Korean actress Han So-Hee is undoubtedly stunning in her natural beauty. The star rose to fame with her roles in K-dramas such as The World of the Married, and her most recent show, Nevertheless. With her brilliant doe eyes and sweet smile, who wouldn’t fall in love with her?

Credit: @xeesoxee on Instagram

Fans are envious of her slim figure and she has recently shared some of her weight-loss or weight-management tips. Read on to find out how you can achieve her delicate figure.

1. “Fairy-style eating” – Chewing up to 50 times per mouthful

Credit: Koreaboo

Interestingly, this tip came up when So-Hee began live-streaming while eating on her Instagram account, and fans began a discussion on how she was eating. Her fans noticed how she chewed for quite a while each mouthful, and it was revealed that she chews up to 50 times per mouthful.

She can even take up to five minutes for a mouthful. As it turns out, many nutritionists advocate chewing slowly for better digestion and it also helps in reducing your hunger. Perhaps you can get a jaw workout in while you’re eating as well!

2. Cycling or exercising for 30 minutes every day

Credit: @xeesoxee on Instagram

So-Hee also shared in an interview that she enjoys exercise and does some every day on top of her basic fitness training. She enjoys pilates, yoga, and loves to cycle around for 30 minutes each day to enjoy a gentle breeze and the calming outdoors.

3. Chicken breast for weight loss

Credit: 다이어트마스터 on Facebook

Funnily enough, this tip was actually exposed by accident. So-Hee had needed to lose weight quickly for an upcoming shoot, so her fitness coach placed her on a diet consisting mainly of proteins, such as chicken breast and vegetables for her meals.

In a text message exchange, So-Hee had then complained to her fitness coach that having chicken breasts for each meal was too much and how she couldn’t live that way as a joke. Even celebrities resent being on a diet and having to miss out on the delicious foods this world has to offer.

Their text exchange was released on Facebook, and So-Hee shared that although this chicken breast diet was extremely difficult to follow through with, it did help her lose weight rather quickly. This diet must, of course, be accompanied by regular exercise and adequate sleep for it to be truly effective.

4. A full-body beauty oil massage

Credit: @hansohee.fanpage on Instagram

The actress enjoys exercising, but she also has a fantastic post-workout regime for her body. After going for a run or a session of yoga, So-Hee would massage beauty oil on her body.

This massage greatly helps to reduce muscle soreness, and we think it’s a great post-exercise habit to not only help tone your body but pamper yourself.

5.  Get 7 hours of sleep daily

Credit: @xeesoxee on Instagram

This may seem like a no-brainer, but in order for your body to be at its best, you require at least seven hours of sleep daily. While sleeping, your body repairs itself and promotes your metabolism, making it a very vital step for maintaining a healthy and slim body.

6. Maintaining proper posture

Credit: @hansohee.fanpage on Instagram

You may be in shape and lead a healthy lifestyle, but perhaps something might still feel off. The problem could be poor posture due to constant slouching. So-Hee ensures she maintains proper posture through yoga and pilates, so you can try those exercises too.

Apart from aiding you with weight loss, these tips should also help you lead a healthier lifestyle, which is much more important in the long run.

So-Hee sticks to her diet and exercise regime in a healthy manner, and it is important you do the same should you choose to adopt these habits into your own lifestyle. Weight loss can be dangerous if not done properly, but as long as you exercise caution, it can be rewarding.