For the longest time, we’ve embraced ashy grey hues as the soft, elegant alternative to bright, bold colours, but another diffused class of colours are finally starting to emerge: “milk tea” beige shades.

Featuring creamy beige undertones, these hair colours are especially flattering against Asian, yellow-toned complexions as well as perfect for dialling up the lightness on your mane with fewer rounds of bleach, or even let you skip the bleach entirely.

Although the first colour that comes to mind when we think of “milk tea” is a creamy brown-beige, there are many other beige-undertone options that can be explored, including “mint milk tea” (green beige-brown), “taro milk tea” (lavender beige), and “rose milk tea” (dusty, milky pink).

As with ash colours where you can wear anything from ash grey to ash purple tones, the same goes for “milk tea” shades – any colour blended with beige lends to a mane that’s creamy, soft-focused, and oh-so-dreamy.

Read on, because we’ve rounded up the best “milk tea” beige hair colours to get you inspired!

“Mint milk tea” beige hair

beige hair colours

Photo source: 广州SALONCHICHI 大雄/ Xiao Hong Shu

“Mint milk tea” hair is a foggy mix of green and brown. Surprisingly, the greens don’t show up strikingly in the “milk tea” hair blends, rather, the colours that you see are soft, musty beige-brown shades.

With certain shifts of light, a forest green might show up on your hair and give enchanting fairy-tale tale vibes, making “mint milk tea” a hair colour that’s much more versatile than other more vivid brown hues.

beige hair colours (4)

Photo source: 广州SALONCHICHI 大雄/ Xiao Hong Shu

The best part about this beige hair colour is that it doesn’t require any bleaching to be achieved. Whether you’re looking to get a mane refresh without further damaging your tresses or fix your brassy, bleached locks with a deeper tone, this green-beige shade will let you do so in surprising style.

beige hair colours (5)

Photo source: 上海画染林陌造型设计/Xiao Hong Shu

Whilst it might seem like a mossy green shade would wash out the complexion, “mint milk tea” beige hair colour, in fact, works specifically to cool yellow undertones on the skin so that your face looks brighter and more radiant.

To flaunt a “mint milk tea” beige hair that matches your skin, take hairstylists’ advice to choose a colour that’s two degrees brighter than your skin tone. This way, the light green-beige colour will bring out and compliment (rather than wash out) your complexion.

beige hair colours (6)

Photo source: 沐羽Hairsalon博文老师/Xiao Hong Shu

Since “mint milk tea” colours are green-beige blends, they remind us of Burberry’s iconic “nova check” pattern – olive green stripes against a beige background. Similar to the recently trending Louis Vuitton hair colour, this minty beige shade looks oh-so-luxurious.

“Roasted nut milk tea” beige hair

beige hair colours (1)

Photo source: @ran__okuda/Instagram

Recalling fallen leaves, spicy pumpkin lattes, and chestnuts roasting by the fire, this nutty milk tea colour easily flaunts cosy autumn vibes.

The beige undertones in this “roasted nut milk tea” shade soften what would otherwise be a striking, vivid brown; they’re what gives the hair an elegant, diffused appearance that’s unique to “milk tea” tones.

beige hair colours (2)

Photo source: kako_hioki/Instagram

Although you’ll have to bleach your mane to achieve this roasted nut milk tea shade, it’s a colour that hairstylists say will last for a long time. It’s another reason to choose a beige hair colour instead of an easy fade ash shade during your next salon visit.

beige hair colours (8)

Photo source: 第四维06/Instagram

Under the sunlight, your mane will take on livelier shifts of copper-brown tones, so you know you won’t tire of the same old hair colour quickly.

“Rose milk tea” beige hair

Want to wear a bright flush of colour on your tresses whilst still keeping a subtle, sophisticated style? “Rose milk tea” beige colours are your best bet.

