Even makeup veterans slip up when applying eyeliner sometimes; and amateurs struggle with getting their lines to look natural and matched on both eyes.

Believe it or not, there’s an easy way to achieve a flawless eyeliner look that appears as if your eyeliner wings have been airbrushed on.

Read on to learn this hack that will turn everything you’ve known upside down.

How do you do this hack?

Photo source: @meganbowen__/TikTok

Achieving this look only takes three simple steps

Step 1: Start from the bottom lash line

Photo source: @meganbowen__/TikTok

Start from the bottom lash line, about a fingertip away from your outer corner.

With a gentle hand, follow the curve of your eye and draw a line all the way till you reach the outer corner of your eye.

If you’re not accustomed to using an eyeliner yet or if you have a shaky hand, you can create this line by making short and gentle strokes instead of one long swipe.

Step 2: Extend your wing outwards

Photo source: @meganbowen__/TikTok

Following the line you’ve drawn, extend the line upwards and outwards.

Make sure the wing follows the fold of your eye so it will perfectly suit your eye shape.

Once again, use short gentle strokes so your wing doesn’t come out choppy or uneven. Stop extending the wing to about a fingertip away from the outer corner of your eye.

Step 3: Connect the wing to your upper lash line

Photo source: @meganbowen__/TikTok

Now it’s time to make your entire look whole and complete. Round everything off by connecting the wing to your top lash line.

Start from the end of the wing and connect to where it hits your top lash line; it’ll usually be around one-third of your top lash line.

Put a little more pressure for this line compared to the other lines you’ve drawn so far because this forms your final look. Fill in the lash line by making small defined strokes. This will reduce the risk of drawing an uneven line.

How should this “airbrushed” eyeliner look like?

To help you check if you’ve done it correctly, here are photos of how it should look like.

Soft “airbrushed” eyeliner

Photo source: @肉肉/XiaoHongShu

The eyeliner on the bottom lash line has been diffused out to softly define the eye shape. This pairs well with the light brown wing that looks thin and sleek.

Smokey dramatic “airbrushed” eyeliner

Photo source: @11suya/XiaoHongShu

If you’re looking for something bolder for parties and night-outs, you’ll need to try this variation. Instead of drawing thin lines, draw thicker lines before blending out with dark eyeshadow for a smokey effect.

Defined fleek “airbrushed” eyeliner

Photo source: @keke可糯了/XIaoHongShu

Unlike the soft “airbrushed” eyeliner, this one isn’t as blurred out. Instead, the line is drawn with the tip of the eyeliner pen so it’s defined. This helps open up the eyes so they look brighter.

Full “airbrushed” eyeliner

Photo source: @小刀/XiaoHongShu

Instead of just stopping the eyeliner at the centre of the bottom lash line, this variation fills in the entire bottom lash line, a style that is a little more “manga-like” and is great if your eyes are your best feature and you’d like to accentuate them.

With that, you would have achieved the perfect winged eyeliner. If you don’t have a trusty eyeliner pen in your makeup collection, check out our list of best eyeliners you need to cop.