If you’re on the road to shedding those extra pounds, chances are you’ve encountered various weight loss tactics — from strict diets to intermittent fasting and even some pretty out-there approaches.

While many weight loss methods focus on modifying food intake or resorting to extreme measures, it’s crucial to tread carefully, as these approaches can potentially lead to severe health issues over time.

We’ve stumbled upon a weight loss technique called the “5+3” method, and the best part? No need for those dreaded extreme diets! Read on to learn more about this approach and how you can embark on your weight loss journey!

What Is The “5+3 Weight Loss Method”?

It’s a simple formula: five drinks and three habits designed to make fat burn a breeze! Rumour has it that this method originated from Korean performing arts students who are preparing for their exams and needed to meticulously manage their weight. Some who’ve tried it boast impressive results, shedding 3kg in just three days!

Curious about how it works? Let’s break it down.

What Are The 5 Beverages Featured In The “5+3 Weight Loss Method”?

Red Bean and Barley Water (Beverage #1):


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Kickstart your day by sipping on a cup of red bean and barley water on an empty stomach. Renowned Korean actress, Park Shin Hye, swears by this concoction during her weight loss regimen!

Known for their detoxifying properties, red beans and barley can cleanse the stomach, making this drink a go-to for those prone to edema.

Black Coffee (Beverage #2):


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Around 10am, enjoy a cup of black coffee (without sugar!) before diving into your work. This zero-fat elixir not only refreshes the mind, but also amps up metabolism, aiding in diuresis and defecation.

The caffeine content also acts as an appetite suppressant, curbing the urge to overeat or snack.

Water Before Meal (Beverage #3):


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Simple yet effective — sip a glass of water before lunch to feel fuller and subsequently eat less. This simple habit can lead to significant weight loss when consistently practised.

Pu’er Tea (Beverage #4):


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At around 3pm, treat yourself to a cup of Pu’er tea. Beyond perking you up during an afternoon slump, this Chinese tea is known for improving digestion and reducing body fat accumulation.

Water Before Bed (Beverage #5):


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End your day with a cup of warm lemon-infused salt water before bedtime. This aids digestion, promotes gastrointestinal motility, and effectively flushes out body waste, addressing constipation and belly issues.

What Are the 3 Habits Featured in the “5 + 3 Weight Loss Method”

Morning Shower (Habit #1):


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Start your day right with a morning shower. More than just a wake-up call, it accelerates your body’s metabolism, contributing to long-term effectiveness.

Daily Half-Hour Walk (Habit #2):


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No need for intense workouts—a simple half-hour walk each day does the trick! Remember to maintain good posture and engage those muscles while you stroll through your neighbourhood or run errands.

Establish An Early Bedtime (Habit #3):


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Prioritise your sleep schedule! Going to bed early not only aids weight loss, but also prevents endocrine disorders and late-night snacking, a common culprit behind obesity.

While the “5+3 Weight Loss Method” doesn’t impose special diets, steer clear of carbohydrates such as rice, noodles, and refined starch for optimal results.

So, are you up for giving this method a whirl?

Featured image credits: @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram, @rooosyzh09/Instagram.

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