One glance at Han Ye-seul and you’d think she was in her 20s. The Korean actress is 39 years old today, but her youthful beauty and slim physique suggest otherwise –  and we think she could pass off as the newest member of BLACKPINK!

Credit: han_ye_seul_ on Instagram

For those who aren’t familiar with her body of work, the actress has taken on leading roles in television dramas such as Couple or Trouble (2006), Tazza (2008), and Birth of a Beauty (2014), as well as the films Miss Gold Digger (2007) and Penny Pinchers (2011).

Besides her impressive acting chops, her slender physique certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. In fact, she seems to be in better shape year after year.

On her YouTube Channel that was launched a year ago, the actress gave viewers a peek at her everyday life and revealed that her days are currently consumed by three things: variety shows, her clothing brand, and YouTube.

One of her most-viewed YouTube videos is titled “My Daily Diet Routine” (it has garnered over 1.1 million views at the time of writing), where the actress shares how she lost almost 1.5kg in just five days.

Curious to know how she did it? Here’s what her five-day weight loss plan looks like.

Han Ye-seul’s weight loss diet plan: Day 1

1. Weigh

The first thing Han Ye-seul does every morning on an empty stomach is weigh herself on a weighing scale.

2. A cup of coffee

She replaced breakfast with a cup of coffee, which contains caffeine to aid in burning fat.

3. Exercise

The actress steps on an elliptical trainer and does aerobics for about an hour, listening to music as she’s working out.

4. Lunch

For lunch, she had some chia seed pudding, which she mixes in with muesli and some Yoplait yoghurt drink. It’s quick to consume and helps to keep her fuller for longer. On the first day, she couldn’t help but end off her meal with a muffin.

5. Weight training

To burn off the muffin she had earlier, she did another round of exercise. This time, she focused on weight training.

6. Dinner

Keeping her dinner light, she had a chicken breast salad with some balsamic vinegar drizzled on top of it.

7. Snack

As she’s used to having something to nibble on before bed, she grabbed a handful of walnuts as a snack.

Han Ye-seul’s weight loss diet plan: Day 2

1. Weigh

The next day, we see that her weight has gone down by 0.7kg.

2. A cup of coffee

Again, she replaced breakfast with a cup of coffee.

3. Exercise

She hops on an elliptical trainer and does aerobics for about an hour.

4. Lunch

For lunch, she had the same chia seed pudding, but she swapped out her Yoplait yoghurt drink with some yoghurt.

5. Dinner

As she was working in the afternoon, she skipped her weight training routine. She then went on to have dinner with her colleagues, so she indulged a little more.

6. Snacks

The actress ended her night with two macarons.

Han Ye-seul’s weight loss diet plan: Day 3

1. Weigh

On the third day, her weight went down a little by 0.1kg. That’s a total of 0.8kg of weight loss thus far.

2. A cup of coffee

Instead of having coffee at home, she went to a nearby cafe and ordered herself some sweet treats to go with her cup of coffee.

3. Exercise

Since the weather was great, she walked around her neighbourhood instead.

4. Lunch

Swamped with work, the actress wolfed down half of a sandwich she bought at the cafe earlier.

5. Dinner

After a long day, she had the other half of the sandwich she purchased earlier. As she was feeling incredibly exhausted, she fell asleep without having any snacks.

Han Ye-seul’s weight loss diet plan: Day 4

1. Weigh

Her weight went down by 0.2kg.

2. A cup of coffee

As usual, coffee is not to be missed.

3. Breakfast

Taking a break from her elliptical trainer, Han Ye-seul prepared some nutritious oatmeal. She adds chia seeds, muesli, Yoplait yoghurt, blueberries, and banana slices to fill her up.

4. Lunch

For lunch, she made herself a big bowl of salad. The actress mixed in cherry tomatoes, avocados, and olives to create a delicious, satiating meal.

5. Dessert

After lunch, she treated herself to some baked goods along with a cup of iced coffee.

6. Exercise

She focused on weight training in the afternoon.

7. Dinner

In the evening, she whipped up a chicken breast salad that’s rich in protein.

Han Ye-seul’s weight loss diet plan: Day 5

1. Weigh

After five days, her weight went down to 48.3kg, which is 1.4kg lighter than the first day of her diet plan!

2. Breakfast

Skipping both her cup of coffee and morning exercise, the actress went straight in for breakfast. Depending on what she’s in the mood for, her oatmeal recipe changes. This time, she added a combination of peanut butter and banana.

3. Lunch

For lunch, she headed to a vegan restaurant with her friends.

4. Drinks

She skipped dinner and went straight for a glass of cocktail to unwind.

Han Ye-seul’s weight loss diet plan

Here’s a quick recap of her five-day diet plan! The Korean actress proves that you don’t have to starve or fast in order to shed stubborn weight. You should be able to see results with a healthier diet consumed in smaller portions, a good amount of exercise, and even a few servings of desserts!