Notice how some beauty products that are really popular in Malaysia aren’t that known overseas? Well, the same theory applies in other countries too.

In this season of stunning and affordable makeup that you won’t ever regret buying, we’re here to set things straight.

Forget everything you think you know about C-beauty brands! Instead, it’s time we shine the spotlight on the brands that aren’t that famous or are even deemed subpar just because of their low price tags.

underrated cbeauty brands 2023

Credits: Xiaohongshu, Shopee

Read on for this TikTok-approved list of all the underrated C-beauty brands and the products that are loved and highly raved by the locals!


underrated c-beauty brands insbaha

Credits: Shopee,

Founded in 2020, INSBAHA (Original Color Bota) is a cutting-edge fashion makeup brand under PROYA Cosmetics, one of the strongest beauty brands in China.

They may only be three years into the beauty industry, but they’re eloquently making waves and gaining popularity.

This C-beauty brand has even launched a co-branded series of makeup with Sanxingdui Museum, a public heritage museum in Guanghan, Sichuan, which explored Earth tones and featured Sanxingdui cultural relics in its packaging.

What to Try: INSBAHA Four-Colour Blush Palette

underrated c-beauty brands

Credit: INSBAHA原色波塔/Xiaohongshu

This trending blush palette has taken the Xiaohongshu universe by storm (rightfully so). Made to enhance the complexion, INSBAHA’s blush palette is a trusty and handy tool for those with uneven skin tones.

It banks on the science of primary colours and contrasting colours in makeup like how blue blushes are used to neutralise sallowness in the skin.

Although it has a fine and silky texture, it adheres and blends well into the skin which means a lasting effect that doesn’t cause cakey makeup.

INSBAHA Four-Colour Blush Palette (12g) retails for RM88 at Shopee.

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underrated c-beauty brands

Credit: @yuqi_addict_/Instagram, @intoyou_official_global/Instagram

Dubbed the creator of “lip muds”, INTO YOU introduced their first lip mud in 2019 and watched it soar up the ranks to become their best-selling product. If we’d have to guess, the lip mud trend probably started from them!

To this date, this highly raved C-beauty brand has garnered over 80 million supporters, created more than 100 shades for all skin tones, and is selling to over 40 countries worldwide. They have even acquired Chinese singer and songwriter YUQI as a brand ambassador!

INTO YOU also uses high-quality synthetic, vegan, and natural ingredients for their products so you can be assured of their safety and even enjoy some benefits.

What to Try: INTO YOU Shero Super Matte Lip & Cheek Mud

underrated c-beauty brands, into you

Credits: Xiaohongshu, INTO YOU website

This versatile, award-winning lip and cheek product has been INTO YOU’s best-selling item since the very beginning and we can definitely see why that is!

Made with high-quality ingredients that are gentle on the lip, it features a unique formula that is suitable for all lip types, provides a long-lasting and matte finish, and is easy to apply and blend.

It also has an amazing colour payoff, is great for recreating bold, vibrant makeup looks, and works for any occasion.

INTO YOU Shero Super Matte Lip & Cheek Mud (1.8g) retails for RM41.57 instead of RM51.31 at Shopee. A discount is offered at the time of writing.

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underated cbeauty brands 2023

Credit: Shopee

Created for a “new generation of women”, JOOCYEE prides itself on offering trendy, artistic makeup products that can be as luxurious as they are affordable.

Their most well-loved products are blushes, glitter eyeshadows, and creamy lip products.


underated cbeauty brands 2023

Credit: Shopee

Its packaging may mislead you into thinking that it’s a concealer or foundation, when in fact it’s a velvety matte lipstick!

With a total of 19 gorgeous shades, this muddy gloss is hydrating, smudge-proof, insanely pigmented, and long-wearing too — basically everything you want in a good matte lippie.

From milk tea shades to brown nudes and bunny tongue pink, you’ll definitely find a muddy gloss for every occasion.

JOOCYEE MUDDY GLOSS (4g) retails for RM62 at SHEIN and for RM51.90 instead of RM79.90 at Shopee. A discount is offered at the time of writing.

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underrated cbeauty brands 2023, c-beauty, red chamber

Credits: Shopee,

As the first clean makeup brand in China, RED CHAMBER was founded in 2020 and continues to “build an ideal world of mutual dependence and trust between human beings and nature through clean makeup”.

