Milk tea grey hair is a huge trend that has taken over our social media feed; flattering on Asian skin tones and muted enough for it to be appropriate in the workplace, it is no wonder it’s gained so much popularity.

But if you’re looking for a “milkier” twist that stands out even more, “rose milk tea” hair is the tantalising way to go.

What is “rose milk tea” hair?

rose milk tea hair - pink beige (15)

Photo source: Pinterest

“Rose milk tea” hair is a blend of nude beige and pink tones to give an elegant milky shade of pink.

It’s a look that’s beautifully understated: indoors, your hair looks like a more everyday-wearable beige-brown colour, but once you step out under the sunlight, you’ll get to flaunt beautiful, creamy shades of soft pink.

Since “rose milk tea” hair’s soft, teasing tones are a perfect way to switch up your style whilst keeping it sophisticated and not too over-the-top, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite “rose milk tea” hair looks – save the ones that catch your eyes and bring them to your hairstylist at your next visit!

“Rose milk tea” hair inspirations

rose milk tea hair - pink beige hair

Photo source: @Kaihatsu_tomoya/Instagram

The charm of a “rose milk tea” shade like this one is that you can’t quite tell whether it’s a beige-brown or dusty pink colour. Your tresses will appear a soft brown hue at one glance, and with a shift of light, flaunt a bright pinkish-beige tone.

rose milk tea hair - pink beige hair (1)

Photo source: @momo__gram25/Instagram

Take a “rose milk tea” hair a couple of shades lighter with this pink and beige-blonde colour.

You’ll definitely need to bleach your hair more than once to achieve this ultra-light shade, but it’s worth it for the rosy angelic tones that you’ll get to wear after that.

This colour is also especially fitting for those with cool-toned skin, and will look even better with bleached eyebrows too.

rose milk tea hair - pink beige hair (2)

Photo source: @shokokiyokawa/Instagram

“Milk tea” hair colours come in a myriad of shades other than “rose milk tea”, such as chocolate milk tea (brown beige), matcha milk tea (green beige), and, yes, lavender milk tea.

These soft lavender-beige hues remind us of Blackpink Rosé’s iconic purple blonde mane, only slightly darker, making it a more everyday-wearable shade.

rose milk tea hair - pink beige hair (3)

Photo source: @shokokiyokawa/Instagram

We’re head over heels for this creamy beige-brown colour with an ever-so-subtle pink tint, which gives the most natural “rose milk tea” style. When the sunlight filters through, everyone will get to gawk at the pinkish hues in greater glory.

rose milk tea hair - pink beige hair (4)

Photo source: @momo__gram25/Instagram

This “rose milk tea” tone has a slightly more copper hue, which gives it a sleek sheen compared to the more airy feel of a milky beige base.

Pair this copper “rose milk tea” hair with pink eyeshadow and mascara as well as light brown brows for a completely romantic “la vie en rose” vibe.

rose milk tea hair - pink beige hair (5)

Photo source: @shokokiyokawa/Instagram

While ash-toned hair features greyish undertones, “milk tea” hair uses creamy beige browns.

This “rose milk tea” hair seems to feature a skilful blend of ashy and milky hues instead of an even full-rose colour. If you want to add a little bit of texture to your tresses, then consider going for a style like this one.

rose milk tea hair - pink beige hair (6)

Photo source: HAIR公式アカウント/Pinterest

Evidently, “rose milk tea” hair looks great on both short and long hairstyles. Style your bob with some gentle waves, and you’ll be able to flaunt more colour shifts and shadows, created with some slightly more pinkish and other more copper-brown streaks.

rose milk tea hair - pink beige hair (7)

Photo source: LINDO TOKYO/Pinterest

Similar to ash colours, “rose milk tea” tones give a soft, dreamy vibe – and you can afford to wear them in either warmer brownish or cooler beige shades, depending on your skin tone.

Cooler “rose milk tea” colours would better complement cool skin tones, whereas warmer shades would match warm skin tones.

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