Itzy is definitely one of the most popular K-pop girl groups of the moment.

Dubbed them “4th gen IT girls”, many are in love with their amazing looks and style.

Want to know Itzy’s top beauty tips? Read on to learn how you can make everyone LOCO over your looks.

Yeji: Moisturise and nourish

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Leader Yeji didn’t used to be interested in skincare until she started putting on makeup constantly when she performs. She said that she realised repairing her skin’s barrier is important and having a good skincare routine makes a difference to her complexion.

Her current routine is very focused on nailing hydration in order to achieve that supple and dewy skin:

  1. Toner
  2. Essence cream
  3. Eye cream
  4. Lip mask

Lia: Keep it simple

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Lia, the visual of the group, suffers from sensitive skin and reacts to makeup.

After many rounds of trial-and-error – including following a tedious 10-step skincare routine at one point – she noticed that sticking to just the essential steps improved her complexion. She currently follows a two-step routine of cleansing and moisturising.

Besides learning from Lia to keep your routine simple to manage sensitive skin, we also learn that we should experiment with different routines and products to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Lia: Overnight masks over sheet masks for lazy girls

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Lia uses an overnight mask like the Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask (S$75.60) especially during winter when her skin tends to be drier.

This overnight mask contains antioxidant-rich superberries, THD ascorbate, and vitamin C. and helps plumps, brightens, and hydrates skin.

Lia says using an overnight mask instead of a sheet mask is ideal for lazy girls like her who doesn’t remove her sheet mask after it’s done its job. This is great for those who are time-starved because you can simply sleep through your moisturising treatment.

Yeji and Lia: Lip balm everywhere

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As mentioned, Yeji uses a lip mask in her daily routine but that’s not where her lip care ends.

She also often applies a hydrating lip balm in the day so her lips can get that supple look even when she’s on-the-go in between schedules.

Lia, on the other hand, takes it a step further. Instead of only applying her balm on the lips, she treats it as a “multi-balm”. She shares that she applies her lip balm on areas that need an extra boost in hydration, including around her nose and eye area.

Ryujin: Drink up

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Advice like this is nothing new to us but it’s always good to get a reminder that hydration is the key to clear and healthy skin.

Ryujin says that she is not very consistent when it comes her skincare routines. To solve her skin issues, she advocates drinking enough water to help the skin stay healthy.

Ryujin: Hair oils before any heat styling

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From her iconic short blue hair in their hit song Wannabe to her platinum blonde hair in Not Shy, Ryujin’s hair has gone through many different looks.

How does she keep it in such good condition despite all the damaging processes it goes through? She douses her hair with heat-protecting oil before any heat styling. This protects her skin from being damaged by the heat.

Chaeryeong: Cleansing is the most important

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This idol has been in the spotlight since her early childhood days. As the member with the longest training time, she has a few beauty tips and tricks up her sleeve.

Chaeryeong is a strong advocate for cleansing. This is her top beauty priority and she has even mentioned that she has a whole collection of cleansers.

They come in various forms too. From cleansing waters and foams to eye makeup removers, this idol has everything she needs for a deep cleansing routine.

To top it all off, the main dancer even uses a cleansing device to reduce the risk of acne and bumps forming.

She mentions that she uses the Foreo Luna Mini 3 (RM998), an app-controlled face brush that provides deep cleansing while leaving a highly absorbing base for your beauty products.

Chaeryeong: Change your pill0w cases

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Chaeryeong is an advocate for cleanliness, so we’re not that surprised that she shared this beauty tip.

This idol knows that pillow cases often harbour bacteria that can cause acne. To prevent this, the star changes her pillowcases very regularly.

Yuna: Protect your lashes

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Being the youngest of the group, Yuna holds the title of the adorable maknae in Itzy. Known for her big doe eyes, Yuna takes extra care of her lashes to maintain her “baby doll” appearance.

She uses lash serums so that they can grow longer and thicker naturally.

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