With Netflix showcasing more South Korean productions recently, the influence of Korean actresses has surged across the globe, leaving all of us enthralled by their impeccable performances, radiant beauty, and flawless complexions.

We’re sure you’ve at some point wondered about their beauty routines and secrets. Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve diligently compiled them for you.

Read on to find out the top beauty tips of Korea’s most sought-after actresses, as we unearth their tried-and-tested techniques that helped them maintain their stunning looks!

Park Gyu Young’s beauty tips

Park Gyu Young's beauty tip

Credits: @lavieenbluu/Instagram

Renowned for her captivating performances in television series like It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Sweet Home, and her latest leading role in Netflix’s original series Celebrity, Park Gyu Young has swiftly risen to become an internet sensation.

Though already striking with her long locks, it was when Gyu Young decided to cut her hair that she earned the endearing moniker “first love girl”, due to the pure and innocent image it added to her charm.

Park Gyu Young’s tassel haircut

Park Gyu Young's tassel haircut

Credits: @lavieenbluu/Instagram

In Celebrity, the multi-talented Park Gyu Young portrays a captivating social media influencer, showcasing a fashion-forward look with the popular tassel haircut.

This particular haircut has taken Korea by storm, becoming an immensely popular type of bob cut, with its name derived from the clean-cut ends that resemble the dangling strands of a tassel.

Distinguishing itself from the regular C-curl bob, which emanates a cute and feminine charm with its voluminous, bouncy ends, the tassel cut bob boasts razor-sharp edges, with the ends gently flipping out.

Park Gyu Young’s hairstyle prompted many Koreans flocking to salons, eager to follow suit and chop off their locks and fringes. And honestly, we can’t blame them, given how effortlessly chic and sophisticated she looks!


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Han So Hee’s beauty tips

Han So Hee's beauty tip

Credits: @xeesoxee/Instagram

Han So Hee would secure her spot in any list of most beautiful women in the world, without a doubt.

Beyond her impeccable acting skills, her head-turning beauty captivates everyone, even earning her the title of “the prettiest mistress in the world” for her role in The World of the Married.

While her lead roles in The World of the Married and Nevertheless shot her to fame, her recent portrayal as BTS Jung Kook’s love interest in his solo debut music video truly cemented her position as one of Korea’s hottest actresses of the moment.

Now, with her upcoming role in the highly anticipated horror drama Gyeongseong Creature, we can hardly contain our excitement to witness her talent and beauty once again on the screen!

Han So Hee prioritises sleep

Han So Hee's beauty tip 2

Credits: @xeesoxee/Instagram

During her 2018 interview, Han So Hee revealed the one thing she prioritises to maintain her perfect-looking skin – getting enough sleep.

Emphasising the importance of adequate rest for better complexion, she said, “sleep is related to one’s complexion, so I try to get at least four hours of sleep a day.”

While four hours of sleep may seem ridiculously little for us ordinary folks, it’s quite a feat for celebrities like Han So Hee, who often have packed schedules and little time to rest.

However, we definitely recommend getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day for optimal health and beauty.

Han So Hee’s rose gold eye makeup look

Han So Hee Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette

Credits: Nevertheless/Netflix

In one of the episodes of Nevertheless, Han So Hee was spotted using the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in Pillow Talk.

This rose gold palette has become a hit among Asian consumers for its buttery and versatile shades, perfect for transitioning from day to night.

So Hee achieves a stunning rose gold eye makeup look by blending a brown shade all over the lids, before using the matte rose gold shade as a transition colour. She then added a hint of sparkle, completing a glamorous appearance in the show.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette in the shade Pillow Talk retails for RM490 and is available at Zalora.

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Go Yoon Jung’s beauty tips

Go Yoon Jung's beauty tip

Credits: @goyounjung/Instagram

The moment Go Yoon Jung’s company unveiled her profile picture, everyone was left in awe of her mesmerising beauty – a true testament to just how stunning this Korean star truly is.

Thanks to her remarkable performances in supporting roles of the Netflix series Sweet Home and Alchemy of Souls, Go Yoon Jung has garnered significant acclaim for her ethereal beauty and fair white skin.

Now, our anticipation grows as we eagerly await her upcoming role in the newest action-packed K-drama “Moving,” scheduled to air in August. And amidst our excitement, one burning question lingers in our minds: how does she manage to maintain that radiant and youthful glow?

Go Yoon Jung’s “7 skin” method

Go Yoon Jung's 7 skin method

Credits: @goyounjung/Instagram

Though the adage suggests “less is more,” Go Yoon Jung firmly believes that religiously following this intensive seven-step routine is the key to her flawless and healthy skin.

Go Yoon Jung initiates her routine by applying a clay mask, effectively purging her face of accumulated gunk, sebum, and oils, especially after hectic days.

