K-beauty and J-beauty trends have had a tight grip on us for the past few years. Since then, we’ve been obsessed with achieving the perfect aegyosal look like our favourite K-idols and J-drama actresses.

For the uninitiated, aegyosal is the little pocket of fat beneath our eyelids. Enhancing this opens up our eyes and gives our eye makeup more depth.

Photo source: @欢欢(眼妆分享)/XiaoHongShu

If you’ve followed most aegyosal makeup tutorials, light-coloured eyeshadow is usually applied where the aegyosal ends with a flat-tipped brush.

While this ties the look together, it is also hard to nail because when it’s not done perfectly, uneven distribution of pigment could make the aegyosal line look choppy.

Photo source: @hukusuke831/LIPS

Thankfully, you’ll no longer have to struggle with this problem because Japanese beauty brand Canmake has launched liners that are specifically designed for highlighting the aegyosal! The best part is that the shade it features is reminiscent of strawberry milk, which also helps to add a more youthful edge to the look.

Photo source: @hukusuke831/LIPS

The Canmake 3 Way Slim Eye Rouge Liner in #03 Icy Pink may look like a regular eyeliner but while you can certainly use it as one, it is best used as an aegyosal highlighter.

Photo source: @mishiko/LIPS

It has a sheer formula that won’t make your aegyosal liner too jarring. Instead, it looks natural and blends well with your eyeshadow for a natural-looking eye makeup.

Photo source: @paris__01/LIPS

The shade – #03 Icy Pink – isn’t as striking and reminds us more of a cold glass of strawberry milk that’s creamy and sweet.

Photo source: @wing_lris/LIPS

There isn’t any science behind the application of this liner too. Simply feel for the fold where your aegyosal ends and gently sweep a line over it. The sheer pink formula creates a sweet-looking shadow over this pocket of fat and open up your entire eye look, taking years off your appearance.

Canmake 3 Way Slim Eye Rouge Liner in shade #03 Icy Pink retails for RM63.34, available at Yesstyle.