When it comes to the world of K-beauty, chances are you’ve stumbled upon the ever-popular brand Rom&nd.

Renowned for their stunning lip products, they’ve rapidly expanded their offerings to include everything from eyeshadows and mascara to blushers and BB cushions.

Now, let’s delve into their newest lip product launch – the Rom&nd Glasting Color Gloss! We believe it’s another fantastic addition to your makeup collection.

Plus, rocking stained, glossy lips is expected to be a major makeup trend this year!

If you’re eager to know more about these glosses, including how they feel on your lips and where to grab them, keep reading because we’ve got all the deets for you!

What Sets Rom&nd’s Glasting Color Gloss Apart


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♬ Perfect Night – LE SSERAFIM

Finding the perfect lip gloss is all about getting that plump, juicy glow—and this lip gloss totally nails it!

These glosses shine as the glossiest, most voluminous lip products in Rom&nd’s collection, outdoing both their Juicy Lasting Tint and Glasting Water Tint.

The formula stays lightweight, comfortable, and gives your lips that plump, juicy look, all thanks to its high refractive oil.


Photo credit: @romandyou/Instagram.

When applied, it effortlessly glides on, thanks to its high-viscosity wax and moisturising essential oils. The texture mimics a thicker lip oil, giving your lips a plush and cushiony feel that’s neither sticky nor gloopy.

And speaking of the hues, they provide ample pigmentation for creating buildable and layerable colours on your lips!

Rom&nd’s Glasting Color Gloss Shade Range

This lineup offers a blend of tones that work well for both cool and warm undertones. Whether you’re into a more understated shine or a daring look, these glosses come in six vivid MLBB shades.

01 Peony Ballet

A nude pink shade, just like strawberry milk.


Photo credit: @romandyou/Instagram.

02 Nutty Vague

A soft and deep nude beige shade.


Photo credit: @romandyou/Instagram.

03 Rose Finch

A warm rosy pink shade.


Photo credit: @romandyou/Instagram.

04 Grapy Way

A cool muted berry shade.


Photo credit: @romandyou/Instagram.

05 Dim Mauve

A faded, soft deep mauve shade.


Photo credit: @romandyou/Instagram.

06 Deepen Moor

A muted orange-brown shade.


Photo credit: @romandyou/Instagram.

Where To Find Rom&nd’s Glasting Color Gloss


Photo credit: @romandyou/Instagram.

Rom&nd Glasting Color Gloss retails for RM42.48 each on Shopee.

Featured image credits: @meebebe_/TikTok, @thestacychen/TikTok, @hanexane/TikTok.

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