Tired of seeing that same polite smile on your father’s face as he unwraps yet another tie, shirt or belt to add to his ever-growing collection?

Well, it’s time to level up your gifting game and get him something that will make him feel pampered like never before!

But let’s be honest, finding that perfect gift can be as tricky as trying to groom a cat. You want something that shows how much you love and appreciate him, while avoiding the pitfalls of generic presents.

Fear not, dear gift seeker. We’ve been searching high and low and have gathered a list of grooming gifts that will appeal to every type of father.

Father’s Day skincare

Clinique Daily Age Repair Skincare Set For Men

There’s no reason why anti-ageing beauty products should be exclusively reserved for mothers. Fathers deserve to indulge in effective skincare too.

This set is specifically curated for fathers who’re ready to take their skincare routine to the next level.

This set is ideal for him, offering the essentials to keep his skin fresh and hydrated. The Clinique For Men Charcoal Face Wash deep cleanses and soothes, while the Face Scrub revives and smoothens for a closer shave. The Anti-Age Moisturizer hydrates all day and targets signs of ageing like lines, wrinkles, and dullness.

The Clinique Daily Age Repair Skincare Set For Men retails for RM207 on Sephora.

SK-II MEN Moisturizing Cleanser

For fathers who take skincare seriously, here’s something to consider. This purifying cleanser contains Pitera essence, a natural bio-ingredient with over 50 micro-nutrients to condition the skin’s natural functions.

Plus, your father will surely appreciate the invigorating touch of menthol infused in this cleanser, which not only deeply purifies the skin but also imparts a refreshing sensation and moisturising effect.

The SK-II MEN Moisturizing Cleanser retails for RM270 on Sephora.

Supergoop! PLAY Everyday Lotion with Sunflower Extract Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++

If your father’s work evolves spending a significant amount of time outdoors, especially under the scorching sun, it’s essential to prioritise his skin’s protection and health. Consider gifting him a high-quality sunscreen lotion, as it will undoubtedly provide long-term benefits for his skin.

This Supergoop lotion is a non-greasy and water-resistant sunscreen that will give him ample protection from harmful UV rays. Just be sure that he applies an adequate amount of it before leaving the house.

The Supergoop! PLAY Everyday Lotion with Sunflower Extract Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 PA++++ retails for RM336 (532ml) on Sephora.

Father’s Day Fragrances

Hugo Boss The Scent Le Parfum For Men

Allow your father to exude confidence and authority with The Scent Le Parfum For Men by Hugo Boss! With its rich and masculine leather base, this fragrance emanates warmth and allure.

The irresistible blend of iris and leather accord ignites the senses, making it impossible to resist. The iconic bottle, elegantly adorned in a sensual taupe shade and enclosed in a rose gold cage, adds a touch of sophistication. Presented in a taupe box, BOSS The Scent Le Parfum for men is a commanding fragrance that takes the art of seduction to new heights.

The Hugo Boss The Scent Le Parfum For Men retails for RM386 (50ml) on Sephora.

Valentino Uomo Born In Roma Yellow Dream Eau De Toilette

Introduce your father to an irresistible fragrance that he’d love wearing all the time. This captivating perfume features a long-lasting burst of juicy Italian mandarin and a delightful twist of pineapple.

With a base of spicy ginger and warm cedarwood, the scent intensifies with the warmth of his body, lingering longer as he moves.

For a more enduring and impactful aroma, advise him to apply the perfume in the creases of his knees and elbows. This will ensure a longer-lasting and stronger scent experience throughout the day.

The Valention Uomo Born In Roma Yellow Dream Eau De Toilette retails for RM460 (100ml) on Sephora.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Eau De Parfum

Gazing upon this timeless perfume bottle evokes visions of luxurious red sports cars and the glamour of Hollywood’s golden era.

It is a sensual men’s cologne skilfully crafted with a modern fusion of warm ginger, deepened by aromatic sage, and enriched with the richness of natural woods and musk accord. The opening notes of cranberry, grapefruit and Italian lemon will for sure entice your father to wear it wherever he goes. The result is a lingering impression of warm sensuality that leaves a lasting impact.

The Ralph Lauren Polo Red Eau De Parfum retails for RM445 (125ml) on Sephora.

Coach For Men Eau De Toilette

This Father’s Day, give your father the gift of endless possibilities with this captivating fragrance that takes him on a journey. Just like the energy and spontaneity of New York City, this scent evokes a sense of freedom and excitement.

It captures the essence of adventure and empowers him to embrace new experiences. This classic fragrance starts with cool, fresh green Nashi pear, contrasted with spicy cardamom, and finishes with a textured vetiver base note, creating an aromatic, woody scent.

The Coach For Men Eau De Toilette retails for RM431 (100ml) on Sephora.

Father’s Day beard care

Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet

Boost your father’s shaving arsenal with this pair of sophisticated formulations that’ll help him perfect his shave every time.

Working in perfect harmony is the Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet. These two products join forces to provide an impeccable grooming experience that leaves the skin hydrated and nourished. Plus, this duo diligently ensures your father’s skin remains smooth, calm, and irresistibly soft.

So, treat your father to this shaving duet and let him experience the luxurious joy of a truly refined grooming routine. Trust us, his face will thank you!

The Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet retails for RM335 on Aesop

TrueFitt & Hill Gentleman’s Beard Balm

Surprise your father with the perfect Father’s Day gift – the ultimate beard styling solution. This Beard Balm offers a refreshing alternative to traditional Beard Oil. Its water-based formula provides a modern, matte finish for a contemporary look that he’ll love.

The newly formulated Beard Balm from Truefitt & Hill serves as an excellent styling product, offering a clear alternative to their Beard Oil. It contains citrus notes that effectively cut through natural beard oils, leaving his beard smelling fresh and invigorated.

The Gentleman’s Beard Balm retails for RM180 on TrueFitt & Hill.

Percy Nobleman Beard Grooming Kit

Does your father sports a beard that would make lumberjacks jealous? We’ve got just the thing to keep his facial fuzz in tip-top shape.

Equip your father with the ultimate beard care essentials with this comprehensive grooming kit. It includes all the necessary components: a nourishing Signature Beard Oil for conditioning and softening, a specially formulated Beard Wash for effective cleansing, Beard Balm to tame unruly hair, and even a convenient pocket-sized comb.

Not only does this kit have everything he needs, but its compact size also makes it ideal for travel, ensuring that his beard stays well-groomed and maintained wherever he goes.

The Percy Nobleman Beard Grooming Kit retails for RM165 on Zalora.

Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Refine The Rugged

Every bearded gentleman understands the importance of proper beard care, and this kit is absolutely impressive in that regard.
If your father has a magnificent beard that requires taming, this beard envy kit could be one of the perfect gifts for Father’s Day.

The kit includes a beard wash that is free from sulphates and infused with nourishing aloe and gentle ingredients. This formula cleanses and detangles the beard, ensuring a well-groomed appearance. Additionally, the kit contains a beard control product that not only styles but also conditions the hair without weighing it down.

And let’s not forget that the kit comes with a comb made out of 100% synthetic boar bristles to keep everything neat. Watch as his beard becomes the envy of all – a conversation starter and a source of admiration!

The Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Refine The Rugged retails for RM155 on Zalora.

Nateskin Bush Trimmer 2.0

If your father prefers a clean-shaved look, the Nateskin Bush Trimmer 2.0 is the perfect Father’s Day gift for him! This grooming tool takes shaving to a whole new level of awesomeness.

One standout feature is its built-in torchlight, which makes grooming easier and more precise. With a powerful 7,000 RPM motor, it effortlessly tackles even the wildest hair. The NateSafe technology ceramic blades ensure a smooth and safe shaving experience, while the waterproof design allows for convenient in-shower grooming and easy cleanup.

Give him the gift of a superior shaving experience with the Nateskin Bush Trimmer 2.0. He’ll appreciate its efficiency, comfort, and the flawless clean-shaved look it delivers.

The Nateskin Bush Trimmer 2.0 retails for RM349.00 on Nateskin.

Father’s Day hair care

Ouai Matte Pomade

If your father is blessed with curly manes, then you’ve got to hook him up with the Ouai Matte Pomade.

Made with beeswax and kaolin clay, this pomade creates soft thickness and piecey texture, making every hairstyle look on point. It’s like having a hairstylist in a jar, ready to help him achieve his desired hairdo with ease.

This long-lasting, medium-control finishing paste delivers easy-to-distribute texture, shape and separation. So, whether your father loves a sleek and polished look or prefers a more rugged and textured style, this pomade will help him achieve his desired hairstyle.

The Ouai Matte Pomade retails for RM128 on Sephora.

Kiehl’s Grooming Solutions Clean Hold Styling Gel

This remarkable non-greasy gel is specially designed for men, provides a clean and firm hold that keeps styles in place all day long. Help your father achieve a dashing hairstyle with the Kiehl’s Grooming Solutions Clean Hold Styling Gel from.

Not only does it offer a firm hold, but it’ll also impart a healthy-looking shine to his hair, enhancing his natural charm. Infused with a captivating woodsy blend of aromatic essential oils, this styling gel ensures a long-lasting style without any flaking.

Whether he prefers a sleek and sophisticated look or a casual and tousled hairstyle, this flake-free and non-greasy hair gel is the perfect addition to his grooming routine.

The Kiehl’s Grooming Solutions Clean Hold Styling Gel retails for RM102 on Kiehl’s.

Kerastase Genesis Anti Hairfall Shampoo

Hair loss is a common issue that can significantly impact a man’s confidence and self-esteem. If your father is experiencing hair fall, give him the gift of confidence and healthier hair with Kerastase Genesis Anti-Hairfall Shampoo.

With its gentle and ultra-delicate gel formula, this shampoo effectively clarifies the scalp by removing excess oil buildup without causing irritation. Its unique formulation provides essential support to the hair, helping to reduce hair fall caused by breakage from brushing.

What sets this shampoo apart is it’s free from alcohol, peptide, and sulphate-free, ensuring a nourishing and gentle cleansing experience for your father’s hair and scalp.

By choosing this shampoo, you’re not only addressing his specific hair concerns, but also demonstrating your care for his overall well-being.

The Kerastase Genesis Anti Hairfall Shampoo for Oily Scalp retails for RM130 on Sephora.