Pregnancy is said to be one of the most exciting moments in motherhood. As exciting as it may be in the beginning, the aftermath can be a daunting experience, especially when it comes to postpartum weight loss.

One of the biggest concerns many women experience post-pregnancy is weight gain, and the noticeable sagging belly adds to the distress. A 25-year-old mother faced a similar struggle.

Before Pregnancy

This young mother was known for her fit physique and delicate features, often sharing glamorous photos on social media. However, her body experienced significant transformation after pregnancy, including hormonal imbalances, coupled with sleepless nights caring for her daughter.

Consequently, her weight skyrocketed to 60kg, and she experienced muscle laxity, making her appear older than her age. This affected her confidence tremendously, which almost resulted in her falling into depression.

From all the downs she’s encountered in her post-pregnancy journey, she was determined to get into shape and regain her pre-pregnancy figure.

In just three months, she achieved an impressive transformation, shedding from 60kg to 44kg and even sculpting tight abs along the way.

While dropping post-baby weight is tough, it’s definitely doable. If you’re in the same boat as this 25-year-old mom, here are her secrets to shedding those pounds. Who knows, they might just work for you too on your journey to lose weight.

Have a Balanced Diet Accompanied With Aerobic Exercise

During the first stage of her weight loss journey, she focused on changing her diet and doing aerobic exercises. She decided to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.

Her day would typically start with a cup of black coffee in the morning to help reduce bloating.

Before eating, she would drink water or have some vegetable soup to fill up her stomach. She also increases her vegetable intake, followed by protein-rich foods, and finally, just a bit of rice to keep her carb intake low.

She made sure to eat slowly and brush her teeth right after meals to help stop any cravings or avoid late-night snacks. For exercise, she engaged in activities like climbing stairs on an empty stomach or going for a morning jog, along with other aerobic workouts, to help her lose weight quickly.

Exercise To Sculpt and Tone Your Body

Exercise To Sculpt and Tone Your Body

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During the middle phase of her weight loss journey, she gradually eased up on her dietary restrictions, allowing herself a bit more flexibility.

She continued having black coffee but this time into her pre-workout routines to help boost fat burning and protein powder afterward to aid in muscle repair and growth. This phase was all about sculpting her body and toning muscles.

Despite having already lost weight in the early stage, she found that her muscles still felt loose, so she focused on targeted exercises. She started using dumbbells in her workouts to build strength and shape her body over time. Although her weight loss slowed down during this phase, she noticed steady improvements in her overall physique.

Cultivate Sustainable Habits

Patience and consistency is crucial when it comes to weight loss. Rapid weight loss often leads to quick rebounds, so developing sustainable habits is essential.

Integrating exercise and dietary habits into daily life is essential for long-term success. She recommend taking body measurements and photos regularly to track progress, finding motivation in every possible way.

With unwavering determination, she successfully transformed from 60kg to 44kg in three months, achieving a remarkable 16kg weight loss.

Not only did she regain her pre-pregnancy figure, but she also achieved sculpted, tight abs, expressing satisfaction with her transformation. She encouraged other postpartum mothers not to give up on weight loss, inspiring them with her journey.

So, if you’re ever in need of motivation or guidance on your own weight loss journey, look to her story for inspiration and encouragement.

Featured image credit: Xiao Hong Shu

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