If you’ve ever visited Thailand, you’ll be well aware that it’s a shopaholic’s paradise, catering to all kinds of interests! You’ll discover one-of-a-kind items that can easily rival big-name brands without breaking the bank.

For all the beauty lovers out there, we’ve curated a list of Thai makeup brands that you should definitely keep an eye out for during your next trip to the Land of Smiles.

With their charming packaging and innovative designs, these top-notch products are bound to leave a lasting impression and make for fantastic souvenirs. So, read on to learn more about them!


4U2 is often referred to as the Thai counterpart of 3CE, a well-known K-beauty brand, which speaks volumes about the exceptional quality of their products.

No matter what kind of makeup style you prefer, 4U2 has something that will catch your eye. Their products are designed to cater to everyone’s needs, because they truly are “for you too”!

Credits: @4u2cosmetics/Instagram

Their Flower Blush is definitely one of their iconic products, with adorable packaging that resembles cartoon flowers! This blush is available in nine stunning shades, all of which draw inspiration from beautiful blooms like roses, carnations, and tulips.

4U2’s Flower Blush retails for RM52.25 on Shopee. It’s going at 38% off at the time of writing. Tap in to see the latest price!


This brand is making waves with their dependable and high-quality products!

Mistine has become a favorite among famous personalities, enlisting numerous Thai celebrities as their brand representatives to boost their fame in Southeast Asia.

Mistine is also the company behind the milk tea-scented body lotion that we couldn’t get enough of a couple of years back!

Credits: @mistine_global/Instagram

Their Thai Latte Lip Glaze is causing a sensation on Tiktok because of its cute look, inspired by a delicious glass of iced coffee.

With a variety of natural and versatile shades, this shiny lip glaze will definitely stand out in your makeup collection.

Mistine’s Thai Latte Lip Glaze retails for RM84.15 on Shopee. It’s going at 10% off at the time of writing. Tap in to see the latest price!


Charmiss has a fantastic range of compact makeup products that are perfect for quick touch-ups while you’re on the go, such as their 4-pan eyeshadows and blush products.

Charmiss is also famous for their adorable packaging, which resembles popular K-beauty brands, but at a lower price.

Their Show Me Your Love Glitter Lip Gloss is one of their famous products. You can get it in three different shades: cherry red, warm orange, and a clear gloss.

These sparkly glosses are infused with strawberry and jojoba oil to keep your lips nourished, and you can wear them on their own or layer them over another lipstick for an extra glossy finish!

The Charmiss Show Me Your Love Glitter Lip Gloss retails for RM13.75 on Shopee.

Cathy Doll

Thai women love Cathy Doll because of their one-of-a-kind and captivating products! Their makeup collections often have creative ideas that are sure to catch your eye.

On top of that, they also have a range of skincare products, making them a brand that covers all your beauty needs.

Credits: @cathydollclub/Instagram

Lately, everyone’s been going crazy for their Shiny Bear Lip Gloss.

This lip gloss has the cutest packaging inspired by gummy bears, that you can conveniently carry in your bag or pocket! With six different shades, it’s a great choice for those who love sweet treats.

The Cathy Doll Shiny Bear Lip Gloss retails for RM7.15 on Shopee.


This brand focuses on brow products, which have been compared to the famous brow products from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

The founder of this brand is Nongchat, a celebrity makeup artist from Thailand, who has a whopping 1 million followers on Instagram! With such a talented and popular creator behind it, this brand sure knows how to deliver high-quality products.

Credits: @browit_by_nongchat/Instagram

Their Pro Slim Brow Pencil is known as a budget-friendly alternative to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil. This versatile brow pencil has a dual-ended design, allowing you to have complete control over your brows.

On one side, you’ll find a highly pigmented brow pencil that effortlessly fills in sparse areas and defines your brows. On the other end, there’s a convenient spoolie brush that helps you blend and shape your brows for a beautifully natural finish.

The BROWIT Pro Slim Brow Pencil retails for RM30 on Shopee.


This brand is well-loved in Thailand because of its affordable prices and extensive range of products! It’s particularly famous for its blush and lip products, which tend to fly off the shelves in no time.

Credits: @kisbeauty_store/Instagram

Their Blah Blah Balm has been gaining popularity as an affordable alternative to the iconic Dior Addict Lip Glow Lip Balm.

Available in 5 stunning shades that suit both warm and cool skin tones, these shades closely resemble those of Dior. Not only does it provide moisturisation to your lips, but it also leaves a delightful minty sensation!

The Supershades Blah Blah Balm retails for RM35 on Shopee. It’s going at 14% off at the time of writing. Tap in to see the latest price!

La Glace

La Glace is a popular cosmetics brand that Thai Gen Zs absolutely adore. They have a fun collection of products, including both matte and glossy lipsticks, as well as their famous Baebie Blush line.

Credits: @kimhanshops/Instagram

This particular product range features the popular Black Magic Lip & Cheek pH Blush. The black blush trend has been spreading like wildfire on the internet, so it’s no surprise that this blush has also gained immense popularity.

This is a pitch-black jelly blush that magically transforms into a radiant pink shade upon touching your skin. It adapts to your skin’s individual pH level, creating a customised color just for you!

La Glace’s Black Magic Lip & Cheek pH Blush retails for RM50 on Lazada. It’s going at 16% off at the time of writing. Tap in to see the latest price!

Featured image credits: @cathydollclub/Instagram, @4u2cosmetics/Instagram.