If you haven’t been on TikTok lately, you might have already heard of this new trend of ombre blushes through our previous articles like Single’s Inferno’s Song Ji Ah’s makeup tutorial.

Recently, TiktTok has made this trend go viral and we can’t help but be thankful because this is a trend that we’ve been wanting to stick by.

Different eyeshadow colours are something that we pretty much experiment with every day, and the makeup community has finally hopped on the train to experiment with blushes.

But instead of painting with one colour, add some more flush to the cheeks by using two different shades – this is what is known as ombre blush.

How to apply ombre blush

Ombre blush Tiktok How To

It may sound difficult, but it’s actually super simple to apply this new technique.

Leila Nikea (left) demonstrates by using a mauve pink blush on her cheekbones and a bright purple blush on the apples of her cheeks.

You can experiment with different shades as Bex Campbell (right) used a reddish pink on her cheekbones and a bright pink on the apples of her cheeks instead.

The next step is to blend out the two colours to produce a dimensional, multi-tone look to add some extra depth to the flush on your cheeks.

Watch this video for the full tutorial:

@leilanikeaa We back with more ombre blush! ?? @Made By Mitchell #ombreblush #ombreblushtrend #2022beautytrends #trending #mua ♬ Oui – God is good

Now that we’ve seen how amazing it can look, the question is: how simple is it really, and how does it look in person? We put this TikTok trend to the test.

Trying out the ombre blush trend

Ombre blush The Blushes

The first thing I had to do was to choose my blushes. Fortunately, I already had two different shades of blushes on hand to experiment with.

So, for this ombre blush trend, I used Flower Knows Unicorn Blush in shade Blueberry Night which is a light plum blush.

The other one I chose was Etude’s Daisy Duck Soft Cookie Blusher in shade OR201 which is a bright pink shade (it has been discontinued, but you might be able to find a similar one from Etude’s Lovely Cookie Blusher line).

While these blushes weren’t liquid or cream blushes like what was used by Leila and Bex, they should still do the trick.

Ombre blush Before Blending + Close Ups

I used brushes for more precision since I was working with powder brushes.

I applied the bright pink colour on the apples of my cheeks before brushing the light plum colour above on my cheekbones.

Although I had to layer on a lot of both blushes for them to show up on my camera, this is how it looks like up close and before blending.

Just like this, I could see how it gave my cheeks a new dimensional flush that really added a lot to my face than just the normal singular blush.

Ombre blush After Blending

After I blended out the ombre blush, you can quickly see that it is more subtle compared to when it wasn’t blended out. But using two colours definitely gives it an extra edge.

Another thing is that it looks a lot heavier in real life than on camera.

I think this hack might look more pronounced with cream blushes, but powder blushes can also be used like what I did as long as you build upon it.

At the end of the day, I think this is a super pretty and super simple Tiktok trend that I’m going to keep in my regular beauty routine from here on out.

Don’t have more than one blush in your vanity? We recommend using these ethereal Flower Knows’ gradient circus blushes which already come with two different shades so you can try this trend for yourself.

In the meantime, I’m going to see what other colour combinations I can come up with and the new looks I can try.