These pink-beige milk tea colours are best for letting you wear a bright flush of colour on your mane with softer, more sophisticated elegance.

rose milk tea hair - pink beige hair

Photo source: @Kaihatsu_tomoya/Instagram

As pink often makes a striking statement, it can be hard to pull off a rosy mane without having to switch up your entire wardrobe or renew your style. However, when mixed in with beige, bold pinks become hazier and more diffused, which makes them that much easier to wear.

rose milk tea hair - pink beige hair (3)

Photo source: @shokokiyokawa/Instagram

Still, it’s up to you to flaunt more obvious pink hues for a roseate glow or creamier brown shades for an everyday-wearable style. Should you pick a colour that’s more beige than pink, you might even be able to pull off this dusty shade at the office.

“Strawberry milk tea” beige hair

Instead of a pink tint, “strawberry milk tea” hair features warmer and more reddish hues.

beige hair colours (7)

Photo source: komakii/Instagram

These copper-beige shades create shinier, high-fashion looks compared to soft, hazy “rose milk tea” colours; they’re the hair hues that’ll let you settle into a cosy cafe space just as easily as blend right into a cocktail party setting.

They’re also a great colour to pair with a short bob and blunt bangs haircut. The light colours create a softer outline or frame to your face compared to black hair, thus “opening” the face and bringing out the features.

beige hair colours (9)

Photo source: __saho_/Instagram

This is another colour that you can wear without bleaching your tresses. The ‘do above features a sweet blend of lavender, pink, translucent grey, and beige, which gives a premium no-bleach style.

Our style tip? Pair these copper-beige hair shades with brick red or toasty brown lipsticks for a truly synced-up style.

“Taro milk tea” beige hair

Similar to “mint milk tea” colours, “taro milk tea” shades also help to neutralise yellow skin tones and give the face a more radiant flush. These purple-beige blends are created by using beige as the base and adding grey and purple over it.

beige hair colours (10)

Photo source: 艾文3AM发型设计/Xiao Hong Shu

Although they look similar to popular ash purple colours, they give mellower and softer vibes. “Taro milk tea” beige hair puts a warm twist on cool ash purple colours, plus gives the skin a healthier, less yellow flush.

beige hair colours (11)

Photo source: 锦承 合肥 GAsalon/Xiao Hong Shu

Under the sun, your “taro milk tea” colours will show up as a misty purple grey, whilst, indoors, you’ll get to appreciate the creamier, milkier undertones characteristic of “milk tea” beige shades.

beige hair colours (12)

Photo source: 成都3AM宇洋老师发型设计/Xiao Hong Shu

Take “taro milk tea” tones into the realm of angelic with this ultra-light beige colour, which features a stronger creamy beige base and only a subtle hint of purple-grey over it.

“Oat milk tea” beige hair

“Oat milk tea” hues appear as powdery brown beige, so you’ll have a mane that matches your drink in hand the next time you’re sipping on a cool glass of oat milk.

beige hair colours (14)

Photo source: ____nacki.____/Instagram

Ash isn’t totally out of the picture when it comes to “oatmeal milk tea” hues. These powdery brown-beige colours are created with a sheer grey base colour. However, unlike plain ash-combination colours such as ash brown or ash grey, this “oat milk tea” style brings in a blend of beige shades to create a thicker, creamier undertone and add warmth to your ‘do.

beige hair colours (13)

Photo source: 成都3AM宇洋老师发型设计/Xiao Hong Shu

“Oat milk tea” colours don’t just make your hair look lighter and softer, they also balance out the yellow tones on your skin to give your complexion a more neutral hue similar to Blackpink Jennie’s skin.

“Creamy milk tea” beige hair

Think frothy milk tea and a brown beige blend that’s creamy, soft, and subtle comes to mind.

beige hair colours (15)

Photo source: yasu_gram_/Instagram

The diffused “milk tea” tones on this faded hairstyle don’t even need require bleaching to be achieved as the beige dyes will lighten your mane so that your hair looks brighter overall – yes, with little damage to your tresses.

So, if you’re searching for a low-maintenance hair refresh, then surely you’ll have to give “creamy milk tea” colours a top spot on your list.

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