Attention all K-pop enthusiasts and lovers of Korean makeup, we have some exciting news for you!

Peripera, in collaboration with the talented South Korean singer and rapper BIBI, has introduced a fabulous collection of lip glosses that will give your lips an irresistible shine, making them even more luscious and kissable.

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BIBI x Peripera Ink Glasting Lip Gloss


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♬ Bam Yang Gang – BIBI

The Ink Glasting Lip Gloss lives up to its name by providing a stunning glass-like finish and adding volume to your lips.

Not only that, but it also has the added benefit of being non-sticky, offering a vibrant colour payoff, and effortlessly gliding on.

These lip glosses are essential for anyone looking to enhance their lip colour and take care of their lips. Infused with nourishing jojoba seed oil, they provide long-lasting hydration and nourishment.

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The Four Bold Shades

02 Edge Nude

bibi x peripera ink glasting lip gloss, bibi lip gloss

Credits: @ririsglow_/TikTok, @scarlet.sister/TikTok

This particular shade of nude brown possesses a delightful hue reminiscent of simmered chestnut jelly.

It’s highly versatile and suitable for anyone, making it an ideal choice for daily wear.

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09 Grow On You

bibi x peripera ink glasting lip gloss, bibi lip gloss

Credits: @ririsglow_/TikTok, @scarlet.sister/TikTok

This chocolate brown lip gloss is perfect for those who prefer a deeper nude shade. Its unique milk tea hue with a touch of red or orange makes it an excellent choice.

We highly recommend trying it out to achieve a stunning tanghulu lip look. Plus, the longer you stare at its colour, the more it starts to grow on you.

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10 Piece of Yanggang

bibi x peripera ink glasting lip gloss, bibi lip gloss

Credits: @ririsglow_/TikTok, @scarlet.sister/TikTok

A callback to BIBI’s song “Bam Yang Gang“, this pretty mauve brown shade looks exactly like the sweet red bean jelly snack — smooth and silky.

Fun fact, the song unexpectedly caused sales of this Korean snack to rise earlier this year and we think it might be one of the more popular lip glosses from this collaboration!

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11 Sugaritarian

bibi x peripera ink glasting lip gloss, bibi lip gloss

Credits: @ririsglow_/TikTok, @scarlet.sister/TikTok

For the uninitiated, Chinese social media has named a bunny’s tongue the perfect pink lip shade.

And now, there’s a BIBI-approved strawberry pink lip gloss available that will also probably be a top pick for coquette girlies!

Where to Buy These Ink Glasting Lip Glosses for Glossy Lips Like BIBI


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♬ bibi – user55303638033

BIBI x Peripera Ink Glasting Lip Gloss retails for about RM83.14 (USD 17.54) each at Delivered Korea.

Grab them before they sell out!

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Featured image credits: @myhuyenarchives/TikTok, @scarlet.sister/TikTok, @ririsglow_/TikTok