TikTok users are always dreaming up the latest tips and tricks to elevate their beauty game such as the perfect lip shade hack and the skin-smoothing hack.

More recently, TikTok users have shared hacks on reducing those dark circles under your eyes. They’ve resorted to using an unlikely shade of concealer you might’ve never even considered when walking down the beauty aisle.

Instead of going for a concealer that matches their skin tone, TikTok users are swapping them out for white ones!

The reason? They say that the pale shade brightens the under-eye area a lot better. It is not only supposed to provide a sculpting and lifting effect, it’s also said to work regardless of your skin tone.

Two ways to this TikTok hack

TikTok Hack White Concealer Dark Circles nakit and charlotte

There are two methods you can use to apply white concealer, according to this viral TikTok hack.

One way was introduced by TikTok user @nakitaglowup. She recommends that you apply several layers of white concealer under your foundation, in order to cover up dark eye circles.

The other method was used by makeup artist Charlotte Hyatt-Willis and she suggests dotting the product over foundation and blending it out with a sponge or brush.

We were curious to see whether this TikTok hack would work with Asian skin tones, so we went ahead and did what we always do: put the hack to the test ourselves!

Here’s how the TikTok hack went

TikTok Hack White Concealer Dark Circles the product

Most of us have dark circles as they are a common occurrence due to lack of sleep, hormones, ageing, stress, and genetics.

For me, I have had quite prominent dark circles ever since I was young. I don’t really make an effort to hide them, but I was interested in seeing how well this hack would conceal them.

But the very first thing I had to do was to go out and find a white-coloured concealer. After some searching, I found and bought the Sephora Collection Best Skin Ever High Coverage Concealer in shade T01.

TikTok Hack White Concealer Dark Circles before

For this test, I opted for Charlotte’s method to apply the concealer over foundation and blend it out.

I started off by applying some primer to blur my pores, followed by light foundation to cover up my blemishes and even out my skin tone.

TikTok Hack White Concealer Dark Circles dotting

Then, I lightly dotted some of the white concealer under my eyes, making sure not to apply too much.

I gently blended the product out with the tip of my finger, making sure to go over my entire under eye area so as to cover the dark circles.

TikTok Hack White Concealer Dark Circles after

As you can see from the images, the white concealer really did help to brighten up my under-eye area tremendously, giving me a more “awake” look.

However, I think my eye circles may be too prominent for this hack to work, because even with the concealer, I could still see my dark circles.

What I would recommend is to go light on the concealer if you’re layering it over your foundation as the whiteness can show easily.

Or you can apply it underneath your foundation like Nakita, so you’ll have an easier time making it look more natural.

You could also use the white concealer to hide stubborn spots and hyperpigmentation that still peek out from underneath foundation.

Conclusion? This is a TikTok hack I can definitely get behind as it really makes me look put together without much effort behind it.