You may have already seen articles about how to choose your bangs style based on your face shape. Here’s something else you’ll need to know about bangs: they can give your face a slimmer appearance if you go for the right style.

In fact, “slimming bangs” are one of the best-kept secrets in the K-pop industry and hairstylists of K-pop idols such Le Sserafim’s Chaewon, Nmixx’s Haewon, and Aespa’s Karina have been using this trick to accentuate their face shapes.

Want to get an insider look at these bang styles? Here are five that you can explore in the new year.

Manga bangs

Seen on Le Sserafim’s Chaewon, Aespa’s Ning Ning, and Red Velvet’s Joy

Photo source: @_chaechae_1/Instagram, @aespa_official/Instagram, and @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Great for those who want to conceal a high or huge forehead, manga bangs help to visually shorten the length of your face, making it look a little smaller.

Unlike blunt bangs that tend to be very thick and heavy, manga bangs is in between that and air bangs, so it’s doesn’t look very clumpy and is still relatively easy to style.

Another reason reason to embrace manga bangs: it looks good whether you have short straight hair like Le Sserafim’s Chaewon, mid-length hair like Aespa’s Ning Ning, or long hair like Red Velvet’s Joy.

Micro bangs

Seen on Twice’s Chaeyoung, Hyuna, and Kep1er’s Hikaru

Photo source: @chaeyoungbby/Instagram, @hyunah_aa/Instagram, and @official.kep1er/Instagram

Many of us don’t think we can pull off micro bangs – bangs that sit well above the eyebrows – because of how quirky they look. But guess what – it’s actually a great look to sport if you have a shorter face.

As micro bangs lengthen your face, it also takes away emphasis on the roundness of the lower half of the face, creating an illusion of a sharper jawline.

Eight-figured bangs

Seen on Aespa’s Karina, Itzy’s Yuna, and G-idle’s Shuhua

Photo source: @aespa_official/Instagram,, and @yeh.shaa_/Instagram

This is one of the most popular bangs look on many K-pop idols and we don’t blame them.

As it curves outwards at your forehead and inwards at your cheeks, it conceals the middle portion of your face, and emphasises the forehead instead. Thanks to this, it helps to cover high cheekbones and rounded cheeks, creating a slimming effect.

However there are a few things to note when it comes to sporting this look.

First, this looks best with curled hair to tie the whole look together more seamlessly. As such, you may want to consider getting a perm for the rest of your hair or diligently style your hair every day.

Also, the bangs itself also require high maintenance. Basic styling such as using a hair roller or blow-drying your bangs is a must in order to maintain its impeccable look.

Soft baby bangs

Seen on G-idle’s Yuqi, StayC’s Sumin, and SNSD’s Taeyeon

Photo source: @yuqisong.923/Instagram, @stayc_highup/Instagram, and @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

If you’d like to take away emphasis from your wide forehead but have a hairline that’s too far back for manga bangs, soft baby bangs are the way to go.

These are shorter than eight-figured bangs and they have a split in the middle unlike manga bangs.

This style conceals the forehead from the side so that it appears narrower.

Perilla leaf bangs

Seem on SNSD’s Yoona, Kep1er’s Yujin, and Nmixx’s Haewon

Photo source: @yoona__lim/Instagram, @official.kep1er/Instagram, and @nmixx_official/Instagram

Inspired by perilla leaves that we often have during Korean barbecues, this style is all about using stray hairs to accentuate your face shape.

You can have the same bangs as these K-pop stars just by dividing your long bangs into two portions. Bring the thicker portion to one side and pin it up with a bobby pin or hair clip.

Then, let some stray hairs fall on your face. The stray hairs create several “V” shapes, giving the illusion of a slimmer face.

The great thing about this bangs style is that you don’t need to go to a hairdresser to get it, and it’s great if you often tie your hair up in a ponytail or bun.