In the midst of Malaysia “winter” season, where unexpected rain showers disrupt our outdoor plans, our only solace is indulging in hotpot to warm ourselves up. However, the joy of hotpot can quickly fade as our lip colour fades with each slurp.

And let’s not even get started on the random moments when someone suggests taking pictures while we’re enjoying our hotpot.

But what if we told you that you can prepare for this? No more looking like a hotpot zombie; there’s a lip stain and gloss duo trending on TikTok (yes, a gloss!) that will keep you Instagram-ready even in the midst of hotpot chaos.

So don’t scroll away, this is your ticket to flawless lips!

Why Is This Lip Gloss Going Viral on TikTok?


this lipgloss was worth every cent. AND ITS LIKE MAGIC. @KIKO Milano #kikomilanounlimiteddoubletouch #kikomilano #lipstain shade 108!

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We all dig that juicy, glossy lip look, but here’s the catch – those formulas? Poof, gone the moment you take a bite or swipe your lips.

Richa, also known as @taffyt4 on TikTok, however, swears by Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch.

Even after indulging in a mala hotpot session at Hai Di Lao, this lip product held its ground on her lips!

So, what’s the secret behind this long-lasting lip gloss? Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch is a two-step liquid lipstick with film-like polymers that lock in the base colour on your lips without smudging as seen on @helloograciee’s TikTok.

It sticks to your lips fast, but no worries if your lips are on the dry side! The gloss comes in, softens things up, and leaves your lips looking dewy and radiant.

kiko milano unlimited double touch

Credits: @helloograciee/TikTok

Simply apply on the base colour on your clean lips, let the liquid lipstick dry completely, then slick on the lip gloss for that extra pop of shine!

Explore The Shades Of This Lip Tint

Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch offers a diverse range of 27 shades, ensuring there’s a colour for every occasion in your life.

Craving a bold, femme-fatale red for a night out on the town? Reach for 104 Sangria, a captivating cherry cola red that’s bound to grab attention.

Planning a cute picnic date? Opt for 112 Satin Peach Rose, a delightful peachy-pink that will add a touch of loveliness to your look.

Still unsure about which colours to snag? We’ve scoured TikTok to uncover the three most popular shades that have everyone rushing to add to their carts:

  • 103 Natural Rose: A nude-beige shade perfect for achieving a My Lips But Better makeup look.
  • 108 Satin Current Red: An easy-to-wear everyday red that will add vibrancy to your complexion.
  • 120 Rosy Mauve: A subdued, rosy mauve shade for a chic and elegant vibe.

Where To Find This Lip Gloss?

kiko milano unlimited double touch

Don’t miss out on adding this long-lasting lip gloss to your collection! It will keep your lips looking flawless, even during all the eating and festive moments.

Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch retails for RM96.46 and is available on Shopee. A discount is offered at the time of writing. Tap in the view the updated price!

Featured image credits: @prin_panissara/TikTok, @aiinasution_/TikTok, @taffyt4/TikTok