Are these jellies stacked together on top of a glass dish or… lip balms?!

Tonymoly Jelly Lip Melt stack of jellies

Imagine our surprise when we saw that they weren’t jellies at all, but in fact, they’re the newest lip balms – Jelly Lip Melts – from Korean beauty brand Tonymoly!

Formulated with vitamin E, the Jelly Lip Melts will revive your dry and cracked lips and keep them plump and hydrated throughout the day.

These are usable both day and night – you can even use this as a lip mask just by applying a generous amount onto your lips before bed to wake up with a soft pout.

Tonymoly Jelly Lip Melt jellies close up

Despite not being jellies, they’ve got the bounce of one. The jelly cake texture melts into a smooth, nourishing oil with a glossy finish when you apply it.

There are three delicious variants available: watermelon, green grape, and lychee, which intrigues us the most by far – because often do you find lychee-flavoured lip balm?

BRB as we’re going to add this to cart. Will you be collecting these too?

The Tonymoly Jelly Lip Melt retails for US$9 (~RM38.54) on Ulta.

Featured image credit: Tonymoly USA