In the realm of makeup, trends are ever-changing, and the newest craze making waves on TikTok is no different – black blush.

While the idea of applying a black hue to your cheeks might initially raise eyebrows, there’s more to this viral trend than meets the eye.

What does black blush look like on the cheeks?


Black blush?!😍 love that it turned to a berry color (🍇) not pink🤍

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TikTok creators like Minazi have demonstrated the mesmerising effect of this seemingly unconventional blush. As she applied it to her cheeks, her initial surprise turned into admiration, saying, “Oh… it’s actually not black! Let’s blend her… Okay, this is beautiful!”

The trend has caught on, with numerous TikTok creators giving it a try. Time and time again, the product delivers a soft, flattering shade that harmonises effortlessly with every individual’s skin tone, making it the “perfect” pink shade for all.

What’s the magic behind this intriguing trend?

Black blushes are essentially colour-changing makeup products. They may appear black in the container, but their true shades are revealed once applied.

This transformation occurs due to a combination of factors, including the product’s formula, skin’s pH level, temperature, and natural tint. The result? A blush that uniquely complements every skin tone.


Surprisingly, the concept of colour-changing blush has been around for some time. Lottie London has embraced this trend with its pH Cream Colour Changing Blush.

This creamy, buildable formula promises to add an instant flush of colour to your cheeks. The black hue magically morphs upon contact with your skin, adapting to your skin’s pH level, resulting in a flattering pink or berry shade that suits all skin tones.

Plus, it boasts long-lasting wear, ensuring your skin remains radiant and dewy throughout the day.


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As a colour-changing cream tailored to each person’s unique skin pH level, it truly adapts to the wearer, as pointed out by TikToker Leilani, who mentioned, “I feel like it looks different on me than on some other people, but this is so good!”

How to apply black blush

Applying black blush is straightforward and not much different from using a regular cream blush. We’ve gathered a few tips from TikTok creator, @sydneypurl, that we’d love to share with you:

Step 1: With clean fingertips, take a small amount of the product and apply it in an upward motion on the apples of your cheeks.

blackblush step 1

Step 2: Gently blend the cream into your skin using a beauty sponge or a blush brush, ensuring a seamless finish.

blackblush step 2

Step 3: Repeat the process to build the desired pigment and colour payoff.

blackblush step 3

But why stop there? Get creative with this versatile colour-changing cream.

You can use it as eyeshadow to achieve a soft berry pink wash on your eyelids, or experiment by applying this captivating shade to your lips as well.

Where to find this black blush

Lottie London PH Cream Colour Changing Blush retails for £5.95 (~RM34.57).

As of now, Lottie London does not directly ship to Malaysia. If you’re in Malaysia, we recommend considering parcel-forwarding services like MyUS to get your hands on this product.

Ready to embrace the allure of black blush? Give it a shot, and you might just discover your new favourite makeup essential.

Feature image credit: @jenmooremua/TikTok, @sydneypurl/TikTok, @lilymmua/TikTok