Classic French tips never go out of style. But even this timeless look can feel a little mundane after a while.

This is why the “invisible French” look is the next nail style you’d need to ask for during your next trip to the salon.

Here’s the lowdown of what this trendy nail look entails and inspirations for you.

What are “invisible French” nails

While the classic French nails feature opaque white tips and a pink base, “invisible French” nails are subtler.

The manicurist usually make sure the tips are only a shade lighter or darker than the base of the nail. Sometimes they’re even transluecent or jelly-like to make the “demarcation” between the base colour and tips less obvious.

This is then spruced up with subtle designs such as geometrical lines, glitter, and simple jewel embellishments.

Inspirations for “invisible French” nails

Classic “invisible French” nails

Photo source: @范范|南宁/XiaoHongShu

This is the original version of this trending style. The entire nail is done in a subtle pink to nude ombre, with the tips separated with a thin strip of white, creating the perfect “invisible” effect.

Alternate “invisible French” nails

Photo source: @粥粥和福崽/XiaoHongShu

Alternate between a classic French tip with an “invisible French” tip for some variation.

You can even adorn your nails with a few jewels to further spruce up this look.

Bejewelled “invisible French” nails

Photo source: @库洛小米~/XiaoHongShu

For those really looking to bring your game on, consider adding jewels onto the tips of every nail.

This also gives the illusion of longer and more slender fingers.

Opal “invisible French” nails

Photo source: @Fairy Studio/XiaoHongShu

Crystal-lovers are sure to love this variation that reminds us of the otherworldly opal stone. The tips are painted with a holographic blue glitter polish that shines just like an opal under the light.

However under natural lighting, these tips look subtle and soft just as an “invisible French” nail style should. The tip and the base is even separated by a thin strip of gold polish for another pop of shimmer.

Cat eye “invisible French” nails

Photo source: @莎莎是个美甲师/XiaoHongShu

If you’re a fan of “cat eye” nails, you’ll love this subtle play on the glittery style. Just like every “invisible French” manicure, this one has a light pink base and a light white tips.

Only this time, the tips are coated with the “cat eye” polish. This gives the tips a shimmery upgrade while keeping to the soft transition between the base and the tips.

Pearl “invisible French” nails

Photo source: @詹-弘/XiaoHongShu

Instead of dipping your tips with a hard opaque white, this variation gets you to paint a coat of shimmery pearl polish and top it off with a silver chrome powder. This transforms your boring white tips into gorgeous pearl-like appearance.

Soft jelly “invisible French” nails

Photo source: @一只羊/XiaoHongShu

By adding a heap of clear top coat on top of your talons, it provides your nails a candy-like appearance that makes them look like everyone’s favourite “jelly nails”.

The tips are also painted with a soft beige polish that’s only a few shades lighter than the blush pink base which makes for the perfect “invisible French” manicure.

Hard jelly “invisible French” nails

Photo source: @我是烧鹅公主/XiaoHongShu

Looking for a style that’s more avant-garde? Coat all your nails in a clear jelly polish and separate the tip of the nail from the base with a thin line of opaque polish. Feel free to play around with the colours and pick hues that suit your personal colour more.

Mocha “invisible french” nails

Photo source: @小潘努力搬砖/XiaoHongShu

This is by far our favourite variation of this trending style that uses shades of nude to create an understatedly charming look. This style also reminds us of warm cup of mocha that we’d love to have on a rainy day.

Opposite gradient “invisible French” nails

Photo source: @爱美的兔妹儿/XiaoHongShu

If subtlety is not your middle name, consider hopping on the “invisible French” trend with something more quirky.

Playing with ombre and juxtaposition, this look is definitely eye-catching.