Hair oil can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. We all want our hair to shine in the sunlight, but we definitely don’t want it to appear or feel excessively greasy. Dry, frizzy hair can always benefit from a moisturizing boost with a light layer of oil, but the challenge lies in finding one that won’t weigh our hair down during the never-ending summer.

That’s where baby hair oils come into play. You might be wondering, “Aren’t they only intended for babies, as the name suggests?” Well, while they are formulated to soothe and address scalp issues in little ones, there’s no harm in using baby hair oils on your own hair. Most of them have been tested by dermatologists and are hypoallergenic, making them gentle enough for just about anyone.

In fact, the best baby hair oils for dry hair are both gentle and extra light, making them perfect for nourishing your locks without making them feel heavy. Take a look at the benefits they offer and choose your favorite from our selection of baby hair oils.

The benefits of baby hair oils for dry hair

best baby oil why

Baby hair oils are generally lightweight in formula, and when used on dry hair, it seals each cuticle and locks in moisture to tame frizzies. Take a small amount of oil into your hands and apply on wet or dry hair. This helps to protect your tresses against heat styling tools and moisture loss.

If you have a dry scalp that’s prone to itching and dandruff, baby hair oil can help alleviate that too. Applying it closer to or on your scalp will prevent dryness and pesky flakes, and since oils stay on the skin for longer, they provide lasting moisture and nourishment.

Worried about looking like an oil slick? Try conditioning your scalp and hair with baby oil before you shampoo. You can also smooth on some oil on your hair before going for a swim or jumping in a hot tub. The oil will protect your hair and scalp from chlorine and heat damage.

Ready to give your hair a lustrous transformation? Keep reading to see the best baby hair oils on the market. These options come with affordable price tags too, so you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket.

Mamaearth Nourishing Hair Oil For Babies

best baby hair oils mamaearth nourishing

Made in the Indian Himalayas, Mamaearth’s Nourishing Hair Oil is chock-full of moisturising plant oils. Avocado oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, which protects and strengthens the skin against damage. It works in tandem with almond, jojoba, sesame, and coconut oils to restore shine and moisture to your tresses.

You’ll notice a hint of lavender oil in there to soothe your nerves, which makes it extra relaxing to use right before bed. And here’s a tip: when you massage this onto your scalp, it boosts blood circulation and stimulates hair growth too. We also appreciate its practical pump packaging. It prevents messy spills and stops us from using too much oil at once.

Mamaearth Nourishing Hair Oil for babies (100ml) retails for RM28 at Shopee

Pigeon Sakura Baby Oil

best baby oil for hair pigeon sakura

Hypoallergenic and pH-balanced, Pigeon’s Sakura Baby Oil can be used on all hair types and even sensitive scalps. If your hair feeling parched, apply some of the oil to the ends of your hair and comb it through for even distribution.

The oil is enriched with antioxidant-rich cherry blossom extract to give your hair extra nourishment and a light fragrance. This is certainly one of the best baby hair oils for dry hair that wouldn’t break the bank.

Pigeon Sakura Baby Oil (200ml) retails for RM15.90 at Shopee.

Tropika Baby Hair & Body Oil Lavender

baby hair oils tropika lavender

One whiff of this lavender-scented oil, and you’ll drift off to dreamland. Specially formulated to protect babies and children against skin irritation and infections, Tropika’s Baby Hair & Body Oil provides intense moisture and hydration for your skin and hair. Virgin coconut oil nourishes your scalp and reduces scalp issues, thereby encouraging healthier hair growth.

Tropika Baby Hair & Body Oil Lavender (30ml) retails for RM20 at Shopee. A discount is available at the time of writing. Tap on the link to check if it’s still available.

Johnson’s Baby Oil

baby hair oils johnsons

Here’s an iconic product that’s been around for decades. Johnson’s Baby Oil is a classic that’s made with lightweight mineral oil to care for delicate skin, and it can also be used on your hair. When used on wet skin and hair, it can hold up to 10 times more moisture, so you’ll want to apply this on right after stepping out of the shower.

For more soothing benefits, try the aloe vera version. It’s infused with aloe leaf extract and vitamin E to calm an irritated scalp.

Johnson’s Baby Oil retails for RM9.20 (125ml) at Watsons. A discount is available at the time of writing. Tap on the link to check if it’s still available.

Weleda Comforting Baby Oil

baby hair oils weleda comforting

Weleda’s Comforting Baby Oil will swaddle your hair in a fragrant sheen of delicate oils. Sweet almond and sesame oils leave your hair soft and shiny, so your hair feels silky and protected. Calendula and chamomile essential oils are known for their nourishing properties, which is why they’re whisked into the mix.

Weleda Comforting Baby Oil (200ml) retails for RM99 at Shopee

Badger Calming Baby Oil Chamomile & Calendula

baby hair oils badger chamomile calendula

Developed with sensitive skin in mind, Badger’s Calming Baby Oil uses a blend of extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oil to soften and moisturise your skin and hair without causing any irritation. Calendula extract and roman chamomile flower oil make a special appearance here to soothe and protect tender scalps. What you’re left with is smooth, lustrous hair that’s deeply nourished. Best baby oils for dry hair? Certainly one of the top contenders!

