Binge-watching Marry My Husband? This article is for you!

Song Ha-yoon, who portrays Soo-min in this beloved drama, has captivated us with her effortless charm and acting skills. It’s no surprise that we were curious to learn how she achieves her soft and natural makeup on the show.

We found details on her makeup routine and the specific products she uses in Marry My Husband. If you’ve been admiring her elegant makeup style, keep reading to learn how you can recreate it!

Ha-yoon’s Makeup Looks

Despite playing the villain in the series, Ha-yoon’s makeup is kept light and delicate, giving her a sweet look that contrasts with her character’s manipulative nature.

She achieves a natural, no-makeup look with a luminous base that gives her skin a flawless, dewy finish.

Her eye makeup is subtle, featuring soft eyeshadow that enhances her eyes without overpowering them. A touch of eyeliner and mascara helps define her eyes and highlight her natural beauty.

A light pink blush adds a hint of color to her makeup, along with soft, natural eyebrows. And of course, no makeup look is complete without the perfect lippie.

Thankfully, Ha-yoon recently revealed the lip products she uses in Marry My Husband, so you can recreate her captivating look with the same lipsticks!

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink

This sophisticated Chanel lipstick creates a bold matte appearance. Its richly pigmented and long-lasting formula ensures vibrant color that lasts for a remarkable eight hours.

Plus, this lightweight lipstick will provide a comfortable feel on your lips all day long! Its smooth texture feels like a second skin, enriched with nourishing elements such as jojoba oil and vitamin E.

Ha-yoon wore 168 Serenity, a dusty pink shade. This colour incorporates subtle touches of mauve and brown, resulting in a refined and graceful look for her character.

The Chanel Rouge Allure Ink retails for RM208 at Chanel boutiques or on their website.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet

The Rouge Allure Velvet by Chanel is an iconic lippie, offering a matte finish with delicate pearly particles. This unique combination creates a radiant effect, giving a modern twist to the classic matte look.

Crafted with a lightweight and flexible formula, this lipstick is enriched with nourishing ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil. These moisturising elements ensure that your lips stay soft and hydrated all day long.

For her character, Ha-yoon uses shade 63 Essentielle, a beautiful dusty coral color. Its rosy undertones perfectly complement warm-toned skin, adding a touch of elegance to any makeup style.

The Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet retails for RM208 at Chanel boutiques or on their website.

Heart Percent Dote On You Lip Pencil

Whether you’re looking to enhance your pout with a lip liner, or prefer a classic lipstick for the entire lip, this lip pencil is here to help!

It’s also versatile enough to be used as blush or eyeshadow, making it a truly versatile all-in-one product.

In the Marry My Husband, Ha-yoon wears the shade 06 Rose Beige, which is a neutral and wearable color that beautifully combines pink and brown, creating a “my lips but better” effect.

The Heart Percent Dote On You Lip Pencil retails for RM105.57 on Shopee. It’s going at 39% off at the time of writing, so tap in to see the latest price!

Dasique Fruity Lip Jam

For a unique lip product that stands out, look no further than Dasique’s lip jam! This delightful product comes in a charming pot and has a texture that resembles real jam.

Once applied, it melts onto your lips, leaving a stunning high-shine effect. The best part is that it’s not sticky at all, ensuring a smooth application and a hydrating, glass-like finish.

Enriched with nourishing ingredients like almond oil and berry extracts, this lip jam will not only revitalise your lips but also prevent them from drying out.

If you prefer a natural look, you’ll love the shade that Ha-yoon uses, 02 Apricot Jam. It’s a lovely light peachy color that adds the perfect warm-toned gloss to your lips.

The Dasique Fruity Lip Jam retails for RM83.05 on Shopee. It’s going at 30% off at the time of writing, so tap in to see the latest price!