TikTok has always been surprising us with beauty hacks to reinvent the way we do our makeup, with new methods coming to surface almost every day.

Some hacks have actually been quite useful such as the white concealer for brighter under-eyes hack, while others have proven questionable like the perfect lip shade hack.

The latest TikTok hack that’s caught our attention is the coloured eyeliner hack. It claims you can create the dream eyeliner of your choice using just two beauty products and a brush. It’s that simple.

Here’s how this hack works

TikTok Coloured Eyeliner Hack Monet McMichael

This coloured eyeliner hack was popularised by TikTok user Monet McMichael, with her video receiving almost 35 million views at time of writing.

All you need for this hack is three items: eyeshadow, micellar water, and a brush, preferably one with a bit more precision.

To create the eyeliner of your choice, you first dip the tip of the brush into the micellar water before dipping it into the eyeshadow.

The idea is almost like creating watercolour, but instead of painting a canvas, you’re going to be accentuating your eyes.

But how easy is it to recreate this coloured eyeliner hack? As usual, we put this TikTok hack to the test, to see if it really gives us the eyeliner of our dreams.

Putting the hack to the test

TikTok Coloured Eyeliner Hack the tools

Before I tried the hack, I applied foundation to my face to blur my pores and even out my skin tone, as well as to give the ‘eyeliner’ a better base to cling to.

Luckily for me, I already had everything I need on hand to create the coloured eyeliner hack, as I often use the Biore Perfect Cleansing Water.

I was excited to try out this coloured eyeliner hack as I recently purchased the Colourpop Fade Into Hue palette, which has many bold and vibrant shades that would look great as eyeliner.

TikTok Coloured Eyeliner Hack the palette

I decided to pick two shades of eyeshadow to really stress test this hack: the dark blue shade named Iconic, and the golden hue named Bonus Points.

My idea was to test out whether the hack would work on lighter as well as darker colours.

TikTok Coloured Eyeliner Hack how it looks

As you can see, the bold blue colour showed up very easily, as if it really was created with a colour eyeliner. However, on the other side, you can barely see the yellow wing I tried to draw.

This was surprising to me as the yellow eyeshadow is usually almost as pigmented as the blue one whenever I apply it as regular eyeshadow.

TikTok Coloured Eyeliner Hack close up of both sides

Perhaps lighter shades simply do not work with this coloured eyeliner hack, as no matter how much I tried to reapply the yellow eyeshadow, it just wouldn’t appear.

Still, I’m very impressed with the results of this hack, as it really works well for darker shades. Now I can say goodbye to buying new coloured eyeliner and instead use my eyeshadow palettes instead.

A quick Google search also revealed that this coloured eyeliner hack isn’t exactly new. It’s actually a tip that’s been passed around for years.

In fact, instead of micellar water, you can use regular old tap water to do the hack, so there’s no need to buy a new beauty product if you don’t have it on hand.

Also, if you’re worried about dipping your wet brush into your eyeshadow, mine turned out fine when it dried, but you can always opt to use an older palette if you’re worried about ruining it.

Will you be trying out this coloured eyeliner hack? We’re definitely going to be doing this for fun night outs.