Badger Company Calming Baby Oil Chamomile & Calendula (118ml) retails for RM88.90 at Shopee

Himalaya Nourishing Baby Oil

baby hair oils himalaya nourishing

Apart from being a massage oil for babies, Himalaya’s Nourishing Baby Oil is a mild and nourishing treat for your hair too. Sunflower seed oil and olive oil coat every strand in moisture, while winter cherry root and aloe vera extracts soothe a delicate scalp.

There’s also vetiver root extract in the formula, which has excellent antioxidant properties to prevent premature ageing in your hair follicles. When used daily, you’ll notice stronger, shinier tresses.

Himalaya Nourishing Baby Oil (200ml) retails for RM29.90 at Shopee. A discount is available at the time of writing. Tap on the link to check if it’s still available.

Offspring Relaxing Wonder Oil

Best Baby Oils -Offspring Relaxing Wonder Oil

Smooth out rough, frizzy hair with Offspring Relaxing Wonder Oil. While it’s incredibly gentle on sensitive scalps, it is packed with luxuriously nourishing ingredients which can seal in moisture in the scalp while strengthening your strands.

Offspring Relaxing Wonder Oil (100ml) retails for RM79 at Shopee

Mustela Baby Oil

baby hair oils mustela

For a richer hair oil to revive dull, dry strands, try Mustela’s Baby Oil. Avocado oil teams up with sunflower seed oil to provide intense hydration to leave your hair feeling soft and silky.

It contains pomegranate seed oil, a special ingredient that’s rarely used in hair oils. Pomegranate seed oil shields your hair against environmental stressors, while it stimulates circulation in the scalp and eliminates dandruff for stronger hair growth. No doubt many consider this one of the best baby hair oils for dry hair you can find in the market.

Mustela Baby Oil (100ml) retails for RM63 at Shopee. A discount is available at the time of writing. Tap on the link to check if it’s still available.

Baby Carrie Oil Nourishing

Best Baby Oil - Baby Carrie Baby Oil

Specially formulated for those who want quality organic, natural, and safe products, this baby oil can help strengthen hair follicles and prevent premature hair loss.  It uses a skin enriching blend of wheat germ oil, almond oil, and olive oil to retain moisture.

Baby Carrie Oil Nourishing retails for RM14.70 at Shopee. A discount is available at the time of writing. Tap on the link to check if it’s still available.

Amaxmall Joielle Baby Oil

Best Baby Oils - Joielle Baby Oil

Using botanical oils and natural herbs, Amaxmall’s Joielle Baby Oil restores moisture to dehydrated strands in mere seconds. Coconut oil and vitamin E seep into the hair quickly to deliver its nourishing goodness, while aloe vera extract soothes any irritation on your scalp.

Amaxmall Joielle Baby Oil (250ml) retails for RM35 at Shopee

Mom & World Baby Hair Oil

baby hair oils mom and world

Made with a vitamin-rich blend of cold pressed oils, Mom & World’s Baby Hair Oil provides instant respite for all hair types. It keeps your hair hydrated and conditioned with olive, coconut, sweet almond, avocado, castor, and jojoba oils. These oils contain an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins to toughen up each strand for healthier hair growth while adding plenty of shine.

Mom & World Baby Hair Oil (200ml) retails for RM173.82 at Amazon

Love Earth Organic Baby Coconut Oil

Best Baby Oils - Love Earth Organic Baby Coconut Oil

More than a body oil, Love Earth Organic Baby Coconut Oil is a multipurpose formula that works on your hair too. It’s loaded with extra virgin coconut oil to amp up the moisture and shine. In fact, yoyu can even take it as a daily health supplement.

Love Earth Organic Baby Coconut Oil (60ml) retails for RM9.90 at Shopee

Dalin Baby Oil Classic

Best Baby Oils - Dalin Baby Oil Classic

A light, calming oil, this product moisturises dry hair without ever weighing it down. You’ll be left with stronger, silky-smooth hair, and a less itchy scalp, as it can be used on dry and sensitive skin as an effective yet delicate moisturiser too.

NAÏF Soothing Baby Oil (50ml) retails for RM3.90 at Shopee

How to do an overnight treatment with baby hair oil

If your tresses are feeling particularly dry and damaged, treat your strands to a hot baby oil hair mask. This intense treatment is made to be left on your hair for a few hours or overnight, so you’ll want to have a towel and shower cap on standby.


  • Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, pour two to four tablespoons of baby oil into a glass bowl.
  • Heat the oil in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds only.
  • Gently massage some of the baby oil onto your scalp with your fingers. Start at your hairline and work your way down to the back of your neck.
  • Cover the ends of your hair with the remaining oil, focusing on areas of your hair that are more dry or damaged.
  • Cover your head and hair with a towel or shower cap.
  • Leave the baby oil mask in your hair for a few hours, or if you want to, overnight.
  • Wash your hair carefully with shampoo after and make sure all the oil is removed.
  • Condition and style your hair as usual.