While exercise has been a top priority for many who seeks to shed some extra pounds, some individuals take on a different approach by experimenting with intermittent fasting methods. It’s a dietary approach that has gained significant popularity over the years.

Three intermittent fasting methods are currently in the spotlight, and one of them is drawing attention due to its adoption by one of BTS members, Jungkook.

Jungkook spoke in a web show called Suchwita and spilled the beans about one particular intermittent fasting method that he said has helped him get into shape. Want to find out what he’s been doing?

Keep reading as we share all three methods that might be useful for you to achieve your body goals.

168 Fasting method

Credit: @sssoonma

The 168 intermittent fasting strategy revolves around a 16-hour fasting period, during which all caloric intake is put on hold, followed by an eight-hour window for consuming meals.

During the 16 hours of fasting, you’re only allowed to have water, black coffee, or unsweetened tea without any caloric content.

It’s essential to choose light, low-fat, and nutritious foods during the eating window while avoiding sugary treats, and high-calorie fried items to ensure the effectiveness of the fasting period.

For those adopting this technique, it is recommended to have your lunch and dinner between 11am to 7pm. Optionally, you could incorporate a supplementary low-sugar fruit or low-fat milk. It is important to note that this extra meal, if chosen, must still fall within the designated eight-hour span.

This approach allows for easy control over eating hours, preventing late-night hunger pangs.

52 Fasting method

The 52 diet, also known as “The Fast Diet”, is a widely adopted form of intermittent fasting, named for its structure of five regular eating days per week and two days of limited calorie intake.

What sets this diet apart is its emphasis on meal timing rather than food selection, shaping it into a lifestyle choice. You have the freedom to select any two days for fasting, but make sure there’s at least one non-fasting day between them.

However, it’s crucial to understand that eating “normally” doesn’t translate to indulging in excessive junk food or oily meals. Over-consumption of unhealthy food could only hinder weight loss or even lead to weight gain.

During fasting days, women are advised to limit calorie intake to less than 500, while men should aim for about 600 calories. This method offers flexibility and ease, making it suitable for people with busy schedules and those who dine out often.

If you have low blood sugar, undergoing or recovering from surgery, lack a consistent eating routine, or prioritise faster weight loss, then this would not be the best method for you.

204 Fasting Method

Followed by BTS member Jungkook, this fasting method is also known as the 204 fast or “Warrior Diet” and is a more intense way of fasting compared to the 168 method. Hence, it may not be the best option for beginners who are aiming to lose weight.

It’s like a time-restricted eating pattern where you fast for a whole 20 hours every day and only eat during a short four-hour window.

During those four hours, you’re encouraged to have around 90 percent of your daily calories or just eat until you feel full. While there’s no strict rule about what foods you should eat during this time, it’s a good idea to opt for healthy and nutritious foods.

The recommended eating time for this method is from 6pm to 10pm. However, remember that combining this method with intense exercise and low starch intake might make you feel weak or have low blood sugar.

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