Thinking of what your next nail design should be? “Lip liner” nails may just be it.

This is a reimagined version of the timeless French tips that’s also known as micro-tip French manicures, and this new minimalist take is the latest rising nail trend we’re on board with.

Other than it giving you an extremely put-together look, it also works well on short nails. So if you have brittle nails that break off easily or are working in a line where long nails will be of inconvenience, this may be the perfect classy manicure for you.

Read on for some “lip liner” nail inspo before you pamper your nails! And check out our article on beauty services in KL and around Selangor for some nail salons you can visit.


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What are “lip liner” nails?

Mini items are ruling the fashion and beauty world — think micro hair clips, micro bangs, micro accessories, micro handbags, micro lipsticks, and more. Now, apply that concept to your nails for an ultimate rich French girl aesthetic.

“Lip liner” nails are a delicate and contemporary version of the classic French manicure. Instead of a thicker white or coloured tip, this manicure features a thin line painted along the edge of your nails, which gives a more subtle and polished look.


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If you’re determined on recreating these nails at home, here’s an easy hack and video tutorial on how you can DIY your “lip liner” nails.

Types of “lip liner” nails to get

White “lip liner” nails


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We can’t leave out the most classic design of all. French tips are originally done with a nude base and white tips after all, for a truly minimalist vibe.

With a little bit of white polish to accentuate your nail tips, your nails will look natural, healthy – and very, very chic.

Black “lip liner” nails


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For the edgy, alternative people out there, swapping white polish with black will jazz up this staple style. It’s eye-catching and just as sophisticated as white “lip liner” nails.

Plus, the Goth Revival has been happening since last year and if anything, celebrities and social media have shown that a goth look can be very stylish and artistic.

Monochrome “lip liner” nails

monochrome lip liner nails

Credit: @gel.bymegan/Instagram, @nailsbymh/Instagram

Add a little artistic flair to your micro French tips with a monochrome design.

Split your tips in half with black and white to emanate a Cruella de Vil persona or fill in your lunula (the crescent-shaped whitish area of your nail beds).

Red “lip liner” nails


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If your go-to lip colour is red, match those luscious lips to your nails for a cohesive rouge beauty look. It’s super chic and gives “red talons” a cuter appearance.

A great option for a little confidence boost, and a versatile nail design that can be anything from festive to sexy and sophisticated, a good shade of ruby, cherry, or oxblood never fails to look iconic.

Barbie “lip liner” nails

"lip liner" nails

Credit: @danakatynails/Instagram, @gettipsy_nails/TikTok

With the upcoming Barbie movie garnering so much buzz, why not give your nails a Barbie makeover?

Obviously, it’ll have to be pink so make sure your nude base isn’t leaning towards peach or pinkish hues so that your pink tips can shine through. Good thing is that you don’t have to only wear pink (nails) on Wednesdays.

Or you can go for a darker pink and even add a thin white line underneath for some definition.

Chrome “lip liner” nails

Nothing screams Y2K and futuristic more than chrome. Many renditions of chrome nails were spotted in the hit HBO drama Euphoria, where the essence of Y2K fashion was portrayed. Chrome has also seen the cuticles of “cool girls” and celebrities like Zendaya, Bella Hadid, Rina Sawayama, and BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

You can opt for one metallic shade or make it especially unique with different colours, like how celebrity manicurist Betina Goldstein did.

Colourful “lip liner” nails

lip liner nails

Credit: @disseynails/TikTok, Pinterest

Translate your lively character with colours for your “lip liner” nails! It’s always fun to play with colours and customise your own colour palette.

You can pick shades that belong to the same colour family or go with complementary colours that’ll add some amusement to your manicure.

Neon “lip liner” nails

If you’re looking for something a bit louder, go neon! They’re fluorescent, attention-grabbing, and portray a bolder you.

Stick to one colour or choose a range of colours. You can also add thin white outlines to your nails which will make the neon even more obvious!

Inverted “lip liner” nails

lip liner nails, nail trend

Credit: @manicuredbychristina/Instagram, @gel.bymegan/Instagram

As the name suggests, invert the micro tips and let the focus be right above your cuticles instead. Not only does it look fabulous, but it’s also entirely unique too.

You can even go the extra mile and alternate the inverted “lip liner” nail design between your nails or have both ends lined for a muted popping effect.

Sparkly “lip liner” nails

lip liner nails, nail trend

Credit: @gel.bymegan/Instagram

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? Have your tips lined in glittery shades to amp up your “lip liner” nail game.

If you prefer more glitter or a slightly maximalist look, go for a double-lined design or draw some stars and sparkles to fill up the “empty” nude areas.

Two-toned “lip liner” nails

two-toned lip liner nails, lilac base with rose gold tips

Credit: Pinterest

It doesn’t always have to be nude! Add some dimension to your micro French tips by having your base in the colour of your choice.

Although this design could be tricky to match the colours so make sure you test it out to see if it’s chic enough for you.

Feature image credit: @gel.bymegan/Instagram