When you think of Suzy Bae, she’s often dubbed “the nation’s first love,” known for her delicate looks and a figure that charms everyone!

Standing at 168cm and keeping a steady 47kg weight all year, Suzy’s recent appearance in Netflix’s My Goddess Roommate Doona has taken her beauty to new heights.

But Suzy’s journey wasn’t always this way. In her early days, she dealt with baby fat and fuller legs, quite different from her current look.


Suzy during the earlier part of her career in 2012.

Her transformation into the confident woman she is today is all about self-discipline. Let’s check out Suzy’s methods for achieving and maintaining her stunning figure!

Suzy’s Weight Loss Tip #1: Keep It Under 1,000 Calories A Day


Photo credit: @skuukzky/Instagram.

Given her busy schedule, Suzy doesn’t always have time for daily workouts. So, she started by watching what she eats, sticking to no more than 1,000 calories a day. While the average adult needs around 1,500 calories, Suzy goes 500 calories less to create a deficit for weight loss.

Just a heads up, though – this method might not suit everyone. If you have health concerns, it’s smart to check with a doctor or nutritionist first.

Suzy’s Weight Loss Tip #2: Dig Into Weight Loss Recipes


Photo credit: @skuukzky/Instagram.

Suzy, like many other Korean actresses, found success with “single-food weight loss methods.” For her, it’s the “sweet potato weight loss method.” Here’s what her day’s meals look like:

Breakfast: one sweet potato, one plate of chicken breast, one cup of milk
Lunch: Half a bowl of brown rice, one bowl of lettuce salad
Dinner: two sweet potatoes

Note that this will cause a nutrition deficiency, especially if practised over an extended period. Talk to your doctor or nutritionist to tailor a diet plan that suits you.

Suzy’s Weight Loss Tip #3: No Eating After 6pm


Photo credit: @skuukzky/Instagram.

To keep control of her diet, Suzy has a golden rule – no eating after 6pm. The idea is that nighttime eating might lead to fat buildup and digestion issues during sleep.

Suzy’s Weight Loss Tip #4: Penguin Callisthenics

suzy penguin workout

Photo credit: @KonohanasakuyaHime/Pinterest.

Suzy swears by the “Penguin Aerobics,” a simple exercise you can do anywhere, anytime. Want arms like Suzy? Give this a shot:

Step 1: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands straight.
Step 2: Fold wrists outward, doing the penguin stance.
Step 3: Swing your arms forward, sideways, and backward – do 20 times, repeat eight times in a set.

It might look easy, but it’s a bit of a workout. Stick with it for those toned arms!

Suzy’s Weight Loss Tip #5: Face Massage For A V-Shaped Look


Photo credit: @skuukzky/Instagram.

To tackle a round face and deal with early baby fat issues, Suzy swears by a facial massage using makeup remover oil. It not only cleans up her makeup, but also reduces swelling, giving her face a firmer and slimmer appearance.

If you’re after that V-shaped look, make face massage a consistent part of your routine.

Featured image credit: @skuukzky/Instagram.

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