Ever experienced the frustration of spending countless hours attempting to achieve flawless makeup, only to discover that instead of achieving a youthful and radiant appearance, you actually look older?

This can be quite disheartening, particularly when the current trend emphasises a clean and natural makeup look.

However, before you begin attributing this issue to your genetics, makeup collection, or tools, take a moment to read this. We have compiled the ultimate guide to make sure that your makeup stays fresh and luminous all day!

Achieve Fresh and Clean Makeup By “Smoothing” Your Skin

smoothing skin clean makeup

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The secret behind the youthful radiance of K-pop idols such as New Jeans members, Jang Won-Young, and Jennie Kim lies in the adorable plumpness of their faces, devoid of any sunken areas.

Occasionally, after applying foundation, you may observe concave or shaded regions on your face, which can disrupt the evenness of your skin tone.

smoothing skin clean makeup

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These dark areas have the ability to make you look older, and they are especially prominent under your eyes, around your nose (nasal base), and at the corners of your mouth.

Furthermore, sunken areas can result in an uneven application of makeup, causing your foundation to appear less than perfect and somewhat unclean.

Hence, it is absolutely essential to make sure that your skin is free from any sunken or shaded spots in order to achieve that highly desired, flawless baby-like complexion.

The Ultimate Guide to “Smoothing” Your Skin

Tip #1: Use Primer to Conceal Pores

smoothing skin clean makeup

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To combat the issue of visible pores, start by delicately cleansing your skin with toner in order to prepare it for makeup application.

Subsequently, choose a pore primer like the Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional Face Primer to attain a velvety and smooth base finish.

While applying the primer, use a circular motion to effectively fill in your pores and avoid your makeup from becoming clumpy in the future.

Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional Face Primer (22ml) retails for RM181 and is available at Sephora.

Tip #2: Apply Foundation Against Pores


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For a better foundation application, it is crucial to take into account the orientation of your pores growth, which may differ in various areas of your face, as depicted in the image below!

smoothing skin clean makeup

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For example, the pores on your nose and around your nostrils tend to grow upward. Therefore, when applying foundation to these areas, you should apply it in a downward motion.

On the other hand, the pores on your cheeks grow downward. Hence, when applying foundation to your cheeks, it is recommended to press it upward. It is also important to avoid any pushing or pulling motions to prevent skin peeling.

For areas with a higher concentration of pores, such as the T-zone, apply your foundation in a circular motion, similar to how you would apply a pore primer. Afterward, gently pat the foundation in to blend and you’ll get a flawless and pore-less finish.

Tip #3: Colour Correct Shadowed Areas

smoothing skin clean makeup

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After applying your foundation and achieving a uniform face tone, you might observe shadows in certain areas such as your tear troughs, temples, and laugh lines, which tend to have a slightly darker bluish hue.

To tackle this issue, gently apply a coral or peachy shade to these sunken areas using a colour corrector such as MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Conceal And Correct Palette.

By doing so, the shaded regions will seamlessly blend in with the rest of your skin tone.

MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Conceal And Correct Palette retails for RM181 and is available at MAC Cosmetics.

Tip #4: Use Light-Coloured Concealer for Brightening

smoothing skin clean makeup

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After colour correcting, apply a moisturising concealer in a light shade such as Hourglass Vanish™ Airbrush Concealer on the innermost section of the crease. Then, use a concealer brush or powder puff to seamlessly blend the product.

Ensure that the area of application remains relatively small, and be careful not to cover your lower lash line when blending upward, as this may create the illusion of smaller eyes.

This natural highlighting method amplifies the fullness of your face and imparts a cleaner look to your base makeup.

Hourglass Vanish™ Airbrush Concealer retails for RM191 and is available on Sephora.

Tip #5: Set and Highlight with Powder

smoothing skin clean makeup

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To achieve a long-lasting highlighting effect, try using a transparent or subtly shimmering powder such as CANMAKE Marshmellow Finish Powder – Dearest Bouquet.

Apply it on top of your makeup by gently pressing it onto your skin with a powder puff. This technique not only helps the highlighting concealer blend seamlessly with your skin but also creates a harmonious tone overall.

By following these five easy tips, you can effortlessly hide any shadows or concave areas on your face, resulting in a clean and fresh-looking makeup that lasts all day!

CANMAKE Marshmellow Finish Powder – Dearest Bouquet retails for RM54.89 and is available on Shopee.

Feature image credits: @makeuplion/TikTok