Manifesting citrus fruits on your nails may be your best decision yet, especially if you’re always having a fruity drink in hand or chilling by the pool.

You’d think that with the word “nectar” included you’ll see golden honey shades, honeycomb designs, and bees drawn on nails.

Well, nectar nails are actually more of a celebration of citrus colours fit for the summer. Think bright orange, chrome yellow, and vivid greens coupled with gold or pink.

Some of these nectar nail designs are simple enough to recreate at home, but for those who aren’t keen on DIY or don’t have the time to trial and error, you can always make an appointment at your favourite nail salon and show the image to your manicurist.

Love the tropical vibes and standing out in the crowd? Read on for 13 of the juiciest nectar nails to radiate summer energy!

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Grapefruit nectar nails

nectar nails

Credit: Le Manoir

Fresh, tangy, and bursting with flavour. One of the most stunning nectar nail looks is a simple and classic grapefruit shade.

This vibrant, bright coral pink looks especially lovely with a glossy finish and is sure to garner attention.

For the perfect polish, try Le Manoir’s Gelcare in Grapefruit.

Electric blood orange nectar nails

nectar nails orange nails

Credit: @livslovesss/TikTok

Match your blood orange cocktail or mocktail with this vibrant set of nectar nails! It’s loud, popping, and perfect for that sassy beach girl vibe.

Plus, you can never go wrong with a solid colour and it’s also incredibly easy to DIY at home!

Try Les Mains Hermes Nail Enamel in Orange Poppy. For a more wallet-friendly option, reach for essie’s Enamel Nail Polish in Meet Me At Sunset.

Lemonade tips nectar nails

nectar nails, lemon nails

Credits: @no29naillounge/Instagram, @sophie_murraayy/TikTok

Just like how lemons garnish your summer drink or meals, they can complete your nails too!

A classic French tip never disappoints, but there’s a demure yet statement-making style to it when modernised with neon or pastel yellow.

For an ultra-shiny finish or glazed doughnut look, make it chrome and it’ll look as mouth-watering as a zesty lemon dessert.

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Sunset aura nectar nails

nectar nails sunset nails aura nails

Credit: @heluviee/Instagram

Aura nails are still very much in trend, and this one’s no exception!

Go for a dreamy nectar nail look that’ll have you feeling like you’re staring into the abyss of a stunning summer sunset by the sea.

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Glitter gradient tips nectar nails

nectar nails, glitter french tips

Credit: @heluviee/Instagram

Why not combine both aura nails and French tips together to create the ultimate eye-catching nectar nail look?

The glitter is also reminiscent of sugary gum candies, so if you’ve got a sweet tooth make sure you don’t have the habit of biting your nails.

Gilded burnt orange nectar nails

nectar nails, orange nails

Credit: @disseynails/Instagram

This set of nectar nails will have you transition seamlessly from a classy dinner to a raving party!

Elevate a striking orange-red ombré with gold foil and you’ll be flaunting an elegant yet impactful nail look.

Neon lime nectar nails

neon nails nectar nails

Credit: @disseynails/Instagram

Pick a bold, attention-grabbing colour that’ll be a thrill for the eyes.

These uplifting nails will let you feel active and like the life of the party!

Polka dot nectar nails

nectar nails polka dot nails

Credit: @samrosenails/Instagram

If you’re looking for patterns, bubbly polka dots are a definite classic. Pair your nectar tones with Barbie pink, which is indefinitely trending (and for the foreseeable future)!

Whether it’s dripping grapefruit dots or pink lemonade dots, this nectar nail design will be a real treat.

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Orange lava lamp nectar nails

nectar nails

Credit: @brushedbyb_/Instagram

Into the ’60s and ’70s? Lava lamps may be the must-have accessory for houses back then, but they’re also incredibly fun to have adorned on your nails!

It’s groovy, abstract, fluid, and gives a certain Y2K coolness that goes against uniformity.

Marble flower nectar nails

nectar nails water marble nails

Credit: @samrosenails/Instagram

Here’s one that you can try at home by using the water marbling technique. With a groovy, Powerpuff Girls vibe, these nectar nails will have you ready to take on anything.

And the best part is that each nail will be uniquely different from the others!

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Citrus nail art nectar nails

nail art nectar nails lemon nails

Credits: @nailsnail777/TikTok, @bornprettyofficial/TikTok, @disseynails/Instagram

For something more dramatic or animated, go for nectar nails with slices or wedges of citrus fruits drawn on.

Play around by fusing solid colours or blush nails with these sweet, sour fruits. Your nails will be thanking you and your nail tech for such an impressive nail masterpiece!

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Swirly nectar nails

nectar nails

Credit: @no29naillounge/Instagram

Decorate your talons with swirls and waves but in neon pink and orange. This nectar nail look will bring out your fun and groovy side!

You can even go for thicker swirls to make it look more artsy or obvious.

Two-toned nectar nails

nectar nails

Credit: @heluviee/Instagram

Swirls in different citrus colours are gorgeous, but if you prefer something more “daring” go for a two-toned manicure.

Pink and green together are definitely a crowd-pleaser and an adorable nod to pomelos. Add a little dimension by having some of your nails designed in squiggly lines and others in French tips.

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Feature image credit: @brushedbyb_/Instagram, @sophie_murraayy/TikTok, @heluviee/Instagram