Packing a full bottle of perfume doesn’t take up precious space in the luggage, the risk of breaking it during transfers also make us hesitate to have it along with us on our trip.

Thankfully, there’s a hack that can help.

Whether you’re jetting off on a weekend getaway or embarking on a globetrotting adventure, this perfume hack from TikTok will save you space and ensure you always smell divine.

We have the ultimate guide with easy-to-follow steps that’ll help you fill your travel perfume bottles effortlessly. Keep reading, and you’ll be able to smell great no matter where you are!

Travel light, smell right with this perfume hack

No matter what perfume brands you have, this travel-friendly hack is your ticket to enjoy your favourite fragrance while on the move.

With refillable perfume bottles available in various sizes and designs, all you need to do is transfer your favourite scents using the spray mechanism, and voila – you’re ready to enjoy your signature scents while keeping your luggage light and organised.

This refillable perfume bottle retails for RM49.80 with 23% off at the time of writing on Shopee.

Refill your mini perfume bottles with this hack


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We’re grateful to @rovinamanuel, a TikToker who’s shared how you can refill your mini perfume bottles with ease. Here’s how you can do it.

This mini perfume bottle retails for RM3.65 with 76% off at the time of writing on Shopee

Step one

To begin, remove the cap and spray nozzle from your primary perfume bottle. Then gently pull it upward to reveal the short, nozzle beneath it.

Keep in mind that the spray nozzle can vary between metal or plastic, depending on the fragrance you own. In case you encounter difficulty removing the nozzle try wrapping it in a paper towel and firmly gripping it with a pair of pliers.

Step two


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Next, take your mini perfume bottle and insert the bottom of it into the spray nozzle of your main perfume bottle. Apply gentle pressure as you push down to secure them together.

In the event that you don’t find an opening on the bottom of your travel bottle, carefully remove the metal casing to reveal the opening just like how TikToker @ikaradiusite demonstrated in this video.

Step three

Depress the travel bottle to fill it with perfume. Once the nozzle is aligned, apply gentle pressure to the travel bottle by pressing it down. Repeat the pressing motion until the tank is completely filled with perfume.

Simple syringe perfume hack


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Another method is to use a syringe to extract the perfume from your fragrance bottle and effortlessly transfer it into the mini bottle.

Simply attach the syringe to the nozzle of your perfume bottle, draw out the desired amount of fragrance, and carefully dispense it into the mini bottle. This precise and controlled approach ensures accurate filling without any spills or waste, allowing you to enjoy your favourite scent while travelling with ease.

This mini perfume bottle retails for RM12.99 on Shopee.

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