“Chrome nails” aren’t your typical cutesy and sweet-looking manicure look and we’re glad they’re making a comeback. With a metallic finish, it gives your nails a futuristic vibe that is sure to turn heads.

Ready to jump on the bandwagon of chrome nails? Read on for some of the top looks we’ve identified, save the photos so you can show them to your manicurist at your next visit.

“Chrome nails” inspiration

Classic “chrome nails”

Photo source: @chaunlegend/Instagram

Simple, sleek, and elegant, this requires just the painting of the entire nail with a single chrome polish and it makes your nails look like they’ve been dipped in liquid metal.

We love the rose gold hue that was chosen for this look but you can play around with other colours; gold for an elegant look or silver for a youthful and edgy vibe.

Butterfly “chrome nails”

Photo source: @久柒日式美甲美睫/XiaoHongShu

Intricate lines of metallic polish make up the wings of the butterfly.

By separating the butterfly in half and painting one wing on one nail, it creates an edgy design that looks more creative.

Reverse “chrome nails”

Photo source: @恋夏一族/Xiao Hong Shu

For most designs, the “chrome” polish is typically on the details while a normal polish is used as the base.

However, this look has a metallic base with opaque accent, which is rather intriguing.

Aurora borealis “chrome nails”

Photo source: @赵琳嫣CICI/XiaoHongShu

Remember “aura nails”? This style combines that trend with “chrome nails” to give us a look that reminds us of the Northern lights.

For those who need a little memory jog, “aura nails” are defined by their circular gradient that blooms from the centre outwards.

This look has aura nails as the base and chrome details to make it look more edgy.

Heavy metal “chrome nails”

Photo source: @洋芋坨坨-YYTT/XiaoHongShu

For an extremely edgy look, try this manicure that reminds us of the oxidised metal finish on some jewellery. Add a few jewelled embellishment to add to the wow factor!

Mixed aura “chrome nails”

Photo source: @Fenvxi/XiaoHongShu

This gives off Y2K vibe, with each nail carrying an aura nail design in different colours. Chrome nail polish is used in varied designs such as a heart or star.

French tip “chrome nails”

Photo source: @不要吃这颗小米粒

Painting your tips with the “chrome” polish make a sleek and futuristic nail look. Usually, we use a white polish to paint the french tips to give it a cute and sweet look.

By using a metallic polish, you’ll be creating a more mature look that looks absolutely stunning.

Grape jelly with French tip “chrome nails”

Photo source: @做梦/XiaoHongShu

Combining three different trends into one may seem like an overload but this is certainly not the case for this manicure look.

“Grape jelly” nails is a nail look that uses a sheer purple polish to create a candy-like “jelly” appearance.

Pairing a sheer, deep purple polish with the “chrome” french tips makes this the perfect nail look to sport during fancy events or dinner dates.

Matte “chrome nails”

Photo source: @花大钱/XiaoHongShu

Most of us are always apprehensive about matte polishes because of their lack of shine, which may dull down the entire nail look.

We’re here to erase this stigma! Just look at how the neon colours of this matte base enhance and pair well with the “chrome” polish that wraps around the nail.

Since the base has no shine at all, all eyes are immediately drawn to the intricate design of the metallic polish.

Blush “Chrome nails”

Photo source: @Cakeee Nail Studio/XiaoHongShu

Another nail trend that we have previously covered and have grown fond of would be “blush nails”.

Similarly to the “jelly nails”, “blush nails” also takes on a sheer appearance. However, they feature light pink hues that remind us of the natural flush we get on our rosy cheeks.

You may think that pairing an edgy style like “chrome nails” with a sweet one like “blush nails” may create an awkward duo but you’d be surprised by how well they complement each other.

The designs drawn on top of the “blush” bases give a cool edge to this sweet look. We especially love how the heart shapes perfectly surround the darker pink hues.

Odd-one-out “chrome nails”

Photo source: @今天你美甲了吗/XiaoHongShu

If you prefer to paint the entire nail with the “chrome polish” but are worried that having a full set of nails will give you shine that is too much for your vibe to handle, try the odd-one-out style.

All you need to do is paint every nail with the metal-like polish and one with a normal opaque polish.

You need not follow the image and paint the pointer finger. Feel free to explore and see which finger you prefer to keep “chrome”-free.

Galaxy “chrome nails”

Photo source: @Gumusservi/XiaoHongShu

Pairing star shaped designs with gradient patterns reminds us of the starry sky. What’s more, don’t you think the added swirls and dots of “chrome” polish looks like space ships zooming across the great nebula?

You don’t necessarily need to follow this colour scheme but we recommend using darker shades of the colours so the chrome nail polish stands out more.

Liquid metal “chrome nails”

Photo source: @MuYan-Nail/XiaoHongShu

Bejewelled manicure looks are always a pleasant sight and this one looks extra satisfying. With the nail gems being pushed into the “chrome” polish, it gives off the illusion that the gems are sinking into a pool of liquid metal.

An effect like this is sure to turn heads when they catch a glimpse of your wicked cool nail look.

Elegant “chrome nails”

Photo source: @NAIL-1CM2 美甲设计/XiaoHongShu

We’ve had a peek at many “chrome nails” with edgier vibes but here’s one that’s more toned down.

As if your fingers were dipped in liquid gold, the nails are decorated with various patterns of gold “chrome” polish.

The way the designs frame and accentuate the nails make for a very elegant nail look that’s perfect for those of you looking for one that screams “luxurious”.

Baby rockstar “chrome nails”

Photo source: @万岁 手工穿戴甲定制/XiaoHongShu

Here’s another perfect balance between cutesy and edgy.

Go ahead and change the colour of the opaque polish to something besides pink if that’s not your vibe. However, if you still want something on the cute side of things, we recommend you to use pastel shades like baby blue or lilac to retain its sweet appearance.

Dripping “chrome nails”

Photo source: @暮色罗格美甲小仙女/XiaoHongShu

Using the metallic polish to create fluid-like patterns makes it look like liquid metal is dripping from your nails.

This gives such an artistic touch to your manicure and we love the illusion it creates.