After thoroughly cleansing her face, she proceeds to apply the first layer of toner, using either cotton pads or her fingers for even distribution, ensuring that every nook and cranny receives attention – a necessity, given her job requires her to wear full-face makeup frequently.

This process is then repeated six more times, before moving on to serums and eye cream, to brighten up her dark spots and address impurities.

Though she doesn’t specify the products she uses, Go Yoon Jung insists on selecting only delicate and gentle options for her skin, steering clear products containing sulfates, parabens, or harmful chemicals.

Bae Suzy’s beauty tips

Bae Suzy's beauty tip

Credits: @skuukzky/Instagram

Bae Suzy has undeniably become a household name, and her recent comeback in Korea’s romantic comedy film Doona! has once again reminded all of us why she was given the title of “nation’s first love”.

Aside from her exceptional talent, the star of While You Were Sleeping is renowned for her stunning looks and flawless skin, and her secret lies in an extensive cleansing regimen!

Bae Suzy’s “424” cleansing method

Bae Suzy's 424 cleansing method

Credits: @baechuuudangshin3732/YouTube

To begin, the Uncontrollably Fond star uses an oil-based cleanser for four minutes, massaging her face to effectively remove impurities and makeup.

These gentle strokes not only purify the skin but also tone the facial muscles, contributing to a healthier and more youthful appearance.

After the four-minute oil massage, Suzy proceeds to wash her face with a foaming cleanser. Just like with the oil cleansing, she dedicates two minutes to massage her face, ensuring any leftover makeup residue is thoroughly removed, leaving her skin fresh and clean.

Finally, she concludes the “424” cleansing method with a four-minute water rinse. During this step, she uses warm water to cleanse her face for two minutes, followed by a final two-minute rinse with cold water.

The cold water rinse serves two purposes – closing and tightening the pores after the warm water splash and stimulating blood circulation, further enhancing her complexion.


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K-beauty creator @yejee.kee tested Suzy’s cleansing method using the popular MANYO FACTORY Pure Cleansing Oil on TikTok.

This gentle yet potent oil is famous for its ability to effortlessly eliminate blackheads and whiteheads, while leaving your pores unclogged.

Upon application, it transforms into a milk-like texture, effectively dissolving makeup and impurities while restoring your skin’s moisture, and maintaining its pH balance.

MANYO FACTORY Pure Cleansing Oil (200ml) retails for RM118 and is available at Watsons. A discount is offered at the time of writing. Tap in to see the updated price!

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Lim Ji Yeon beauty tips

Lim Ji Yeon beauty tips

Credits: @limjjy2/Instagram

Lim Ji Yeon, soared to fame not only within South Korea, but also on the international stage, all thanks to her remarkable breakthrough performance in the Netflix mega-hit revenge drama, The Glory.

Despite making us hate her evil character in the drama, it’s impossible to overlook her sophisticated beauty, which is further accentuated by her flawless skin.

Having recently starred in Lies Hidden in My Garden, the next suspenseful and mysterious thriller poised to become another Netflix hit, we can only imagine the immense stardom she will be achieving in 2023!

Lim Ji Yeon’s daily habits

Lim Ji Yeon beauty tips

Credits: @limjjy2/Instagram

To preserve her clear complexion, Lim Ji Yeon incorporates hibiscus tea into her routine, as it aids in detoxifying the body and preventing premature ageing.

Additionally, she ensures her skin remains moisturised by avoiding the use of a towel to wipe her face and performing her skincare routine while her face is still slightly damp to lock in the moisture, giving her the much coveted radiant, and glowy look on screen.

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Shin Hye Sun’s beauty tips

Shin Hye Sun's beauty tips

Credits: @shinhs831/Instagram

Best known globally for her outstanding role in the highly-rated historical comedy-drama “Mr. Queen,” released in 2020, Shin Hye Sun has not only captivated us with her endearing performance but also with her flawless glass skin.

Her talent continues to enchant us in the latest romance Netflix film, “See You in My 19th Life,” leaving us eagerly anticipating more of her stunning beauty on the screen.

Shin Hye Sun’s skincare tips

Shin Hye Sun's skincare routine

Credits: @shinhs831/Instagram

For Shin Hye Sun, skincare is a priority, and she swears by using organic eye masks every night, and is mindful of avoiding products containing harmful elements like parabens and formaldehyde.

After long and tiring schedules, she double cleanses diligently to ensure her face is free from any accumulated gunk, and indulges in soothing serums and night creams to rejuvenate her skin.

Shin Hye Sun’s inner “skincare”

Shin Hye Sun's inner skincare

Credits: @shinhs831/Instagram

Beyond external care, Shin Hye Sun emphasises inner beauty too. For her, looking after health is crucial for radiant skin.

To achieve that, she incorporates a lot of fruits into her diet, considering them the best snack choice for maintaining flawless skin.

Collagen-infused water is her go-to drink as it aids in cell regeneration and slows down ageing, proving that beauty truly comes from within for the “Mr. Queen” star.

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