There are countless makeup transformation videos on the internet, but it seems like none are as dramatic as these!

Renowned Chinese makeup artist Tuzi has been captivating online audiences with her incredible makeup techniques that completely change the appearance of her clients.

Specialising in Douyin makeup, she has been impressing Chinese viewers with her unbelievable transformations, such as making a comedian appear decades younger or giving an elderly woman a charmingly youthful look.

Keep reading to learn more about this talented makeup artist and see some of her most astonishing makeovers!

The Makeup Artist

Credits: @一个在版纳的化妆师兔子/Xiaohongshu

Tuzi, the master behind these transformations, is the proud owner of the Starlight Rabbit Portrait Studio in Yunnan, China.

In addition to her main studio, she has 17 branches in popular tourist spots throughout the country, each offering unique makeover services for the perfect photoshoot.

From traditional styles inspired by China’s diverse ethnic groups to elegant hanfu-inspired looks, Tuzi can create a wide range of makeup styles to suit her clients’ preferences.

She also welcomes apprentices, sharing her expertise and helping them achieve her level of skill in makeup.

Her services start at 399 yuan for makeovers (approximately RM261.11), and extend to photoshoot packages that range from 699 to 2888 yuan (approximately RM457.43 to RM1889.91).

Credits: @一个在版纳的化妆师兔子/Xiaohongshu

Aside from her successful business, Tuzi also has a strong presence on social media.

With 1 million followers on social media platform Xiaohongshu and over 6 million followers on Douyin, it’s clear that Chinese internet users are captivated by her stunning makeup transformations.

Her studios even livestream makeup tutorials on Douyin daily, drawing an average of 1 million viewers for each livestream!

The Transformations

Tuzi’s online series, where she challenges herself to give 100 people extreme makeovers, has been a huge hit with netizens, who love to see transformations from the most unexpected figures.

Credits: @一个在版纳的化妆师兔子/Xiaohongshu

The most notable transformation was probably with 57-year-old comedian Tang Jianjun, who looked just 27 years old after Tuzi worked her magic!

Using well-placed contour and a stylish wig, she enhanced Tang Jianjun’s features, making him look like a charming male lead from a manhua or a C-drama.

The transformation was so impressive that when Tang Jianjun video-called his wife after the makeover, and she said that she didn’t recognise him at all!

Credits: @一个在版纳的化妆师兔子/Xiaohongshu

The makeover service produced yet another captivating transformation when a couple decided to try it out together.

With Tuzi’s expertise in makeup, they were able to achieve the stunning and sophisticated look of traditional Douyin makeup. To complete the ensemble, they also wore ethnic costumes and used props that perfectly complemented their new appearance.

The result was truly remarkable, as they resembled a powerful army general and an elegant princess straight out of a historical drama!

Credits: @一个在版纳的化妆师兔子/Xiaohongshu

Lastly, in another viral video, 72-year-old online celebrity Grandma Tian looked almost like a porcelain doll after Tuzi’s makeover.

Her manhua lashes, rosy blush, and glowing skin made her the epitome of Douyin makeup perfection.

The transformation was topped off with a glamorous ensemble, including a blonde wig and a luxurious gown, giving her a princess-like appearance.

Would you try a dramatic makeup transformation and photoshoot with Tuzi?

Featured image credits: @一个在版纳的化妆师兔子/Xiaohongshu.