There are plenty of South Korean actresses and singers out there, but recently, we’ve been pretty obsessed with Bae Suzy, who has been hailed as “The Nation’s First Love” in her home country.

You may have seen her in many series such as Gu Family Book, Uncontrollably Fond, While You Were Sleeping, and even a film called Architecture 101.

However, her road to stardom wasn’t always a smooth journey. When she debuted on the scene, she was actually criticised for her “chubby” appearance. Since then, the star has lost weight and found a way to keep it off.

Ahead, she shares her top diet and fitness tips as well as her beauty secrets.

She eats no more than 1,000 calories a day

Bae Suzy Beauty Tips - tip 1 no more than 1000 calories - skuukzky on Instagram

Photo source: @skuukzky on Instagram

When Bae Suzy needs to work, she will eat up to 1,000 calories a day. By limiting her calories and going into a deficit, she can quickly lose weight that way.

This is a relatively difficult weight loss method, and everyone has a recommended calorie intake, so it is better to consult a professional if you want to try it too.

She eats a lot of healthy food

For breakfast, Bae Suzy typically eats a sweet potato and a chicken breast followed by a nutritious protein drink.

Lunch is usually a simple bowl of brown rice and some salad, while dinner can consist of only two sweet potatoes.

She doesn’t eat after 6pm

Bae Suzy Beauty Tips - tip 2 eat before 6pm - skuukzky on Instagram

Photo source: @skuukzky on Instagram

One rule Bae Suzy always sticks to is never snacking or eating after 6pm. This way, there is sufficient time for the food to digest.

While research online seems to suggest that there’s no best time to stop eating, there is some evidence that suggests that eating late can negatively influence weight and metabolic risk factors.

She exercises like a penguin

Bae Suzy’s go-to exercise routine isn’t running or swimming, but rather something called the “penguin slimming exercise”.

What she does is swing her arms like a penguin to effectively burn the fat in the arms, allowing them to become firmer. Click on the video above to watch her demonstrate it!

She massages her face to slim it down

Bae Suzy Beauty Tips - tip 3 massaging face - skuukzky on Instagram

Photo source: @skuukzky on Instagram

When removing her makeup, Bae Suzy uses a cleansing oil to massage her face to make her facial contours firmer.

At the same time, it also helps to dissolve the makeup on her face faster and more thoroughly, leading to a well-cleansed face.

She has a 10-minute cleansing routine

The South Korean actress follows the 4-2-4 facial cleansing method, which is a 10-minute beauty routine that makes sure one’s skin is thoroughly clean.

She starts with a four-minute oil cleansing, before lathering with a foam cleanser for two minutes. The last step is to rinse the face with clean water for four minutes.

She never goes to bed with makeup on

Bae Suzy Beauty Tips - tip 4 sleeping without makeup - skuukzky on Instagram

Photo source: @skuukzky on Instagram

Bae Suzy never sleeps with makeup still on her face, which is such a smart move in our opinion.

Makeup can not only trap dirt and environmental pollutants inside the skin but can also result in increased free radicals that can cause premature ageing.

She uses brightening and moisturising products

Although Bae Suzy was born with fair skin, she still makes sure to maintain her skin complexion by religiously applying brightening and moisturising products.

For her, she uses The Face Shop White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream (not available in Malaysia), which can not only lock moisture into the skin but also help to brighten it.

She mixes in a drop of serum into her foundation

Bae Suzy Beauty Tips - tip 5 serum in foundation - skuukzky on Instagram

Photo source: @skuukzky on Instagram

Bae Suzy loves adding a drop of multi-use serum into her foundation or BB cream. She says the skin will absorb the makeup better and give off a healthier glow.

We can also imagine how much better the foundation will be this way, with extra skin-loving ingredients mixed into it.

She has been applying anti-ageing care since a young age

Even though she is still in her late twenties, Bae Suzy uses many anti-ageing treatments daily.

As soon as she washes her face, she applies The Face Shop The Therapy Anti-Aging Formula First Serum (RM95.53), which immediately hydrates, gently exfoliates, and boosts the skin’s radiance.

Featured image credit: skuukzky & skuukzky