How does the popular K-pop girl group TWICE keep up with the demanding schedules of pop stars while consistently serving us with catchy tunes and unparalleled beauty?

Having grown to be one of the most prolific K-pop acts, TWICE is made up of nine talents: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu.

Ever since their debut in 2015, the group has been popping with over 10 albums and EPs dropped with new music being consistently released in Korean and Japanese at least thrice a year — an ambitious schedule in the K-pop world where artistes usually put out one to two comebacks annually.

twice billboard 200 top album sales

Credit: Sami Drasin/Billboard

Whether you’ve been closely following these nine pop idols’ journey to stardom or not, you’ve surely seen their photos and videos trending on social media occasionally and witnessed them making history. Just weeks ago, their new mini album, Ready To Be, debuted atop the Billboard 200 list after achieving the biggest U.S. sales week of any female K-pop act (claiming their third No.1 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart)!

Ready To Be‘ as stunning as K-pop girl group TWICE? We combed through the internet and collated some of TWICE’s best beauty tips so that we, too, can look as exquisite and first-class as them.

They’re conscientious about cleansing their skin

twice skincare products

Credit: MISSHA Skincare, @twicetagram/Instagram

Barring all the training, music-making, world tours, and their own me-time, you’d think that TWICE wouldn’t have time for extensive skincare routines. However, in their line of work, it’s essential to give extra care to their skin.

Both Nayeon and Jeongyeon never use towels after washing their faces — a habit that we ought to have if we want clear skin! Unwanted bacteria can easily build up on your towels after each use and using one on your face can cause acne and breakouts.

twice skincare products routine

Credit: @mina_sr_my/Instagram, @_zyozyo/Instagram

Nayeon uses a cleansing balm to remove dirt and impurities accumulated during the day while Jeongyeon uses a combination of an oil cleanser, cleansing milk, and cleansing foam.

In case you didn’t know, Jeongyeon would go onstage bare-faced if you gave her the chance to, so we’d definitely take skincare tips from her and all the girls!

Meanwhile, Momo’s known to use a cleansing device every night, which has many benefits like cleansing your skin effectively, reducing the size of pores, boosting your skin’s circulation, and more.

They’re big on hydration – on both their skin and bodies!

twice skincare routine moisturiser

Credit: @twicetagram/Instagram

With hectic schedules and the need to wear makeup for long periods of time, it’s no surprise that the TWICE girls might encounter dry, irritated, and distressed skin from time to time. The changes in weather and seasons also affect their skin conditions.

Soft and smooth skin with great elasticity is attributed to rejuvenated and well-hydrated skin. All of the TWICE members, and even their makeup artists, understand the importance of moisturising.

For Momo, whenever she’s going on a flight she always ensures to bring lots of masks with her since her skin gets dry on planes. It doesn’t stop there. She also puts on a sleeping mask every night.

In addition to Jeongyeon’s skincare routine, after cleansing, she applies her toner while her skin is still damp, which can help to enhance the absorption and hydrating properties of the product.

Dahyun and Mina both drink a lot of water to help with a glass-like visage. Apart from that, in an interview with Elle, Mina shared that she will usually use a face mask to better her skin condition if she has a special event the next day. Having her skin in good condition will help her in feeling more confident.

They invest in effective skincare products

mina twice SK-II skincare product

Credit: SK-II, @mina_sr_my/Instagram

We’re no strangers to all the effective skin-loving products that Korean celebrities use. TWICE’s Mina, especially, has a few tricks up her sleeves. The Texas-born, Japan-raised group member incorporates SK-II products and the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence in her skincare routine.

After she started using the lightweight and absorbent essence, her skin felt “mochi-mochi” and soft and bouncy, reminding us of TikTok’s “jello skin“. Despite being from a younger age group and knowing SK-II as a prestige brand since young, it didn’t refrain Mina from seeking out the best solutions for her skin.

Dubbed to have transformative effects on complexions, SK-II’s star ingredient PITERA™ (which can be found in all of their products) retains the skin’s natural functions, improves barrier function, and prevents skin surface damage. This nutrient-rich “miracle water” has worked to rejuvenate Mina’s skin even on her busiest days and left her looking fresh.

They are very adventurous with makeup

twice kpop ready to be mini album billboard 200

Credit: @ellesingapore/Instagram

As is a norm in most K-pop groups, TWICE has also gone through their fair share of bold makeup and striking hairstyles, from coloured lashes and glitter eye makeup to dreamy pink tresses. Especially for concerts, the girls go all out with flashy and vibrant colours.

The group is known to enjoy changing their looks every now and then; trying new and different things, which is also how one can figure out what works for them best.

It also helps when you own whatever new look you’re adopting because, after all, confidence always gives an added boost to your whole look and vibe. So don’t be afraid to experiment!

They flaunt their personal aesthetic through their wardrobe

twice kpop clothes and style

Credit: @mina_sr_my/Instagram, @chaeyo.0/Instagram

Although the nine girls work, lived, and performed together for nearly a decade, they all have different personalities and lifestyles, and that speaks through the clothes they wear too.

Mina describes herself as a “style chameleon” as she likes trying different looks and styles based on her moods. Dahyun, however, is happy being in her natural state with just sweats, slippers, and without makeup on — something more for comfort and vastly different from the rather tight clothing that the girls have to wear on stage.

In an interview with Allure, Chaeyoung shares that her personal style is translated through vintage clothing, “things with an unpopular look” that are colourful and not necessarily the most conventional. She also doesn’t care for “boundaries” and likes gender-fluid styles.

Being able to express yourself through your style and fashion definitely amps up your confidence and gives you that individualistic glow. You look comfortable in your own skin, you talk and walk differently, and you emanate a sort of beauty that is incomparable.

Self-care is important to them

twice kpop group beauty tips

Credit: @twicetagram/Instagram

As a member of a worldwide famous K-pop group, they’re bound to have a packed schedule and have countless reasons to be extremely stressed (a topic that frequently surfaces in news and headlines when it comes to K-pop stars).

Science and studies have proven that both acute and chronic stress can exert negative effects on your overall skin wellness. It can also aggravate skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and even hair loss too. And the gorgeous members of TWICE go the extra mile to make sure all that doesn’t happen by managing their stress levels.

twice dahyun and cheoyoung art

Credit: @dahhyunnee/Instagram, @chaeyo.0/Instagram

Sana indulges in aromatherapy and finds scents that can lift her moods. This is usually in the form of candles or perfumes with candy-like or subtle floral fragrances. Tzuyu, on the other hand, likes to listen to music and write in her diary to alleviate stress.

Chaeyoung delves into a different form of art through freestyle drawing where she expresses and illustrates her true self. She also watches documentaries about the deep seas which inspires her to draw more.

They don’t hold themselves to impossible standards

twice kpop girl group beauty tips

Credit: @twicetagram/Instagram

What does beauty mean to you? For these dazzling TWICE girls, they try to keep a positive mindset and not be too hard on themselves.

The bold Nayeon acts and make decisions based on what she believes. To her, beauty is what she believes in and having strong, concrete thoughts is crucial.

Dahyun focuses more on inner beauty to bring out her own beauty. She lives by a Korean saying that one smiles not just because there’s something to smile about but because there’s going to be something to be happy about. She always stays calm and positive and tries to worry less, as she realised that when she thinks negatively it shows on her skin.

And for Mina, finding beauty’s true meaning is a constant journey. She understands how beauty standards always change and that nobody can ever be perfect. With that in mind, she tries new things, takes interest in trends, and keeps her eagerness in exploring what beauty is in the world.

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