry jam, and it totally smells like it too.

Buttery-soft and packed with essential fatty acids and pro-vitamins, this blush is made with a blend of murumuru butter, cupuacu butter, and tucuma butter straight from the Amazon.

Those with sensitive skin don’t have to worry about irritation as it has been crafted to be hypoallergenic. Plus, it’s cruelty-free too.

Physicians Formula Bread & Butter Bronzer

If you’ve fallen in love with the blush, you might want to hear about their Bread & Butter Bronzer, which is designed to look like a toasty hot cross bun. (It’s still cute even though Easter is over!)

This bronzer doesn’t just add an instant warmth to your complexion, it also smells like freshly baked bread, as if you had walked into a warm, artisanal bakery.

It uses the same skin-loving formula as the blush, so it’ll spread like a dream while keeping your skin well-nourished.

The Physicians Formula Strawberry Jam Blush (US$12.49, ~RM54) and Bread & Butter Bronzer (US$15.99, ~RM69.56) are available at the Physicians Formula website.

Featured image credit: Physicians Formula