TonyMoly’s TikTok-viral jelly lip masks just got a berry sweet addition to its Jelly lip melt repertoire.

The Korean beauty brand has continuously wowed us with its beneficial skincare, innovative formulas, superfood ingredients, and incredibly cute packaging.

When TonyMoly’s jelly lip melts launched last year, anyone and everyone who’s on TikTok was obsessed with these little jelly cups filled with hydrating properties.

The jelly beauty trend has been ongoing for a few years now and has proven it can withstand the test of relevancy. This jelly lip mask will be a delightful addition to our jelly, candied beauty products and lip-care routine!


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What’s so appealing about TonyMoly’s jelly lip masks?

Plus, these days, it’s all about the packaging! We love when brands come up with the most brilliant boxes and containers, but even more so when it lets us reminisce about our childhood. It’s no question that at one glance you’ll be reminded of those mini assorted jelly cups you used to save up your allowance for.


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TonyMoly Jelly Lip Melt in Blackberry

And now, Blackberry joins the fruity ranks with its jelly counterparts — Watermelon, Green Grape, and Lychee. The new Blackberry Jelly Lip Melt works the same as the rest but is tinted to give us a universally flattering colour on the lips.

You can definitely bank on this jelly lip mask for soft, supple, and deliciously flushed lips. It’s filled with Vitamin E, which promotes cell turnover and regeneration, as well as relieves chapped lips.

Its bouncy, jelly cake texture melts into a smooth and nourishing lip oil that’ll replenish dry and cracked lips, leaving you with plump and hydrated lips.

tony moly new jelly lip melt blackberry

Credit: @tonymoly.us_official/Instagram

You can either pick a variant based on the smell or vibrant colours, or you can pick them based on each ingredient’s benefits.

Lychee extracts serve as a Vitamin C-rich antioxidant to keep your lips healthy and nourished; watermelon extract provides deep hydration, soothes irritation, and increases blood circulation to strengthen the skin; green grape extract deeply hydrates, soothes, and heals skin while fighting signs of ageing; last but not least, the berry extract hydrates and heals dry skin and includes powerful antioxidants with natural anti-ageing properties.

tony moly jelly lip melt tiktok

Credit: @pandabunnz/TikTok

Although the lip mask will lock and seal moisture in your lips all day long, you’ll find yourself irresistibly reaching for these lip melts for more, especially when there’s a sheer, glossy finish.

TonyMoly Jelly Lip Melt retails for about RM53.88 on Ulta.

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Feature image credit: @tonymoly.us_official/Instagram, @pandabunnz/TikTok