Many trending beauty videos on TikTok these days talk about makeup minimalism; it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty without the use of bright and bold makeup.

We’re over the unnatural, airbrushed look and are looking to strip back makeup like heavy foundation and thick powder. This is so we can embrace a natural complexion while feeling comfortable in our own skin.

This is where this skin-smoothing TikTok hack comes into play. Shared by TikToker and makeup artist Charlotte Hyatt-Willis, she makes her skin look better than it actually is without resorting to expensive facials, treatments, or makeup.

How the hack works

Skin smoothing TikTok hack charlottehyattwillis

The first step in the hack is to use a micellar water or cleanser on a cotton pad to gently cleanse your face of old makeup. It also helps to exfoliate your face and get rid of any dead skin.

A hydrating moisturiser is the next step. After that, use a blurring primer to cover the areas where your pores after most prominent like the nose.

You can also use a glow-y primer or highlighter to address the areas you want to accentuate like the cheekbones and forehead.

The final step is to apply some concealer to under your eyes and to any blemishes you might have. With all these steps, your skin should appear more even in texture and tone without foundation.

But does this TikTok hack really work? We tried our hand at it to see if it promises the natural look we’ve low key always wanted.

We tried it – here’s our verdict

Skin smoothing TikTok hack before and after

Here’s the before and after of how the hack looked on me. I followed each step closely, but as you can see I have quite a bit of blemishes so I may have gone a bit heavy on the concealer.

But overall, I think this skin smoothing hack works really well. It feels a lot lighter than when I have full foundation on, and I can easily imagine myself wearing this natural face out and going about my day.


The blurring primer is like an invisible foundation, while the concealer hides blemishes in a more subtle manner thanks to the moisturiser.

We recommend this skin smoothing hack for the days when you would prefer some coverage without having to take off layers of makeup later on.

We have to thank Charlotte for sharing this wonderful TikTok hack with us. This is definitely a technique we see ourselves using again and again.