From foundations to eyeshadows and multi-purpose creams, every product of theirs is safe and a representation of sustainable beauty. The brand has even gone as far as establishing the first sustainable beauty R&D room in China last year and winning a Silver title for “Better Future” in the 2022 London Design Awards.

RED CHAMBER’s products may be pricier than the rest, but its dedication to clean makeup and its luxe packaging that reminds us of Tom Ford makes it worth it!

One of their popular products is the Zhuzhan RC Multi-Purpose Balm which can be used as a lippie, blush, and even eyeshadow. Other highly raved products would be their blushes, eyeshadows, and lipsticks, according to TikTok user @nomnomumiruku.

What to Try: Red Chamber Pure Makeup Multi Use Stick

c-beauty underrated cbeauty brands

Credits: Shopee, Xiaohongshu

Known as a tinted lip balm or a “lip bloss”, this multi-use stick has a unique watery texture that combines the smoothness of a lip gloss with the intense colour payoff of a lipstick.

It features an innovative formula that has over 75% natural ingredients for long-lasting moisturisation. That means reduced lip lines or cracking and hydrated lips for up to 12 hours!

Plus, the packaging exudes a sophisticated vibe and you can even use this as a blush or eyeshadow like the Zhuzhan RC Multi-Purpose Balm (it may even be better since it’s easier and more hygienic to apply with a stick).

Red Chamber Pure Makeup Multi Use Stick (4.8g) retails for S$49.14 at Shopee.

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c-beauty underrated cbeauty brands

Credits: Xiaohongshu, Shopee,

It’s hard to even find any information about this C-beauty brand, but one quick search on E-commerce sites like Shopee will have you entranced from the get-go.

TikTok user @nomnomumiruku shared that ROMANTIC BEAUTY is famous for their blushes, especially the ombré ones, and iridescent highlighters.

What to Try: ROMANTIC BEAUTY Gradient Blush

c-beauty underrated cbeauty brands

Credits: Xiaohongshu, Shopee

Two-toned blushes have been around for years and brands are still producing them. Clearly, they’re the secret trend that never died.

We love them not just because they’re really pretty. Gradient blushes can create depth and add dimension to your overall look — something that normal one-toned blushes can’t do unless you apply them with different face-lifting techniques.

ROMANTIC BEAUTY’s gradient blush is suitable for all skin types and has 13 stunning shades ranging from peachy tones and lovely corals to a deeper milk coffee shade. Whichever shade you decide to go with, you’ll still be able to achieve that soft air-brushed makeup look with these blushes!

ROMANTIC BEAUTY Gradient Blush (4g) retails for RM24.50 instead of RM49 at Shopee. A discount is offered at the time of writing.

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underrated cbeauty brands UHUE

Credits: UHUE website, Shopee

Yet another underrated C-beauty brand is UHUE, which is also seemingly very popular in Thailand. Most customers go wild with their blushes and lip glosses that can let you recreate the loveliest flush or the juiciest ombré jelly lips.

UHUE’s products are also perfect for those who are chasing the Y2K resurgence with its cyber-like and futuristic designs. Their Peach Airwave Face Palette even looks like it came straight out of Totally Spies.

What to Try: UHUE “Mythical World” Highlighter

underrated cbeauty brands 2023 c-beauty UHUE highlighter

Credits: UHUE website, Shopee

If you’re a fan of everything glitter, this should be on the top of your list. Nothing screams pearlescent more than this UHUE highlighter.

The powder is more natural and subtle at the first swipe, but it’s totally buildable to create a more obvious, beaming appearance. There are three shades of sparkling highlighters available: Z01 Illusory Sunlight (nudeish and champagne tones), Z02 Mirror Powder (sweet pink), and Z03 Sea of Vision (holographic).

underrated cbeauty brands 2023 c-beauty UHUE highlighter

Credit: UHUE website

If you ask us, it’s hard to choose only one and we’d highly recommend getting all three to play around with different looks! Plus, the highlighter is compact and shaped in a slight hourglass figure where the sides are indented which probably makes it easier to hold.

UHUE “Mythical World” Highlighter (3.5g) retails for RM39.80 instead of RM59 here and RM89 instead of RM183.07 here at Shopee.

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Feature image credit: Xiaohongshu, Shopee