Iconic K-pop girl group, Red Velvet is trending on social media once again. We aren’t surprised since they recently dropped their latest EP, The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday.

Looking at their music video, don’t you wonder how these five girls have such flawless skin and stay youthful throughout the trying eight years they’ve had in the industry?

No need to wonder anymore because we may just have all the answers to these questions! Here are Red Velvet’s top beauty tips.

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Full fluffy brows

Photo source: @renebaebae/Instagram

Irene, the oldest member of this girl group, is also known as the “nation’s visual”. Being one of the iconic “centres” (the one who usually stands in the middle of a performance) from a third-generation K-pop group, it’s no wonder she has tons of beauty tricks up her sleeves.

Her stunning visuals often include full, fluffy brows that add on to her usual “clean” makeup look.

She often uses a brow pencil to fill in the gaps of her brows before going over them with a tinted brow gel for a volumised look and to hold everything together.

This makes for a soft look that is still neat and put together, perfect for the “nation’s visual”.

Bright coral lippies

Photo source: @renebaebae/Instagram

A leader like her doesn’t disappoint with her knowledge on lippies. She knows what works for her and what doesn’t.

Scroll through her Instagram and you’ll see that she tends to reach for lipsticks that feature bright coral shades with a tinge of pink to them.

Dressing your lips in a shade like this brightens up the entire complexion and gives a more youthful vibe. The oldest member may not look younger than her actual age – 31 years old – with or without makeup but her choice of lipstick definitely helps her rewind a few more years with its youthful and cheery vibe.

One lippie in particular that stands out for this vocalist would be Peripera’s Ink Velvet #5 (RM49). Peripera is a K-beauty brand that is popular among K-pop fans and idols themselves.

Their Ink Velvet line in particular is a fan-favourite. It has a satisfying whipped cream texture that is great for creating a gradient lip effect and is long-lasting.

Soft “cat” eye look

Photo source: @renebaebae/Instagram

This centre is not only known for her goddess-like looks but also her cat-like eyes. One way she enhances this distinctive feature of hers would be by using a cream blush instead of eyeshadow to create her cat eye look.

Most beauty junkies have not heard of using cream blush as a substitute for eyeshadow so this trick comes as a surprise even to us.

Using a cream blush is a great way to make a soft and hydrated base that effectively sets the stage for the next step of your cat eye look: applying a tiny and sleek wing with black or brown eyeliner.  A thin flick (instead of a thick, long wing) creates a sleeker look.

Special juice diet

Photo source: @renebaebae/Instagram

Red Velvet has been in the industry for eight years and it’s a wonder how these ladies have kept their stamina up and running for such a long time.

Throughout their career, they’ve had a lot of stamina-testing choreographies so how does their leader keep her body in a healthy condition amidst their busy schedule?

One of her tips is simple: pumpkin juice.

Pumpkin juice is low in calories yet it can make her full after just a few gulps. This makes a great fat-free replenishment for the songstress after her intense practice sessions or workouts.

On top of that, pumpkin juice also improves digestion and prevent inflammation of the gut, which leads to more efficient weight loss.

Apple cheeks with a cream blush

Photo source: @renebaebae/Instagram

The oldest member has an oval face shape so she has a tip to give herself a more sculpted look that draws attention to her rosy cheeks.

Instead of setting her face with a powder, she dabs on some cream blush instead of a powdered one for a dewy finish.

Additionally, the leader also sweeps the pigment from the middle of her cheeks to the temples. Not only does this put emphasis on her apple-like cheeks but it also sculpts and frames her face.

Hydration is key

Photo source: @renebaebae/Instagram

Members of Red Velvet do a ton of travelling and constant flying can be taxing on the skin.

Dry skin is an issue that most face when taking to the skies but Irene is not one to succumb to this issue. She’s very diligent when it comes to hydration and always uses a sleeping mask in her skincare routine.

The rapper recommends using the Clinique Maximum Hydrator 72 Hour Auto Replenishing Hydrator which has since been upgraded by the brand to the Clinique Moisture Surge 100H Auto-Replenishing Hydrator Moisturiser (RM188).

Leaves this on overnight like Irene and get glowing skin when you wake up the next day.


Dark lip colours for a sultry look

Photo source: @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

While Irene is known as the “nation’s visual”, Seulgi, the second oldest member in Red Velvet is known as the “nation’s dancer”. This lead dancer is known for a chic style that is perfect for a sophisticated woman like her.

To enhance her alluring aura, Seulgi often opts for darker lip colours. Before you get turned off by the stigma of dark lip colours being too gothic or scary, let’s hear out her method to pulling it off.

While this dancer is no Wednesday Addams, she still manages pull off a dark lip look by putting on light eye makeup to pair with her statement lips, which balances out the look.

Facial masks never go wrong

Photo source: @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

Being exposed to our hot Malaysia weather can cause lots of damage to our skin. Many of us are left with irritated and inflamed areas.

It may not look like it, but the “nation’s dancer” suffers from this issue as well. To solve it, she pops on a sheet mask to soothe her skin.

She’s fond of Etude House’s sheet masks that are light and gentle on the skin. The plus point is that sheet masks are also convenient to carry with you during your travels since they can be easily slotted into your luggage.

Embrace the mono-lid

Photo source: @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

Sseulgi is also known for her mono-lids. She rocks them with a variety of looks and even enhances them with her choice of makeup.

