Two-toned hair was trendy for a while and then we thought it was going to die into oblivion. Until Blackpink’s Rosé decided she’s not ready to let it go and brought it right back in trend again.

K-idol Rosé has recently switched up her iconic platinum blonde tresses for two-toned highlights – with a twist from what we were used to seeing.

What exactly is the two-toned hair trend and what makes Rosé’s version stand out? Find out all the details and don’t miss out on where you can upgrade your hair-do at if you’re in KL and PJ.

What is the two-toned hair trend?

Photo source: @yellow_3to3/Instagram and @jennierubyjane/Instagram

The two-toned hair look trended in 2020 and became most prominent when Blackpink’s Jennie (photo above, right) was spotted with blonde money piece hair and wowed everyone with it.

The trend was sticky for a while because most people can pull it off, no matter your hair length. What’s more, there are many variations to the style that makes it fun to play around with, as long as most of the hair is in a dark colour such as black, and a highlighted part is a much lighter shade like blonde.

Sure, we’ve seen this on many Korean celebrities including NCT Dream’s Renjun (photo above, left) and Jennie, but what makes Rosé’s new look different this time?

What is Rosé’s two-toned hair trend?

Photo source: @roses_are_rosie/Instagram and @voguehongkong/Instagram

Rosé’s version uses black as the “highlight” shade instead, and majority of her hair colour was in strawberry blonde.

The look made us do a double take and it certainly is eye-catching yet versatile for anyone to pull off.

Photo source: @roses_are_rosie/Instagram and @voguehongkong/Instagram

Besides giving the look a touch of edginess, black highlights also offer a subtle contouring effect that helps frame her face so that it appears slimmer and her features can stand out more.

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