Born Pink is Blackpink’s 2022 album that was finally released after the group’s first full-length album debut in October 2020. We expected nothing less than for the girls to be serving sinister looks this comeback, but they’ve really shut us down with manicure styles that are, iconically, like pink venom – sweet but deadly.

Since it’s hard to appreciate mani-masterpieces while the girls dance to complex choreographies in their music videos, we’ve turned to Blackpink’s nail artist Park Eunkyung for the scoop.

Eunkyung is a Seoul-based nail artist responsible for the K-pop group’s nail art throughout their career, and a few months back, she posted close-up photos of Blackpink’s comeback nails on her salon’s salon Instagram page.

Here are the best Blackpink Born Pink nail looks to inspire your next manicure set!

Graffiti nails

blackpink born pink nails

Photo source: nail_unistella/Instagram

Eunkyung created this set of graffiti nails for Jennie in true “Shut Down” style.

Keeping to Blackpink’s theme of black and pink, the nail artist painted dripping pink words in vibrant contrast over a matte black base. The airbrushed graffiti effect makes this set look really bold, syncing up perfectly with the K-pop girl group’s hit song!

Diamond-studded nails

blackpink born pink nails (1)

Photo source: @WORLDMUSICAWARD/Twitter

When Lisa rolled up to the VMAs alongside the other Blackpink members, she was wearing an elegant all-black outfit, paired with these drop-dead-gorgeous diamond-studded nails.

blackpink born pink nails (2)

Photo source: nail_unistella/Instagram

Blood-red talons

Photo source: nail_unistella/Instagram

This blood-red manicure features a boxy nail shape, deep red base, and shimmery red tips, which say one thing only: don’t mess with Blackpink.

Fierce French tips

Photo source: nail_unistella/Instagram

The neon green furry coat wasn’t the only thing that stood out in Rosé’s get-up in Blackpink’s Shut Down MV, because the singer’s black and white glossy French tips manicure also stole the show.

Besides the fierce almond-shaped French tips design, the manicure also featured a tiny metal gun accessory on one of the nails for an ultra-bold statement.

Aura nails

Photo source: Blackpink Pink Venom/YouTube, nail_unistella/Instagram

It’s not always a sinister style that the girls rock in their music videos. For Blackpink’s Pink Venom music video, Lisa wore the prettiest pastel aura nails, which were splashed with a rainbow of purples, blues, greens, and yellows.

The style? Soft, sweet, and seriously out of this world.

Chrome nails

blackpink jisoo nails

Photo source: Blackpink Pink Venom/YouTube, nail_unistella/Instagram

Trust Jisoo to pull off daring pink chrome nails, to go with her shimmery pink eyeshadow and the pastel pink mask she was wearing in Blackpink’s Pink Venom MV. Eunkyung made these chrome nails extra special with irregular shapes and raised patterns.

Hello Kitty nails

Photo source: Pinterest, nail_unistella/Instagram

Fans of Blackpink would particularly appreciate Jisoo’s Hello Kitty nails because they would know just how much the K-pop star loves this cute cartoon cat.

blackpink born pink nails (7)

Photo source: nail_unistella/Instagram

Jisoo’s Shut Down teaser poster featured the idol dressed head-to-toe in monochrome, except, of course, her sweet pink Hello Kitty nails – courtesy of nail artist Eunkyung.

Rainbow pop nails

blackpink born pink nails (9)

Photo source: BLΛCKPIИK GLOBAL/Twitter

In one scene of Blackpink’s Shut Down MV, Jisoo leans on the car door, chin on her hands, gazing right into the camera.

Photo source: nail_unistella/Instagram

Besides the pink gloves, it’s only these soft rainbow-dotted nails that bring a refreshing splash of colour to her all-black outfit.

Leopard-print nails

Photo source: nail_unistella/Instagram

Leopard prints aren’t tacky if you know how to pull them off.

Eunkyung designed this arresting leopard print manicure set to match Jennie’s full red leopard print get-up in Blackpink’s Pink Venom MV. Zoom in and you’ll even notice the mesh details that mimic the K-pop idol’s red stockings!

Two-toned nails

Photo source: nail_unistella/Instagram

In the Pink Venom MV, Lisa rapped, “I’m still in CELINE” while wearing a CELINE bucket hat and this hottest two-toned manicure.

The warm orange and magenta shades went just right with her street-style outfit, which featured a chromatic red. Us? We’ll be trimming down the length of this manicure to make it wearable.

Metallic dust nails

Photo source: nail_unistella/Instagram

Rosé wore these metallic dust nails in Blackpink’s Pink Venom music video. The tiny gemstones – one row at the bottom of the nail and another right below the nail – really elevate this raw style.

Pearl nails

Photo source: nail_unistella/Instagram

These ornate nails feature delicate patterns of clouds, flowers, and butterflies, and they’re accented with pearl textures too. Jisoo wore this set in the opening scene of the Pink Venom music video, to go with her Naschenka hair accessories and her black modern Hanbok.

Goth galaxy nails

Photo source: nail_unistella/Instagram

The frame flashes by so quickly in Blackpink’s Pink Vemon MV, we only got the chance to admire Jisoo’s goth galaxy manicure when Eunkyung posted a close-up photo on the ‘gram. The airbrushed textures, spidery patterns, and trippy neon and blue colours send (good) chills up our spines.

Spray nails

Photo source: nail_unistella/Instagram

We started off the list with Jennie’s “Shut Down” graffiti nails, and we’re ending it with Lisa’s manicure, which also features spray-on graffiti words, but this time at the base of each talon. The matte texture and airbrushed text contribute to the altogether edgy style.

Featured image credit: @nail_unistella/Instagram

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