Here’s how she shines the spotlight on her mono-lids:

  1. Draw a winged eyeliner in an outward and upward direction. This elongated wing will created a “lifted” look for your mono lids.
  2. Instead of a volumising mascara, opt for a lengthening one instead. With this, your eyes will appear rounder and fuller. It can also help open the eyes more so you get a doe-eye effect.
  3. Lastly, accentuate your eyeliner with your eyeshadow. Trace over the eyeliner line with the eyeshadow pigment to give your eyes a thicker frame and a better “lifted” effect.


Curling wands are a handy tool

Photo source: @todayis_wendy/Instagram

This main vocalist does not mess around when it comes to beauty. Wendy has a distinctive style that she embraces.

Through her hairstyles, we see how professional she is about beauty. Among all the members, she is the best when it comes to hairstyling and her choice of tool would be the curling wand.

Except for Seulgi, the other members don’t really rely on a curling wand but Wendy has mentioned that she uses it often to give her daily hair looks a little twist to them.

Experiment with makeup trends outside of Asian beauty

Photo source: @todayis_wendy/Instagram

Wendy grew up in Canada and aside from English, she also picked up makeup tips from her hometown.

You can follow Wendy and experiment with looks that go beyond the typical Asian makeup trends and try products from a variety of international brands.

Gentle makeup cleansers

Photo source: @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

An idol like her often sports makeup for her performances and she believes that removing it thoroughly is an essential step in skincare.

However, she personally prefers using cleansing water instead of an oil since the former is lighter and gentler on the skin.

For this songstress, cleansing oils often leave her feeling uncomfortable and cause her already-oily skin to produce even more oil.

If you face the same issues as Wendy, learn from her by using a cleansing water for fresher and cleaner skin.


Have a morning and night routine

Photo source: @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Joy is definitely the member that puts the most care into her skincare routine and her makeup looks.

The second youngest member in the band does not skimp when it comes to her routines and she recommends you to have a morning and night routines catered to your skin troubles.

If you need a nudge in the right direction, here’s what Joy has for her two routines:


  1. Start your day off with two toners; one liquid and one foaming. Apply with a cotton pad.
  2. Dab on a moisturising ampoule.
  3. Add an extra layer of hydration by layering it with a non-sticky moisturiser.
  4. Strengthen the skin barrier by applying a barrier cream.


  1. Apply a sleeping mask so you can get a deep hydration and brightening effect overnight.
  2. Spread on some spot treatment to soothe any inflamed bumps or pimples that may have formed.
  3. Seal everything in with a moisturising mask and get plumped skin the next day.

Dry shampoo for voluminous hair

Photo source: @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Unlike most K-pop idols, Joy doesn’t dye her hair that often. But despite her hair being in a better condition than the rest, she still takes haircare very seriously.

An issue that Joy faces would be giving volume to her hair. She finds it difficult to do so whenever she is perspiring on her various strenuous schedules.

The solution? She uses a dry shampoo or root powder to absorb the excess oil produced by your hair. This also gives the hair roots a boost in volume so the hair doesn’t cling to the scalp lifelessly.

Acids for body care

Photo source: @_imyour_joy/Instagram

We really aren’t lying when we say that the second youngest in the group really cares about every single detail when it comes to beauty.

For body care, she’s concerned about bumpy or dry skin. To manage this issue, she dabs on some AHA toners or serums onto her body. Common AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) that are effective on skin includes glycolic and lactic acid.

Acids like these exfoliate the skin and reduce the appearance of dry bumps. Joy recommends to use them to help with this issue and don’t forget to top it off with a layer of moisturiser and sunscreen.

Soft gradient brows

Photo source: @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Take a quick scan through Joy’s Instagram and you’ll see that she’s almost always sporting soft gradient brows that accentuate her sweet and youthful vibe.

To get the same soft brows as her, use a brow powder instead of your usual pencil or gel pen. Swipe on the pigment with an angled eyebrow brush before sealing everything in with a clear gel to hold it in place.


Springtime lip looks throughout the year

Photo source: @yerimiese/Instagram

Being the maknae (youngest) we’re not surprised that Yeri loves reaching for pink lippies to enhance her sweet aura.

She likes sporting a pink lip look whether or not she’s performing because it makes for a natural look.

Plus, the youngest believes that pink is a universally flattering colour that she can pull off for any occasion.

You can never have enough toners

Photo source: @yerimiese/Instagram

Yeri follows in Joy’s footsteps and uses two toners in the morning.

First, she likes to soak a cotton pad with a water-based toner and gently sweep it over her face and neck. This helps freshen her skin up and prep it for the rest of her morning routine.

Afterwards, she’ll uses a peeling pad toner to remove any excess sebum on her skin.

She feels that using toners gives the skin a lighter and refreshed feeling.

For the peeling pad toner, she is fond of the April Skin Real Calendula Peeling Pad (RM143.89). This boasts a formula with calendula flower that can slough off dead skin cells, unclog impurities from the pores without irritating the skin, and soothing irritated skin.

Serum > cream products in the morning

Photo source: @yerimiese/Instagram

Coating the skin with thick layers of skincare products is something this maknae is not a fan of.

She prefers to opt for something dewy and light like a serum to strengthen her skin barrier while giving it a hydration perk-me-up.

One serum she uses daily is the April Skin Carrot Serum (RM128). She pats on three pumps worth of serum as the final step of her morning routine.

This serum features a formula that reduces the appearance of blemishes and bumps, as well as maintain the occurrence of breakouts. Plus, it can also accelerate the skin cell renewal cycle, which in turn strengthens the entire skin barrier, giving you a healthier complexion.

Featured image credit: @redvelvet.smtown/Instagram