Netflix’s new Korean dating reality show Single’s Inferno has us by the heartstrings and we can’t help but want more.

Song Ji Ah is one of our favourite personalities on the show. She’s famous for her captivating doll-like features and her recent controversy for wearing counterfeit luxury fashion items.

Controversy or not, you can’t deny that this Korean personality has gorgeous skin and beautiful makeup. Fortunately, she has imparted her signature makeup on her Youtube channel – and we’ve compiled all steps!

Step 1: Moisturiser and sunscreen – even indoors

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 1

She begins with an ampoule followed by a hydrating moisturiser. To make sure that her skincare is well-absorbed, she lightly pats the products in before proceeding to the next step.

She then applies a sunscreen all over her face, even during the days when she’s not heading outside and mostly staying indoors. This protects her skin from harmful UV rays, increased hyperpigmentation, and risk of skin cancer.

Step 2: Mixing oil with foundation

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 2

Ji Ah usually mixes a drop or two of facial oil into her foundation as her skin tends to be on the dry side. This not only helps hydrate her parched skin, but also gives her a dewy finish.

Using a flat foundation brush, she applies her foundation evenly before pressing it in with a puff. You don’t have to worry about pesky brush strokes on your face using this method.

After that, you can choose to apply concealer to blur out any stubborn blemishes if you have any.

Step 3: Mattifying the brows

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 3

The eyebrows are the next step in the routine. You can mattify the brow area before and after doing your eyebrows. Just lightly brush them with a translucent powder to set your brow products and make them last longer.

Ji Ah fills in her brows with an eyebrow pencil before using an eyebrow gel to raise her eyebrow strands little by little. This gives her brows a fuller look overall. But if your eyebrows are already full, you can skip the brow gel.

Step 4: Combine brown and coral eyeshadows

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 4a

She’s a big fan of neutral light brown shades. She mixes a pale and light brown shade together for a subtle look and says that it will “make your bare face look even prettier”.

Using a flat eyeshadow brush, she blends the products all over her eyelids and lower lash line, giving more depth to her eyes.

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 4b

She then follows up by adding a beautiful coral pink eyeshadow to her eyelids using a more precise eyeshadow brush to give them a pop of colour.

Step 5: Outline eyeliner with an eyeshadow first

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 5

This star draws an outline with eyeshadow to make sure that her eyeliner is applied perfectly when she draws her cat eye in gel liner.

She does not tightline her whole lash line but draws her eyeliner from the middle and extends it upwards to create a wing following the eyeshadow’s shape. This way, your eyes will look rounder and more natural.

Step 6: Eyeshadow under the eyes

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 6

Koreans like the aegyo sal look, which is named after the pocket of fat found directly under the eye. They think that having an aegyo sal makes you appear younger and more cheerful.

Ji Ah, too, favours the aegyo sal look and recreates it using eyeshadow. She applies a mauve-brown shade under her eyes using a precise eyeshadow brush to prevent the colour from smudging. Otherwise, she might look more like a panda!

Step 7: Comb eyelashes before applying mascara

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 7

Ji Ah’s three-step eyelash routine begins with curling her lashes with an eyelash curler in an upwards direction. Do keep in mind to be gentle during this process, as you do not want to accidentally rip some lashes out.

Before applying her mascara, she uses a spoolie to lift her eyelashes and separate each lash. She favours mascaras which are lighter in formula, so they do not cause her lashes to droop.

Step 8: Use two different blushes

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 8

The next step is blusher. The key here is to layer two different blushers. Begin by applying a cream blusher with a strong glow to the centre of your cheek. Then apply a pink powder blush on top of that to create a dimensional flush.

Additionally, you can achieve a more subtle effect by using a cushion puff instead of applying it directly onto the skin.

Step 9: Top lipstick with lip gloss

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 9

Choose a lipstick that matches your skin tone for the next step. For Ji Ah, she took to a plum-based colour to pair with her pink cheeks and subtle eyeshadow.

Using a lip brush, she applies the lipstick on her inner lip and then spreads it outwards to achieve a blurred effect. To achieve a fuller-looking pout, she tops the look off with lip glosss.

Step 10: Enhance beauty marks with makeup

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 10-n

You might not have noticed but this personality has two moles on her face: one below her right eye and another on the side of her nose. To our surprise, she further enhances these with makeup.

She recommends drawing faux beauty marks using a liquid eyeliner such as a red or brown eyeliner. This will give a more natural effect instead of a black one.

Step 11: Highlighter on the nose

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 11

Most would apply highlighter to the highest points of the face where the light would hit, but Ji Ah only applies highlighter to the bridge and tip of her nose. Other than that, she chooses a highlighter with fine shimmers.

Step 12: Don’t skimp on the mist

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 12

The last step in Ji Ah’s routine is to spritz her skin heavily with a face mist. It further hydrates her skin and gives her that extra dewy glow.

To extend the longevity of your makeup, you can use a setting spray-face mist hybrid instead. That way you can keep your skin’s moisture level up while locking in your makeup.

Step 13: Model for the camera

Ji Ah Tutorial Step 13

This step isn’t a must but why not dress up in a stunning outfit and strike some poses just like Ji Ah? In the video, she wears a large, fluffy winter jacket and mini scarf and pouts for the camera to show off her completed look.

Our next step here is to replicate this subtle yet beautiful makeup for ourselves and hopefully we will look as delicate as Ji Ah.

Featured image credit: Ji Ah’s Youtube