We’re always on the hunt for the next flattering lippie to add to our vanity, and our latest obsession is the newly released Hermesistible lip oil collection.

We’ve fallen particularly heads over heels for shade #05 Rose Kola, which is the most ‘Hermesistible’ shade of “peach syrup” we have ever seen.

Hermesistible Lip Oils peach syrup the swatch

This lip oil’s colour is such a delicate shade of rosewood. It is perfect for those days when you want to go for a no makeup look but still want to add a pop of colour to your lips.

Made with 97% natural ingredients, you can expect fresh makeup application coupled with nourishing skincare to give you hydrated and radiant lips.

Hermesistible Lip Oils peach syrup compiled shots

The Hermesistible lip oils are also trending hard on RED. Gorgeous colours aside, one reason why they are gaining so much favour is because of how they are non-sticky and super comfortable to wear.

There are a total of six shades in this collection, ranging from a nude orange Beige Sapotille to a plum coloured Pourpre Camarine.

Hermesistible Lip Oils peach syrup all swatches et.fashion on Instagram

Photo source: @et.fashion on Instagram

What’s more each of these lip oils has their own scent that corresponds to a type of fruit or seed, allowing you to have a new experience with every lippie.

Sandalwood and arnica make for the fortifying base for the “peach syrup” Rose Kola, which is defined with the spicy notes of kola, the source of cola extract.

The Hermesistible Lip Oils retail for US$47.50 (~RM208.79) on Selfridges.

Featured image credit: RED