We’re two months into 2022 and haven’t found a product that bedazzles us as much as this glitter eyeshadow from C-beauty brand Perfect Diary.

The Haute Couture Single Eyeshadow is trending hard on social media and it’s not hard to see why.

This single-shade eyeshadow is super versatile: wear it on its own, top it off your favourite eyeshadow, or even use it as a highlighter or as body glitter!

Available in two shades: Diamond Moonlight and Diamond Golden Amber, these eyeshadows are said to be easily blendable and offers an eye-catching brilliance that is sure to turn heads.


Photo source: Xiong Di Xi (熊蒂斯)

Open up the snug case and you’ll find the glistening shades of silver (Diamond Moonlight) and warm golden (Diamond Golden Amber) – we’re already hooked.

Furthermore, when you sweep your finger across the surface of the pressed powder, the eyeshadow will pick up smoothly and effortlessly – what Perfect Diary calls “cowhide-like touch” and what we call a creamy, buttery texture.


Photo source: Perfect Diary Vietnam, Xiong Di Xi (熊蒂斯)

The eyeshadow also applies easily without fallout – that is, the powder doesn’t fall away from your eyelids after you sweep it on. One effortless swipe and you’ll discover that the colour sticks magically!

Finally, what really tops it all off is that this eyeshadow doubles as a face and body highlighter.

Whether you prefer a peachy golden look or a natural, sophisticated face-lift, both the Diamond Moonlight and Diamond Golden Amber shades will get you there.

You can simply finish off your entire look by dusting the eyeshadow powder across your collarbones and shoulders – you’ll be ready to flaunt your gorgeous outfit for an evening out.

There are so many things to love about Perfect Diary’s Haute Couture Single Eyeshadows, so quickly grab these limited-edition products before they’re sold out!

Perfect Diary’s Haute Couture Single Eyeshadow Diamond Collection retails at a discounted RM42.90 on Lazada.